Ski resort Bansko (Bulgaria). Ski resort Bansko: prices, reviews

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Ski resort Bansko (Bulgaria). Ski resort Bansko: prices, reviews
Ski resort Bansko (Bulgaria). Ski resort Bansko: prices, reviews

Winter brings dreams of snow-covered mountain slopes and skiing opportunities. On the eve of the most magical holiday, a trip to another country to one of the resorts will be most welcome. You just need to decide on the route. Why not book a tour in Bansko? The ski resort in Bulgaria attracts many tourists - both experienced skiers and those who are just starting their friendship with this sport.

Where is Bansko

A resort that attracts many guests is located near the Bulgarian capital. 160 km separates it from Sofia and 110 km from Plovdiv. And just 250 km away are the popular Greek resorts, considered the highlight of the Aegean Sea.

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But it is valued not for its proximity to civilization, but for its amazing location. It is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountain from the northeast side. This mountain range is known to many thanks to the Vihren peak, which is almost 3000 meters high. And tourists are attracted here not only by convenient tracks and comfortable lifts, but also by the Pirin Nature Reserve. Even UNESCO did not bypass itattention and protection.

Climate and season features

Excellent conditions for recreation are offered by the ski resort of Bansko (Bulgaria). The reviews of those who have been there are full of words of admiration for the picturesque landscapes and weather. The fact is that on three sides this city is surrounded by majestic mountain peaks. Therefore, there are practically no cold winds that interfere with skiing from the mountains. But the resort is always sunny, and the temperature on the plains very rarely drops below -3 degrees. In the mountains it can reach -15.

Bansko is said to have the longest winter and the shortest summer. It affects the season as well. The ski resort of Bansko welcomes those wishing to ski from the mountain slope from mid-December to mid-April. The snow cover here reaches two meters. And when the snow begins to melt, special guns come to the rescue, helping to prolong the season.

How to get to the famous resort

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights. But due to the fact that the Bansko ski resort is located in close proximity to the major cities of the country, it will not be difficult to get to it.

ski resort Bansko Bulgaria reviews

There are regular buses from Sofia and Plovdiv. Travel time can be 3-4 hours. If you use a taxi, the trip will be faster. You can reach the resort in 2 hours.

Large recreation areas

Not one, but several places at once offers the ski resort of Bansko (Bulgaria) for a comfortable stay. Reviews of tourists recommendvisit:

  1. Chalin Valog. One of the low areas, where it will be comfortable for those who are just learning to ski, and those who have already mastered this art.
  2. Banderishka Polyana. A place with excellent conditions for cross-country skiing. You can also practice biathlon here.
  3. Shiligarnik. The highest area, which is comfortably located near the top of Todorin vrah. There are many slopes where regular slalom competitions are held.

Let's talk about tracks

Many tourists choose Bansko, a ski resort, reviews of which claim that it is one of the best in Europe. Such a reputation helped him win a variety of tracks. The length of the longest of them is 16 km.

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The ski resort of Bansko (Bulgaria) offers its guests:

  • 5 blue runs for beginner skiers.
  • 9 red slopes for advanced skiers.
  • 2 black pistes for skiing virtuosos.

Choosing a vacation spot

To make you feel comfortable, you need to choose a resort whose slopes will suit your training.

So, if you are just learning the basics of skiing, it is better to give preference to such tracks as:

  1. Shiligarnik.
  2. Plateau.
  3. Ski road.
  4. Bansko.

For those who want more coolness and adrenaline, these are great:

  1. Balkanides.
  2. StaraPista.
  3. Chalin Valog.
  4. Todorka.

But the masters, real experts of this sport will pay tribute to such tracks as:

  1. Binderitsa.
  2. Tsyrna grave.

Ski lifts in Bansko

Developed infrastructure and convenience of equipped tracks attract both Russians and Europeans here. The ski resort of Bansko (Bulgaria) has as many as 26 lifts.

