"Litvinovo" - a sanatorium in the suburbs. Overview, description, services, treatment features and reviews

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"Litvinovo" - a sanatorium in the suburbs. Overview, description, services, treatment features and reviews
"Litvinovo" - a sanatorium in the suburbs. Overview, description, services, treatment features and reviews

Choosing where to improve your he alth near Moscow, pay attention to treatment at the Litvinovo sanatorium. The main advantage here is its own source of mineral water. And the convenient location of treatment rooms in a residential administrative building will be a favorable factor for people with problems with the musculoskeletal system, and just the elderly.

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Where is it located

Departing from Moscow for 80 km, you find yourself in the vicinity of the city of Naro-Fominsk, located on the banks of the Nara River. "Litvinovo" - a sanatorium, which is located on the territory of the estate, formerly owned by the princes Shcherbakov. This is a favorite vacation spot for intellectuals and creative people (writers, artists).

Walking in the mixed forest of the sanatorium, enjoying the view of the flowing river from the steep bank and looking at the old linden alley, you feel the joy of life.

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"Litvinovo" is a sanatorium with its own apiary, from which up to 1000 kg of honey of two types is collected: flower and linden. Honey treatment improves immunity, stimulates the body's metabolic processes and activates the breakdown of fats.

Sanatorium "Litvinovo" in the Moscow region is a balneo-climatic resort, whose main purpose is to treat with mineral waters and climate. Patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems can improve their he alth here.

Where the guests live

The two-story building "Litvinovo" (sanatorium) has 79 rooms for 135 people. Next, we will look at all categories of apartments.


Divided into two categories - with and without a balcony. The furnishings of the room include a chair, a table, a nightstand, a refrigerator, a bed, a wardrobe and a shower cabin. The room has the possibility of installing an extra bed (cot). Rooms with a balcony 10, without a balcony - 15.


Also divided into rooms with and without balconies. The interior is the same and includes two single beds, TV, 2 chairs, refrigerator, wardrobe, 2 bedside tables, shower. It is possible to install an extra bed (cot). Rooms with balcony 16, without - 21.

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Two-room suite with 3 beds, 3 bedside tables, 2 TVs, 3 chairs, 2 wardrobes, 2 tables, 2 refrigerators andshower cabin. There is the possibility of installing an extra bed (bed). Rooms of this category 2.

Junior Suite

Two-room double junior suite is presented in 4 variations, each of which necessarily has one double bed, 2 bedside tables, wardrobe, 1 or 2 TVs, chest of drawers, shower. The rooms differ in the presence of upholstered furniture and armchairs. Here you can install 2 extra beds (cot and sofa). There are 7 such numbers.

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One-room suite for 2 includes a double bed, a chest of drawers, 2 bedside tables, a refrigerator, a TV, 2 armchairs, a table, a wardrobe and a shower cabin. An extra bed (cot) is provided. There are 2 such numbers.

Two-room 2-bed suite has 3 variations of furnishings, which consists of a 2-bed, 1-2 bedside tables, a corner sofa, 1-2 TVs, a showcase for dishes, a regular or corner bath. It is possible to install 2 extra beds (cot and sofa). There are 4 numbers.

Two-room double suite with an entrance hall has two configurations:

  • TV, refrigerator, bedroom set, 2 sofas, display case for dishes, 2 tables, floor lamp, 2 armchairs, bathroom and balcony;
  • 2 TVs, one double bed, 3 tables, 2 chests of drawers, display cabinet, 2 armchairs, sofa, 2 wardrobes, 5 chairs, corner bath, hallway and balcony.
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What is fed

Litvinovo -a sanatorium that gives nutrition an important place in treatment, therefore, depending on the disease, specialized menus have been developed for guests along with the general one. Custom-made 3 meals a day in the restaurant-type dining room alternates every 2 weeks, without having time to bother the guests. Guests living in suites can eat their meals in a separate VIP room.

How are they treated?

Not all sanatoriums of the Moscow region can boast of such a medical base as here. Litvinovo accepts patients with diseases of the digestive tract, nervous, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems.

