Route M29: a road with local flavor

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Route M29: a road with local flavor
Route M29: a road with local flavor

There is nothing more exciting than a long journey in your own car across our vast country. This is a long but exciting adventure that is sure to leave some impressions. The M29 highway is one of the most picturesque Russian roads, because it passes through wonderful places. Unfortunately, many drivers are biased towards the Caucasus region and spread false information about the quality of the federal highway and safety when driving along it.

Highway M29 today

Track Features

The whole of Russia is entwined with a network of federal highways, but nowhere are there such features as on the M29 highway. Since the road runs through the Caucasus region, which has long been famous for the wayward local population, it will not be possible to drive along it very quickly.

First of all, because there you can meet a huge number of tuned cars and understated "Prior", whose drivers perceive any overtaking as a challenge and an invitation to the race. However, racing is still not worth it. Especially if you take into accountdifferent quality of the roadway on different sections of the route. Oddly enough, the most comfortable section of the road runs through Chechnya. In addition, in the summer, the track can not cope with the flow of cars. This is mainly facilitated by fruit trucks and cars of travelers who go to the sea.

Another and most significant feature is reinforced traffic police posts and real militarized checkpoints. It will not be possible to drive through these sections quickly, since the flow of cars is divided into 2: those who want to drive in the usual way and those who are in a hurry. The queue will form in any case, so it is unlikely that you will be able to bypass it.

Entry into Chechnya is possible with any numbers, the presence of Chechen license plates is not required. However, Moscow numbers are really rare there for obvious reasons.

Federal highway M29

Tinted - no

If there is a need to visit the city of Grozny, go drive along the Chechen section of the M29 highway, you must follow the main rule, namely, remove the tint. The region is not famous for calmness, and tinting is an excellent reason for the traffic police patrol to stop the car. Also, tinting can cause a lot of questions from local residents. Which of these is better and which is worse, no one will say.

Careful with gas stations

In general, the M29 highway is calm and fairly well-maintained. However, in some of its sections there is a problem with car refueling. Most of all, this concerns Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia, North Ossetia and Dagestan. There are gas stations, butfuel quality is very poor. When driving around Chechnya or simply visiting any of the above regions, it is undesirable to refuel at local gas stations. It is recommended that you always have a supply of high-quality fuel and a spare fuel filter with you if you still need to refuel in the region. It's best to have enough fuel and two filters, just in case. If you're looking for practical advice, it's best to ask truckers and tour bus drivers who have bad stories of breakdowns due to local fuel. Their advice will be very useful, as they can recommend good car services and more or less reliable gas stations.

Checkpoint in Kabardino-Balkaria on the M29 highway

The quality of the road surface

Roads in Russia are not famous for their excellent quality, but quite the contrary, they are famous for constant potholes. Nevertheless, the federal highway M29 has a satisfactory asph alt surface. This is especially true of the entrances to the highway, its beginning and exits from it. The first 100 km of the route pass along the road, which drivers in the slang call "killed". However, the further the path, the better the road.

Striped Threat

When driving along the M29 "Kavkaz" highway, you need to be as attentive as possible to oncoming traffic. Drivers of oncoming vehicles constantly warn about the so-called "striped threat". Traffic police officers or fixation cameras are everywhere. On the territory of the Stavropol Territory, the situation with traffic police is improving. Their concentration decreases, and stops occur only whenrecorded offense. However, drivers are becoming less polite and often forget to warn of "danger".

Checkpoint on the M29 highway

Driving Rules

The M29 today is an amazing place. The first half of the road is subject to the usual rules of the road. However, in Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia, North Ossetia or Dagestan, the rules are slightly different. Drivers often completely ignore road markings and signs. There you should go either as slowly as possible, or greatly exceed the speed limit. No less significant will be the habit of looking in mirrors. Local drivers overtake anywhere and anyhow, often do not use turn signals and make maneuvers at the very last moment, and to all this you can safely add a significant excess of the speed limit.

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