Recreation at the ski resort "Eagle Mountain"

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Recreation at the ski resort "Eagle Mountain"
Recreation at the ski resort "Eagle Mountain"

If you don't want to get bored at the window on cold winter evenings, you can go to the Eagle Mountain ski resort, which was equipped in Toksovo. This modern complex has a developed infrastructure. It is located in a forested area on a picturesque lake shore. Also, many choose this place to relax, because it is close enough to the city.

Resort Services

Eagle Mountain in Toksovo works and welcomes guests around the clock. In addition to skiing, various other services are provided here. For example, if you need to organize your holiday, you can ask the administrator for help. Also here you can rent a room in which it is convenient to hold seminars or trainings.

Eagle Mountain

Accommodation of visitors

You can come to these places with an overnight stay. The ski resort "Eagle Mountain" accommodates its guests in the park. There are cottages for 8 persons with three bedrooms and 4 persons with one bedroom. In cozyThe houses have all the modern household appliances that vacationers may need. After active fun on the snow-covered slopes, it is nice to return to the cottage, where there is a sauna and a shower room. You can also prepare a delicious meal in the fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator. Each cottage is equipped with a TV. The term of settling in any of the houses is from one day and longer.

ski resort eagle mountain

Winter leisure at the resort

Eagle Mountain has three tracks. But usually they suit skiers of various levels. The first route is intended for those who first skied. The second is suitable for those who want more serious descents, but are not yet ready for extreme sports. The last track is the most difficult and is designed to appeal to experienced athletes.

Who wants to ride the cheesecake, use a separate slope.

All the trails that Eagle Mountain is equipped with are not distinguished by a special duration or too steep slopes and elevation changes. Basically, they are intended so that you can learn, train and improve your skills a little. That is, the park is equipped to enjoy easy skiing.

Slopes are always in good snow condition thanks to special equipment. Even if the temperature outside is only -3, there remains a meter thick snow drifts.

Toksovo Eagle Mountain

In order to climb the slope, there are two modern and safelift, as well as a separate children's lift. Their capacity is 1200 people per hour. They are also equipped with an automated access control system.

The park has a rental shop for snowmobiles, cheesecakes, cross-country skis and other sports equipment.

Types of fun on the slopes

Eagle Mountain offers the following mountain activities:

  1. Skiing. To do this, there are three slopes of varying difficulty.
  2. Slope for newschool and snowboarders. For this, there is a main track and a small snow park.
  3. Family skating on cheesecakes that have their own track.
  4. For children skiing a gentle slope with a separate lift.
Eagle Mountain in Toksovo

If necessary, you can ask an instructor for yourself or for your child.

Summer vacation at the resort

Even in summer you can come to the resort in Toksovo. "Eagle Mountain" in the warm season offers a visit to the sports complex, which has a volleyball and basketball courts. There are also darts, a football field, a mini-golf course, table tennis, an ATV track, a paintball court. On the shore of the lake near the beach there is a station where you can rent a catamaran, boat or kayak. There is also a summer atmospheric cafe near the water. In addition, the beach itself is conducive to a pleasant stay.

Additional opportunities for children

"Eagle Mountain" back in 2001 organized a ski school on its territory, which has a license.All coaches who teach here are masters of sports. Anyone can send their child to learn skiing. Children from 4 years old to 14 years old are accepted. The recruitment runs all year round. The school curriculum includes general physical training, acrobatic training, rollerblading training and special training.

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