The he alth resort treats its guests with hardware physiotherapy:

  • Electrophoresis, where drugs are delivered through intact skin with an electric current.
  • Galvanization - stimulates blood flow and lymph circulation, enhances the secret function of the glands, pain relief when exposed to direct electric current.
  • Interference currents - influence on peripheral blood circulation, increase in tissue temperature and activation of metabolic processes in them.
  • Sinusoidal modulated current - the vasomotor center is activated, arterial inflow increases, and venous, on the contrary, decreases, intestinal tone increases, metabolic processes in the liver are activated, edema decreases.
  • Diadynamic current, where such diseases are treated: gynecological, cardiological pathologies, pulmonological (bronchitis and bronchial asthma), diseases of the ENT-organs, periodontal disease.
  • Ultrasound - lymphatic and blood vessels expand, blood microcirculation improves, temperature in tissues rises. Ultrasonic waves can reduce pain and inflammation, relieve itching, enhance regenerative processes.
  • Electro sleep - normalizes the higher nervous system, improves blood supply to the cerebral cortex, normalizes blood clotting, lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • Local darsonvalization - when exposed to certain parts of the body of high frequency currents, blood vessels expand, tissue nutrition improves, blood circulation is activated. Facial skin becomes better, wrinkles are prevented, hair follicles are stimulated.
  • Microwave therapy - it is prescribed for pneumonia, cholecystitis, hepatitis, some diseases of the nervous system, inflammation in the nasopharynx, diseases of the pelvic organs, eye lesions.
  • Decimeter wave therapy - relieves subacute and acute symptoms of the following diseases: peptic ulcer, cystitis, prostatitis, neuritis, pneumonia, tracheitis, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.
  • UHF therapy - treats inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, musculoskeletal system, lungs and stomach.
  • Magnetic therapy - it is used for the following diagnoses: thrombophlebitis, arthritis, allergic and skin rashes, osteoarthritis, severe bone fractures.

The sanatorium "Litvinovo" also produces treatment with dry carbon dioxide baths. Alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of diseases with the help of baths - pearl,whirlpool, sea, hydromassage - and showers - circular, Charcot, underwater massage-shower, ascending.

Aroma and herbal medicine, a variety of inhalations, oxygen cocktails, a sauna and classic therapeutic massage are actively used as an additional treatment in the sanatorium.

A voucher to the sanatorium is issued from 1 day and for an unlimited time. Parents with children from 1 year of age can receive therapy here. Children over the age of 10 can be admitted for treatment.

Several he alth resorts are part of the State Unitary Enterprise "Medical Center". Sanatorium "Litvinovo" occupies a worthy place among them.

Contraindications for treatment

  • The presence of acute infectious diseases that have not yet ended the period of isolation.
  • All blood diseases that are in the acute stage.
  • Any diseases in the acute stage: chronic in the acute stage and with a complication in the form of a purulent process.
  • Any disease that should be treated in a hospital.
  • Diseases in which patients require specialized treatment and care.
  • Profuse and frequent blood loss.
  • Tuberculosis at any stage.
  • Late pregnancy.
  • Malignant tumors and neoplasms.
  • STIs in acute form.
  • Extreme malnutrition of any origin.
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Sanatorium "Litvinovo" offers its customers prices depending on the season. A little in the summermore expensive, in winter, on the contrary, cheaper. The most inexpensive rooms are double rooms, in which payment in the summer will be 1800 rubles. from a person. The most expensive is a suite, 3000 per day. In addition to 3 meals a day, this amount includes a doctor's consultation, an oxygen cocktail and a he alth path (a dedicated path for hiking).

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Studying about the sanatorium "Litvinovo" reviews on the Internet, you learn a lot of interesting things. For example, about the possibility of registering a nanny for their parents for their elderly relatives. If you urgently need to go on a business trip or the vacation time has come, and there is no one to leave your parents with, then you can send them to a sanatorium. Here they will be met by friendly medical staff, under whose supervision they will be around the clock. They will enjoy the fresh air while walking through the forested area, visit the river beach, and thanks to 5 meals a day, allergic reactions will not appear. Cultural and recreational activities will make time fly by faster and brighten up the wait.

Satisfied and the parents who rested here with their children. They write that the sanatorium has game rooms and playgrounds.

Customers express their gratitude to the staff of the sanatorium for the excellent attitude, wonderful rest and healing from all kinds of diseases.

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