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  • First of all, I would like to note the gondola-type cable car along the Bansko-Banderishka route. It is designed for 8 passengers.
  • 8 chair lifts equipped with detachable cabins. 5 of them are 4-seater, the rest are 3-seater.
  • 17 drag lifts.

In addition, there is also a halfpipe where you can jump and perform various tricks. Snowboarders won't be left out either. A park has been created especially for them, and equipment can be rented.

In addition, the resort offers a biathlon experience, you can also visit the gym and swimming pool.

Features of children's recreation

If you have chosen the ski resort of Bansko (Bulgaria), take your children with you. Little travelers will not be deprived of attention. There are lifts especially for them. And at the Banderishka Polyana station there is even a ski kindergarten. You can take a child there if he is already over 4 years old. Also in this recreation area are the best attractions for children: moving tracks, ski carousels.

Bansko Ski Resort Hotels

You shouldn't have any problems with choosing a temporary place of residence. 306 hotels open their doors to guests of Bansko.

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They are presented here with a variety of variations and level of service. Don't look at the number of stars, service is top notch almost everywhere.

Where to stay?

  • You can choose from modest hotels with a minimum number of services, as well as luxury hotel complexes.
  • Aparthotels are at your service, with huge apartments and mini-apartments.
  • If you want peace and solitude, you can choose boutique hotels. They have an interesting design and a small number of rooms.
  • Those who come here not only to ski, but also to improve their he alth, can safely choose SPA hotels. There are a lot of them in Bansko.
  • You can stay at a guesthouse and not worry about food issues.

Whatever you choose, Bansko ski resort will not disappoint you.

What to do on vacation?

If you don't like to spend your evenings alone, there is a variety of Apres-Ski at your service. You can go to a disco or one of the many taverns. Dedo Pene is especially popular not only among local residents, but also among tourists. There you can taste not only amazingly delicious Bulgarian wine, but also dishes such as Banski Starets, Sujuk, Kalama. You will definitely love it.

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And you can visitthermal pools. After all, Bansko is also a balneological resort. Underground mineral waters have healing properties. The temperature of some of them can reach +42 degrees.

Seeing the sights

The ski resort of Bansko is also considered one of the most beautiful historical towns. Those who prefer educational tourism will find a lot of interesting things here.

  • To admire the remains of ancient fortresses, you can take a trip to Staroto Gradishte or Yulen.
  • In the nearby Melnik there are sand pyramids, which also deserve attention. They also sell the best Bulgarian wines.
  • In Bansko itself, you can visit the Church of the Holy Trinity. You will not be indifferent to its decoration. Icons, frescoes, wood carvings are admired by the masters of the past. And the bell tower is very close. Two buildings create a single harmonious ensemble.
  • The Church of the Holy Assumption is not inferior in beauty and grandeur. Many tourists visit it to admire the carved iconostasis. The spectacle is truly mesmerizing. And the building itself is a vivid evidence of the architecture of the Bulgarian Revival period.
  • tour to Bansko ski resort
  • Poetry lovers will definitely be interested in the house-museum of Nikola Vaptsarov. This is the only Bulgarian poet who managed to receive the International Peace Prize. The house was reconstructed 3 times, but the flavor of the past is clearly preserved in it. The museum has 3 halls: 2 of them introduce the biography of the poet, and one is represented by a video hall.
  • Pirin National Park will enchant you with its unique caves. Be sure to visit Bandericata and Kazan. After all, they are considered the deepest in Bulgaria. Traveling through them is exciting and exciting.

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to have a good rest and go skiing. After all, it is for this that the ski resort of Bansko (Bulgaria) exists. Ticket prices are very reasonable. For the rest of one person during the week, you are invited to pay about 19 thousand rubles. This amount includes airfare and transfer to the hotel, medical insurance, accommodation and meals (free breakfast). Not that much of a cost when you consider how much entertainment awaits you at the resort.

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