Spanish Embassy and Consulate. Spain: useful information

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Spanish Embassy and Consulate. Spain: useful information
Spanish Embassy and Consulate. Spain: useful information

Today Spain is a friend and strategic partner of our country. Historically, Russian-Spanish relations have always been characterized by close mutually beneficial cooperation and warmth. Countries have come to each other's aid many times…

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Sanctions, sanctions…

Yes, the Kingdom of Spain, playing along with America and Europe, also imposed sanctions against Russia, we can no longer enjoy some products - olives, olive oil, wine, jamon … Nevertheless, the notes of diplomatic relations between countries are quite major, and Spain, frankly, sincerely believes that sanctions are superfluous in relations with Russia. This is understandable, since the kingdom received quite a shortfall in income due to the reduction in trade with the Russian Federation. Thus, negotiations are underway on issues relating to human rights and the development of democracy, and the Consulate of Spain is annually visited by Russian schoolchildren and students who wish to study in this country. In addition, specialists from both countries constantly share information related to the preventionterrorist acts. There is also an exchange of specialists who, upon returning to their homeland, bring experience to their firms.


Modern Spain is one of the most popular resorts, as well as an attractive real estate investment market, and Russians are happy to use this to the best of their ability. Despite the economic crisis, the flow of Russian tourists to this sunny hot country is growing every year, and more than one consulate has been opened to cope with the influx of people. Spain is waiting for its guests all year round. Consulates receive citizens at two addresses in Moscow. One of them is on Mokhovaya Street, 7, the second one is on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 50/8.

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If you want to get a visa to Spain (you need a Schengen visa), legalize documents or endorse a transfer, you should contact the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow, the address and opening hours of which we provide below. It is located in Stremyanny Lane, 31/1, it is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays specialists do not conduct receptions. You can call and clarify information by calling 8(495)234-22-97.

Everything in advance is the secret of success

In order not to simply waste time and not be refused during the visit, visitors need to make an appointment with specialists in advance before visiting the consulate. To do this, you can use email [email protected] or dial +7(495)690-30-02.

Attention: financial issue

The figures below are true in the lastauthorities, so if someone calls you other amounts, you should know that you are being deceived! The Consulate General of Spain, namely the visa department, does not require a deposit for paperwork, and when submitting documents for each application, only a consular fee of 35 euros must be paid. If you need an urgent visa, you will have to pay 70 euros, as well as pay for the services of the visa center according to the tariff. The consular fee for national visas for permanent residence, study and work is 60 euros. All payments are made in Russian rubles, if the fee is not paid, your documents will not be considered.

Tasks and functions of the embassy

Today, the embassy departments - consulates and visa centers of Spain, the economic department, departments responsible for the cultural and military component - function as usual.

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Under the leadership of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary José Ignacio Carbajal Garate, employees work with the population to protect the Spaniards in Russia, resolve all-round conflicts between Spaniards and Russians, if they occur. With regard to legal entities, the situation is similar: the Spanish Consulate protects the rights and activities of companies operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Embassies and consulates of Spain in Russia are working with citizens of the Russian Federation in terms of interviewing and processing various visas, grants and scholarships prior to trips to Spain.

Embassies and consulates of Spain in Russia

An important function is performed by the embassy in terms of collecting information about Russia, its systematization, storage, and use in the future. Economic and cultural ties between our countries also depend on the work carried out by the Spanish Consulate. In fairness, it must be said that there is a closeness of the mentalities of our compatriots and the Spaniards, and this greatly simplifies the cooperation of our countries in many areas.

Embassy work

Consulates and visa centers in Spain are not top-secret closed institutions, and the Russians may well get a job there. This requires fluency in Russian, Spanish and English, knowledge of international law and the basic principles of document management. The official website of the embassy regularly updates information about vacancies, so keep an eye on it.

Getting a visa

Urgently, for example, in a day, no one can get a Spanish visa. Even if everything is fine and there are no obstacles to obtaining an exit permit, the visa will be ready only after five working days. So if you have a last-minute ticket and a flight to a Schengen country is expected in the next three days, nothing will work with a visa.

Collect documents carefully so that the trip does not fail, especially if you have time limits. It may take up to thirty calendar days to wait for a visa - please be patient.

Documents for a Schengen visa are submitted directly to the Spanish Consulate by appointment. The visa can be either tourist, work or study,Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the contents of the package of documents in each individual case. The consular department will receive you no earlier than two weeks from the date of the call.

consulate of spain in moscow address and opening hours

This information is probably not as popular as obtaining a visa, but it is necessary to know it. For all questions related to the cancellation of a visa, a person who has it can apply in writing to the consulate of any Schengen country.

You can apply for a visa without an appointment, and for this you should contact the visa center in Moscow near the Oktyabrskaya metro station. Documents are accepted and passports are issued on weekdays from 9-00 to 16-00 at Kaluga Square, building 1, building 2.

Visa Application Centers are located throughout Russia. We are talking not only about Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also about Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Perm, Rostov and Samara - Spanish visa centers operate in almost all major Russian cities.

At customs

Visa itself is not a guarantee that you will be allowed through customs. The approval of the consulate does not guarantee the right to enter the country, so at the border you may well be denied entry to Spain for a number of reasons, even if you have both a visa and a passport. But that's another story.

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