Recreation center "Mountain fun", Adygea: description, services, features, photos and reviews

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Recreation center "Mountain fun", Adygea: description, services, features, photos and reviews
Recreation center "Mountain fun", Adygea: description, services, features, photos and reviews

The Republic of Adygea occupies the territory of the Western Caucasus and borders on the Krasnodar Territory. The nature of these places is truly magnificent. No wonder today it is a major tourist center. This area attracts tourists with its unique nature, waterfalls and caves.

In recent years, sports and ecological tourism has been actively developing in Adygea. This is a popular ski resort. Snow cover on the slopes of the mountains lasts until May. Well-equipped trails attract both beginners and professionals. One of the youngest and at the same time popular is the recreation center "Mountain Fun". Adygea has always been attractive for tourists, but today all conditions are being created here to attract foreigners as well.

Climatic features

Mild winter is conducive to long walks and outdoor activities on the slopes of the mountains. Average temperaturein winter it does not fall below -4. In the complete absence of wind, you can be outside all day and not feel discomfort. Such is the beautiful Adygea. "Mountain Fun" is just one of the recreation centers where you can gather for the weekend. Everything here is designed for a family vacation.

The climate of Adygea is unique. In a small area that it occupies, there is a large temperature difference. The Caucasian Range and the Black Sea directly influence the climate. The absence of severe frosts in winter is one thing, but in summer there is no exhausting heat. Usually the thermometer readings do not exceed +25 degrees.

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You made the right choice if you decided to dedicate your vacation to visiting Adygea. "Mountain Fun" is one of the best places where you can combine business with pleasure. Physical activity, beautiful nature, mild climate, the benefits of civilization - all this will make your vacation truly wonderful.

The recreation center is located surrounded by beautiful nature, ready to immerse you in the unforgettable atmosphere of Adygea. The convenient geographical location of "Mountain Fun" should also be emphasized: not far from Dakhovskaya station, 40 km from Maykop, on the banks of the Belaya River. The base is located almost at the Azish-Tau ridge. The famous river carries its waters very close by. The hotel accepts people all year round.

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Tourist Accommodation

Comfortable double and quadruple rooms with all amenities on the secondfloor of a cozy two-story log house. There are 8 rooms in total, so you need to book them in advance. All interior decoration is made of environmentally friendly wood. A shuttle service has been organized for the convenience of the guests. Not every tourist center in Adygea provides such conditions. "Mountain fun" is famous for the fact that the customers here are taken care of like family.

There is a massage parlour. Guests can relax on the large terrace overlooking the snow-capped peaks. Equipped with cozy gazebos. On the first floor of the log house there is a sauna with a relaxation room and a steam room, as well as a swimming pool.


The service here is organized at the highest level. Full meals are offered in a cozy cafe. On request, you can order complex meals or dishes according to an individual diet. Choose from he althy and hearty dishes of Caucasian, Russian and European cuisine at the most affordable prices.

Besides, around the hotel you can see a landscaped area with organized recreation areas. There are gazebos and barbecue facilities, grills and other accessories for a good outdoor recreation. A private car can be left in a guarded parking lot.

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Active Leisure

If you didn't come to the base just to breathe the air, you won't be disappointed. Here you will find a huge number of opportunities for sports. For fans of active sports, the hotel staff offers an individual selection of sports equipment, for example, skis, skates and sleds in winter.

For the most desperate and courageous, it can be an excellent choice to go down the fast-flowing rivers in rafts, as well as travel through mountain impassability in jeeps. Adygea has prepared such a variety of opportunities for you. The base "Mountain Fun" is located in the vicinity of the Lagonaki plateau, so there can be no problems with leisure in principle. Just a walk through the alpine meadows brings a lot of pleasure and unforgettable impressions. Among other things, guests are offered a variety of weekend tours with a unique opportunity to see the natural and historical sights of the region.

