Route M5, route "Miass-Chelyabinsk"

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Route M5, route "Miass-Chelyabinsk"
Route M5, route "Miass-Chelyabinsk"

The section of the highway M5 "Miass-Chelyabinsk" is 112 kilometers, the travel time is about 2 hours, depending on traffic, road conditions and weather. The main route passes through the Ural Mountains. The road has one lane in each direction. The route passes through four large settlements: the city of Chebarkul and the settlements of Timiryazevsky, Vitaminny and Poletaevo. On this stretch, the M5 motorway is laid along the railway tracks, which, like the road itself, lead from Moscow. Local designation of the route E30.

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High accident rate of a section of the M5 highway "Miass-Chelyabinsk"

People call it the "road of death", because for the most part it is badly broken, and the lanes are extremely narrow. Weather conditions and heavy traffic cause a large number of accidents, including frontal ones. Overtaking vehicles is strictly prohibited throughout the journey from Miass to Chelyabinsk, which is not a hindrance for reckless drivers. On this segment of the Moscow-Chelyabinsk highway, road repair work is constantly carried out, but only 2 segments with a total length of 22kilometers. Particular attention from vehicle drivers is required on sections passing through steep descents and ascents.

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If you decide to travel the Miass-Chelyabinsk route by car, the distance from one city to another and the chosen speed do not guarantee that you will be on the road for about 2 hours, because cars often drive extremely slowly on the highway. If there is an accident on the highway, which is not uncommon, then you can get stuck for several hours. There are many traffic police posts and cameras on the route. Stationary objects of inspection are located at the 1705th and 1780th kilometers. If you get sick or injured on the road, medical assistance can be obtained at the 1750th, 1780th, 1797th and 1825th kilometers. There are enough roadside cafes, restaurants, motels and hotels, so you will not go hungry and spend the night in comfort.

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From Miass to Chelyabinsk by bus

The bus "Chelyabinsk-Miass" departs from the Northern bus station, located on Sverdlovsky Prospekt, house 51. The start of movement is at 6:50. The last bus leaves at 20:30. The return route - "Miass-Chelyabinsk" - starts at the bus station on Predzavodskaya Square. Start of movement at 6:10. The last bus leaves at 19.40. Stops on the road - mainly before turning to the settlements of Vitaminny, Travniki, Timiryazevsky and Misyash. The bus calls at the bus station of the city of Chebarkul, in the sanatorium "Elovoe" and "Pine Hill". Travel time 2 hours 45minutes. Passengers are transported daily, every half an hour. The bus schedule for weekdays, weekends and holidays is the same.

From Miass to Chelyabinsk by train

Since the M5 is located along the railway tracks, in the event of an accident or an accident, you can always get to your destination by train. Every day, four commuter trains run from Miass to Chelyabinsk and back, as well as 2 electric trains from Zlatoust. The schedule is the same, regardless of whether it is weekdays or weekends. Departure time from the Miass platform: 05:37, 08:33, 10:18, 17:20, 20:10 and 20:45. Passengers usually stay on the road for a little more than 2 hours. The train leaving at 20:10 is high-speed. On it you can arrive in the regional center in just 1 hour and 20 minutes. From Chelyabinsk to Miass, 7 suburban trains run daily. Departure times: 06:15, 07:25, 10:30, 17:00, 18:20, 18:55 and 21:10. Passengers are on the road for more than 2 hours. Local train departing at 18:10, high-speed. The Miass-Chelyabinsk train passes 27 stops, at six of which you can transfer to local routes. You can buy travel documents at the box office at the stations or from the controllers in the train.

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