Capital of Colombia

Capital of Colombia
Capital of Colombia

Colombia is considered a country of fabulous we alth. It combines a spicy blend of Andean, Caribbean and Amazonian culture. Colombia is a unique country, rich in resorts, captivating with its picturesque nature, unusual sea coasts, unique views of the Amazon, and is also famous for a large number of various attractions. All this makes it one of the best areas for tourism in South America.

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Colombia is directly related to the city of Bogota. It is he who is the largest in the country and the most visited by tourists and travelers. In addition, Bogota is the capital of Colombia.

Colombia is located in the northwest of South America. It is the only South American country that has access to the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) and the Pacific. This is the reason for the presence in the country of a large number of unusually beautiful beaches.

As for the climatic conditions, the inhabitants of Europe need to get used to the conditions of the area. Due to the location of many sights and objects in high altitude areas of the mountains, it is necessary to acclimatize at lower altitudes. In addition, due to the hot climate of the country, measures should be taken against solar radiation and solar radiation.

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Colombia has secured the title of "country of princes and paupers". The reason for this is the contrasts in social life. We alth and poverty are intertwined here. Because of this circumstance, the security situation in the country is also not entirely simple. This applies to both natural and urban hazards. Colombia is considered the country that stands out from the rest as the country with the highest rate of kidnappings in the world. Therefore, when traveling in Colombia, be careful. In addition, drugs and narcotic drugs are widespread in the country. Avoid gifts from strangers in this country. Don't forget to also check the currency you are given change in or you are exchanging your money for, because there are some counterfeit dollars circulating in the country. As for natural hazards, there are many sharks off the coast of the country, as well as a large number of various sea poisonous creatures.

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Colombia is one of the most expensive countries in the world. The capital of Colombia is located on the banks of the beautiful river Rio San Francisco. Prices here are much higher than in neighboring countries. Colombia is also considered a country of gold and silver, as it occupies a leading position in Latin America in the extraction of these natural resources. In addition, it is the world's largest exporter of emeralds. So, while vacationing in Colombia, do not forget to bring items made from these precious metals as a souvenir.

The capital of Colombia - Bogota - combines both the ancientcolonial and modern architecture. The city is full of contrasts: we alth and poverty merge with each other, on the narrow tangled streets winding along the mountain slopes, you can meet both cool autocars and mules, luxurious houses here intersect with miserable shacks. The capital of Colombia is also famous for its sights, museums and churches, its cultural life. All this mixture of opposites makes this unusual city one of the charming, but at the same time aggressive cities in this country.

Holidays in Colombia bewitch all tourists and travelers, and you will remember for a lifetime.

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