Miami, Florida: attractions, photo. Holidays in Miami, Florida

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Miami, Florida: attractions, photo. Holidays in Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida: attractions, photo. Holidays in Miami, Florida

Today we are going to the sunny city of Miami (Florida). This city, like the entire state in America, is considered the country's main resort area. Amazing nature, excellent beaches, a wonderful climate and a rich history, sung by the classics of world literature - that's what attracts hundreds of tourists here, both ordinary people and world stars.

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Linda Florida

It is with these words that Mine Reed's famous novel Osceola, Chief of the Seminoles begins. The author describes the delightful Land of Flowers, discovered by the Spaniards, where the action of his work takes place. And we cannot but agree with the writer that this earth is as beautiful as on the day of the creation of the world. And Miami (Florida) is the most beautiful city on the peninsula.

The sunny state, which is how the Land of Flowers is often called, becomes a real Mecca in winter. Here you can find orange groves, world-famous theme parks, fashionable beaches and modern shopping and entertainment complexes. Only being in Florida, you can swimin the Gulf of Mexico, whose coastline stretches for a thousand kilometers, and in the Atlantic Ocean, whose coastline stretches for 660 km. The first option is suitable for a family vacation, the second will appeal to surfers. The largest cities in the state are Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville.

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Grand Miami

Miami, Florida is the main resort of the peninsula. American Casablanca, Reception of God - these are the nicknames given to this city. Almost forty million people come here every year. In the suburbs of the resort is the same Miami Beach - the beach where the most famous vacationers gather.

Miami (Florida) is not only a world resort, but also the capital of the cruise business. Routes to the Caribbean and the Bahamas, to Haiti and to Mexico begin here. Liners sail from the port on Dodge Island or from Fort Lauderdale, forty kilometers away from the city.

The city itself consists of several independent administrative units, but conditionally it can be divided into four parts: South, North, West and Central Miami. In the southern part, the oldest in the city, there are a large number of nightclubs, bohemian shops, prestigious food establishments. This is a hangout place for young people and students. North Miami has become a habitat for many national minorities, whose representatives are mainly associated with the arts. The west of the city was chosen by emigrants, at first they were Jews, and now immigrants from Cuba and Central America. Central part of the resortsheltered businessmen, as the world's largest banks, company offices, cultural centers, luxury housing, golf and tennis courses, clubs and the South Beach are concentrated here.

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City Life

Miami (Florida), whose photo you will find in our article, is a night city. It is famous for its discos, nightclubs, elegant restaurants, sports bars. In any place you can dance to incendiary melodies, enjoy a variety of show programs, listen to Comedy Club jokes, and try cocktails. Any cuisine is represented in the catering establishments - Caribbean, Cuban, European, Oriental, and also local, based on seafood. At almost every step there are shopping centers, boutiques, souvenir shops. Shopaholics should head to Prime Outlets and Dolphin Mall.

Sights of the sunny city

Very beautiful city of Miami (Florida). Its sights are very diverse, so travelers will not be bored. The Villa Vizcaya is definitely worth a visit. This is an amazing palace, the architectural style of which belongs to the Renaissance style. It is surrounded by a lush garden with fountains and a waterfall. Inside you can see a stunning collection of art and antiques. The following establishments are also interesting:

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  • cultural center with art museum;
  • Coral Palace;
  • Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust;
  • Police Museum;
  • The Cape Canaveral Space Center from whichlaunch US spacecraft;
  • National park with an Indian village and a crocodile farm, which is best viewed from a boat or helicopter;
  • wildlife park;
  • oceanarium;
  • parrot jungle;
  • jungle monkeys;
  • Lionland Safari Park.

What else can you see in Miami (Florida), whose sights we are exploring? At the end of the tour, you should stop by Bayfront Park - a very picturesque park with many sculptures, fountains, miniature boat harbors, and also visit the Venetian pool.

Beaches in the City of the Sun

Why do most travelers come to Miami, Florida? Leisure, entertainment, cruises, shopping? For everything and at once. But the main goal is, of course, sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea. The city stands on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it does not have a high or low season, as it is warm here all year round. A tropical climate reigns here with a season of hurricanes and storms, and local beaches beckon with white sand, clean and even bottom, warm sea waves off the coast.

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There are free public beaches in the city where you can enjoy a wide variety of water activities and sports. There are also showers, toilets, changing rooms, rescue towers with trained young guys, and a flower-based warning system. There are special beaches in the resort for lovers of topless sunbathing. Beach areas near hotels are closed and paid.

Instead of afterword

Miami (Florida) is a very hospitable place with a highly developed infrastructure. Hotels here are of different levels of stardom, but they are all very comfortable. A huge number of hotels are located on Collins Avenue - the main avenue of Miami Beach. It is noteworthy that only odd numbers have access to the water, and the further south the hotel is located, the more expensive the rooms.

Choosing Miami for a vacation, a tourist will never regret. Here he expects entertainment for every taste, gorgeous beaches, first-class service and a very comfortable climate. There is something to see and there is where to relax the soul and body. See for yourself!

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