"Cherekha" (sanatorium, Pskov region): description, features, services and reviews

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"Cherekha" (sanatorium, Pskov region): description, features, services and reviews
"Cherekha" (sanatorium, Pskov region): description, features, services and reviews

In order to have a good rest with your soul and body, as well as improve your he alth, it is not at all necessary to go far from home. Today there are modern rest houses and he alth facilities in almost any region. A worthy example of a reasonable combination of affordability, price and quality of services provided is Cherekha, a sanatorium located in the Pskov region. What are the advantages of this he alth resort and how does it differ from analogues?

"Cherekha" - a green oasis in the suburbs of Pskov

Cherekha sanatorium

This sanatorium was founded in 1959 and is today one of the oldest in the region. The Cherekha he alth resort has been considered one of the best in the Pskov region over the past 40 years. Today it is a modern sanatorium with comfortable rooms, medical equipment from leading manufacturers and a variety of leisure activities. In thishe alth resort can not only heal, but also have a good rest. "Cherekha" is a sanatorium offering various options for accommodation and recovery. If desired, each guest will be able to choose a treatment program and even a specific room that fully meets his wishes and financial capabilities.

Treatment profiles and wellness services

Sanatorium cherekha reviews

The Cherekha sanatorium (Pskov city) is best known as a he alth resort, where heart and vascular diseases have been successfully treated for decades. This he alth care facility also offers rehabilitation programs for patients who have suffered a stroke or myocardial infarction. The sanatorium also offers treatment to patients suffering from diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. "Cherekha" is a sanatorium for adult patients, which has all the conditions for family living and has general he alth programs. In addition, anyone can come to the he alth resort for a vacation without special medical indications and prescribed treatment.

Treatment and diagnostic base

Sanatorium Cherekha, Pskov region

He alth resort "Cherekha" is located on the outskirts of the city of Pskov, in a unique natural area. This is a site of relic pine forest, which is limited on three sides of the river: Cherekha, Velikaya and Mnoga. There are no large industrial facilities and noisy highways nearby. And this means that clean air and silence for the guests of the resort are guaranteed. "Cherekha" is a sanatorium that operates all year round. Favorable softthe climate characteristic of the area favorably affects the he alth and well-being of a person. There are two wells on the territory of the he alth resort, from which healing mineral water is extracted. On the basis of local sources, a balneary is organized. Guests of the sanatorium are offered a variety of water treatments: hydromassage, therapeutic baths and showers. Depending on the chosen recovery program, massage, physiotherapy exercises, he alth path, reflexology, magnetotherapy, laser treatment can be prescribed.

Accommodation Options

At the same time, 180 people can rest and be treated in the he alth resort "Cherekha". The resort has a two-story brick residential complex, suitable for year-round comfortable accommodation. The guests of the he alth-improving complex are offered single and double rooms of different comfort levels. In 2009, the he alth resort underwent a major overhaul. Today, each room has its own bathroom, all the necessary modern furniture and household appliances. Especially for those who prefer maximum comfort, the Cherekha sanatorium in the Pskov region offers a two-room deluxe suite. This is an apartment consisting of a bedroom and a living room, characterized by an exquisite design. The main profile of the sanatorium is the treatment of adult patients, it is also possible to accommodate families with children over the age of 4.

Resting in a sanatorium is interesting and fun

Cherekha sanatorium in Pskov

"Cherekha" can offer many interesting options for leisure activities. The he alth resort has a largelibrary, cinema and concert hall, discos and dance evenings are held. Also, each guest can visit the gym, sauna, play billiards or table tennis. Vacationers who come from neighboring regions will be very interested in going on one-day excursions, during which you can see the historical sights of Pskov and the region. The resort boasts a clean and very picturesque area: a pine forest and a river beach. For vacationers who do not have restrictions for he alth reasons, there is a rental of seasonal sports equipment. In winter, you can go skiing and skating, and in summer - on water transport or cycling.

Reviews of those who have already rested in the he alth resort "Cherekha"

Sanatorium cherekha city of pskov

This sanatorium is very popular among residents of the Pskov region and neighboring regions. Often vacationers from Moscow and St. Petersburg come here to improve their he alth and enjoy the beauties of nature. The cost of living and medical services pleases from year to year: today, a day of accommodation in a sanatorium costs from 1,500 rubles per person. The he alth resort boasts modern equipment and comfortable rooms.

Sanatorium "Cherekha" has positive reviews as a medical and he alth resort. The combination of natural factors and proven methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients have been proving their effectiveness for many decades. What is important, during the rest in the he alth resort, no one will be bored. There are all conditions for sports,interesting events and excursions to local attractions are held. Each guest of the resort will be able to relax the way he would like: in the sanatorium you can lead an active lifestyle or enjoy peace and serenity, admiring the beauties of nature.

"Cherekha" - a sanatorium (Pskov), where you want to return again and again. Many families have been visiting this he alth resort for several years and are always satisfied with the quality of rest, the attitude of the staff and the cost of the services provided.

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