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If you definitely decide to try something that you have never tried before, then we recommend that you book a ticket to Mountain Fun without delay. Rafting will not leave you indifferent, especially since there are all the opportunities for this here. In Adygea there are all conditions for practicing hang gliding. It was here that the first competitions in this difficult sport were born. The steep slopes are ideal for mountaineering. And the bravest can take a parachute jump.

Room rental rates

The recreation center "Mountain fun" in Adygea is ideal for family living. As already mentioned, on the territory of the base there is an opportunity to rent double and quadruple rooms:

  • Double room. It can accommodate two adults, plus it is possible to take one extra bed. Meals are not provided, but this is not a big problem. Within the territory ofThere are so many cafes and restaurants that a delicious lunch is not at all a problem. The room has a double bed, shower, TV and refrigerator. Amenities in the room. Rental price - from 2000 rubles per day.
  • Quadruple room. A great option for a large and friendly family. Surely you will remember this trip to Adygea for the rest of your life. The camp site "Mountain fun" will give walks until late and hot tea in the room before going to bed, a wonderful view from the window and unforgettable air. The room has separate beds. Cost - from 2500 rubles per day.

It turns out that vacationing with a large family is more profitable and cheaper.

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Everyone finds something of their own here - something that will be remembered for a lifetime. Judging by the reviews, "Mountain fun" in Adygea is a real mountain pearl. It has everything for a wonderful holiday. Of course, everyone puts their understanding into these words. You will find an excellent sauna and a gazebo with barbecue facilities, a sandy beach and a huge swimming pool. For those who like to warm up, the sauna is constantly working.

And the choice of sports activities is simply fantastic: basketball and volleyball courts, bicycles and roller skates, horseback riding, paintball, jeeping and rafting - everyone will find entertainment to their liking.

Popular excursion program

She's not really alone here. But if you are in Adygea for the first time, then the sightseeing tour "The Land of Mountains and Waterfalls" is best suited. It requires no special training and is ideal for all ages.

  • The excursion route starts with a tourKhadzhokh gorge. At the bottom of a deep gorge, the Belaya River flows here. You can watch it from special platforms. The gorge is about 500 meters long.
  • The route leads to the waterfalls of the Rubafgo River. There are five of them in total, those who wish can go through the entire chain.
  • Then the group moves to Meshoko Gorge. Here tourists have a unique opportunity to see Mount Kopilka and Devil's Finger. The landscape is striking in its majesty and beauty.
  • The final point is the Azish-Tau ridge.

The tour is designed for a full day. Its cost is 1800 rubles. Of course, tourists get tired, but it's worth it, because it's not for nothing that you chose a vacation in Adygea. "Mountain fun" is the end point of the route, tourists are just descending to the hotel after visiting the last ridge.

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Thermal springs

Of course, you can not deny yourself the pleasure of lying in warm water, which also has a healing effect on the body. Now we are talking about the thermal springs of Adygea. "Mountain fun" is located on the Lagonaki plateau. It is famous for its natural attractions. But many of them are overshadowed by a unique thermal spring. One of them is located right on the territory of the recreation center. There is an outdoor swimming pool with running water, where you can swim freely. The water temperature is +38 degrees. The hot spring has high-quality water, which is also suitable for ingestion. It is used in the treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers, chronic pancreatitis and diseasesurinary system.

But most often it is used externally. The water of the Lagonaki deposit helps with gynecological diseases, diseases of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, and metabolic disorders. The pool is open all year round. The opportunity to take a dip in the hot water itself is a powerful incentive to visit the resort.

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Instead of a conclusion

Your vacation will be the most memorable, so do not forget to take a lot of photos in Adygea. "Mountain Fun" is just one of the recreation centers. Judging by the attractive reviews, tourists are provided with all the conditions for the fulfillment of desires and a great holiday.

The article briefly discussed the possibilities of recreation at the base. It is worth noting the affordable prices. In addition to accommodation and meals, you can not spend extra on excursions, but walk around the neighborhood on your own. You will get no less impressions.

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