Czech Republic, Pardubice: description, history, attractions and reviews

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Czech Republic, Pardubice: description, history, attractions and reviews
Czech Republic, Pardubice: description, history, attractions and reviews

The fabulously beautiful Czech Republic welcomes all its guests with hospitality. Pardubice is a small but very cozy town, which is incredibly popular with tourists from different countries. The capital of the Pardubice Region is known throughout the world for its bizarre gingerbread and delicious beer. And thanks to the abundance of architectural monuments, many of which have become its hallmark, the city received the status of a reserve.

A bit of history

Pardubice (Czech Republic) was founded in 1340, and its heyday came in the 15th century, when representatives of the Pernstein family ruled the settlement. A century later, the glory of the city, involved in wars, fades, but after the railway was laid in 1845, a sharp rise in industry begins. New opportunities are opening up for the region, plants and factories are appearing, and the prosperity of the economic center is only growing.

After the Second World War, as a result of which the entireCzech Republic, Pardubice for a long time could not recover from the bombing, which caused irreparable damage to the flourishing city. Only by the end of the 90s of the last century, the pearl of the country was able to regain its former appearance and restored all cultural monuments, which every year attract more and more foreign guests.

Visitor Center

Picturesque Pardubice, which is located in the heart of the Czech Republic, is located in the valley where two rivers merge - Labe and Chrudimka. Thanks to its extremely favorable location (only 140 kilometers from Prague) and the presence of its own airport, the city has become a popular tourist center.

pardubice city in czech republic

You can get here from the capital of the country by the Pendolino Express or by plane, which is very convenient for tourists. The airport accepts charter flights, including those from Russia. You can use a car, but in the Czech Republic there are toll highways, so it is much more profitable to cover distances by train or bus.

Weather and climate

The climate in Pardubice (Czech Republic) is temperate continental, as well as throughout the country. The average summer temperature is about 20 degrees. Thunderstorms and heavy showers are frequent, and July and August are considered the sunniest months.

In winter, the temperature does not drop below four degrees, and rains are often accompanied by snow. You can come to rest in the Pardubice Region throughout the year, but you will have to bring an umbrella with you.

City calling card

Cozy Pardubice (Czech Republic), whose sights are amazingguests, full of architectural and historical monuments. Its hallmark is Pardubický zámek, which was originally a small fortress in the Gothic style. At the end of the 15th century, the owner of the castle changed, and the defensive structure turned into a magnificent four-winged palace. The snow-white building in the Renaissance style was protected on all sides by a moat filled with water and cannon bastions. Together with the Pardubice Castle, the settlement grew, and already a century later the small settlement turned into a beautiful city built up with no less beautiful buildings. Many of them are perfectly preserved, so a walk through the historical center brings incredible aesthetic pleasure.

Czech Republic Pardubice

After the death of the owner, the medieval castle changed owners several times, and only in 1920 it was bought by the museum association. Now the main decoration of the city of Pardubice (Czech Republic) is open all year round for visitors who want to touch the history. Collections of weapons, Czech glass and money are exhibited here, and the interiors of the knight's halls will delight all art lovers.

Morový sloup

Many monuments of the cultural center of the country bear the imprint of its bright and eventful history. The famous Plague Column, which was erected on one of the main streets, symbolizes the deliverance from a deadly disease that claimed the lives of more than five thousand citizens.

pardubice czech republic

It was erected in the 17th century and has a religious basis, because the image of the Virgin Mary was a symbol of salvation.The plague column, decorated with a balustrade with images of saints, is a six-meter baroque monument. It seems to tourists that the stone came to life in the skillful hands of architects and you can even catch the views of the patrons of the ancient pearl, which the Czech Republic is rightly proud of. Pardubice, which received the status of a protected area, is not the only settlement where monuments of this kind are installed, they are also found in other European cities and erected in memory of the victims of the plague epidemic.

Church of St. Bartholomew

Pardubice is famous throughout the world for its shrine, which has been reconstructed several times. Kostel svatého Bartoloměje is a Gothic building dating back to the 16th century. Initially, the material for the church was wood, covered with special compounds to protect it from dampness. For a long time, the building served as a school for the Jesuit Order, later it turned into a venue for luxurious balls for the local nobility.

Pardubice Czech Republic

Throughout its history, the church was destroyed and rebuilt again. Now it hosts excursions for everyone who wants to see with their own eyes the religious shrine that made the city of Pardubice (Czech Republic) famous.

Green Gate

In the heart of the city-reserve is its symbol - the tower "Green Gate", which offers stunning views of the surroundings of the charming Pardubice. This is the tallest building in the tourist center, which is several centuries old. In fact, Zelena brana is not only a tower, but also a portal that allows travelers to pass throughin town. The facade of the attraction is decorated with a wonderful bas-relief, where you can see scenes from the life of the first rulers of Pardubice (Czech Republic).

honorary citizens of pardubice czech republic

Rest: Gingerbread City reviews

Tourists admit that the city surprises with an abundance of attractions and often there is not enough time to get to know everyone. The architectural reserve is visited by hundreds of thousands of travelers who sincerely admire its romantic atmosphere. Narrow streets, old houses, small balconies turned into mini flower galleries are of great interest to foreign guests.

Tourists note that the city of Pardubice in the Czech Republic is simply created for hiking, and then the ancient miracle reveals all its secrets to the guests.

pardubice czech republic attractions

Of course, not a single tourist leaves the glorious city without local gingerbread filled with icing and chocolate, which are considered a wonderful gift. According to guests, this is the most fragrant and delicious delicacy, and the recipe for its manufacture is kept in strict confidence. All fans of the intoxicating drink are attracted by the local brewery, where you can taste the popular Pardubice Porter. Numerous cafes and restaurants are at the service of tourists, which introduce their visitors to national dishes.

Festivals and equestrian competitions

According to the guests, the best time to relax is from May to October. The beautiful Czech Republic has always been famous for its excellent cuisine. Pardubice is a city where, perhaps, the most “delicious”gastronomic festival. Chefs from different cities of the country surprise with a variety of delicacies that you can taste on the spot.

And in October, an amazing spectacle awaits everyone - equestrian competitions, and tourists from all over the world come to see the races, so experienced travelers urge to book hotels for this month in advance. The most eminent jockeys and even honorary citizens of Pardubice (Czech Republic) take part in the events, including our compatriot Vladimir Prakhov. The multiple race winner was greatly honored for holding his horse back and allowing a local woman to win the steeplechase.

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Resting in the "gingerbread city" leaves very fond memories. Tourists note the special magnetism of the Czech miracle and the extraordinary atmosphere that pervades all the streets and sights of this beautiful corner.

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