"Spanish Village" in Crimea

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"Spanish Village" in Crimea
"Spanish Village" in Crimea

“Spanish Village” (Alupka) is a wonderful complex where you can relax in the south of Crimea. Everything is great here! And fertile land, and fresh air, and the azure sea. Nothing has broken their original appearance.

Superior comfort

Such amazing conditions that the “Spanish Village” has can only be found in the resort complexes that adorn the Mediterranean. Guests who come here will be able to use the territory, which is guarded, parking spaces, an outdoor pool, consisting of three levels.

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“Spanish Village” (Alupka) provides an excellent opportunity to sunbathe on a sun lounger. You can eat at the restaurant, which will delight you with wonderful cuisine. “Spanish Village” has its own stretch of beach. The hours spent there, you will remember for a long time with pleasure.

Proximity to the beach

When you see what the “Spanish Village” (Crimea) offers, it seems that you are in a luxurious mansion of a Hollywood star. The car can be parked in a specially designated place for a fee. You need to walk no more than 100 meters to the beach, which makes using it especially convenient. A big plus and an attractive detail is precisely the fact thatclose to the Cote d'Azur settles people in the apartments "Spanish Village". The design of the local rooms is very pleasing with its aesthetic qualities and convenience. There are features of the classical style. There is a lot of space and good light permeability. You can go out to the balcony and look at the panorama of the sea.

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What the complex offers

“Spanish Village” is a very beautiful place, captivating and enticing. Warm water caresses the sand. It is pleasant here both during the day and at night. One feels a touch to eternity, to primeval nature. “Spanish Village” pleases with comfort and quality. The feedback from visitors suggests that many want to visit Alupka again for this.

Accommodate a room with a sea view. Living area 18 sq. m. There are double and single beds. There is air conditioning, you can put food in the refrigerator, watch TV. The bathroom and shower room are in good condition.

In addition, a hairdryer, towels, a comfortable bathrobe and bedding for a beach holiday are provided. On a cozy balcony you can sit on chairs at a table and admire the sea surface. Standard accommodation is for two people, however an extra bed can be arranged.

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What you can use

Each room has a wardrobe, tables, a mirror. Satellite TV service available. Air conditioning makes life a lot easier. As an additional place, a folding bed or a full-fledged bed can act.An electric kettle will be at your service in the kitchen.

You can heat food in the microwave, use dishes, iron things on a special board with an iron, which is also provided by the “Spanish Village”. By and large, you will feel at home. For a separate fee, you will be prepared to eat at a local restaurant and bring food directly to your room. Constantly available hot and cold water.

The price also includes the use of the pool, getting a tan in the solarium and relaxing on a sun lounger. In addition, you need to pay for European cuisine, which can be ordered at the restaurant. A transfer service is also available from the railway stations of Sevastopol and Simferopol. Alternatively, you can be picked up from the airport by car. This needs to be agreed in advance and agree on a price, which may vary depending on the cost of gasoline.

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User opinions

The administration of the resort painstakingly collects feedback from visitors, both positive and negative, because it is very important for them to know in which direction it is worth developing. Thanks to this analysis of the impressions of tourists, a plan is drawn up for further actions.

Many people call this place just a hotel or apartment, while the chic complex goes beyond this narrow framework. The territory is closed and carefully groomed. Initially, it was assumed that the inhabitants would stay here permanently. Over time, enterprising owners began to earn a living by renting, since the flow of those who wanted was really very large.Business went up. Over time, this trend was adopted by everyone else, because there was no sense of stability, every day the face of a new neighbor flashed in the corridor. Moreover, tourists are not always distinguished by quiet behavior, so there was less and less comfort.

People who have vacationed here mentioned that they had to deal with a disapproving look from a patron a couple of times. It is advised to rent a room in a boarding house or hotel where tourists are treated professionally. Alupka is a large resort center with plenty to choose from. However, not every hotel can experience such chic.

Favorable and unforgettable

Many vacationers here emphasize that there is a balance between the quality of services and pricing policy. They like to splash in the pool. A nice bonus is the ability to secure a deck chair, which makes the rest more comfortable. The beauty of the local territory is admired, it is carefully looked after and tried to be kept at a high level.

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The proximity of the beach also deserves a lot of admiring responses. There is no crowds and crowds, you feel calm and peaceful, really surrendering to a blessed rest. The hotels are very comfortable, especially those rooms where you can admire the amazing scenery from the window. Some tourists regret that the hotel complex does not have Wi-Fi. However, this pleasant boon can be found by the pool and in the restaurant. All in all, people love it here and want to visit again.

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