St. Petersburg - Luga: features of the trip along the route

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St. Petersburg - Luga: features of the trip along the route
St. Petersburg - Luga: features of the trip along the route

The distance from St. Petersburg to Luga is 150 kilometers. It can be reached by train, bus, car.

There is enough public transport on this route. Luga is not the most interesting city in the Leningrad region, but you can visit it.

Train ride

Electric trains from St. Petersburg to Luga depart only from the B altic Station. The first departs at 07:05, the last at 23:30. The ticket costs 340 rubles. Electric trains differ only in the number of stops on the route and the schedule (every day or only on weekends). The trip takes from 2.5 to 3 hours. The schedule looks like this:

  • 07:05.
  • 09:35 and 13:28. Daily flights.
  • 10:20. Flight on weekends, the electric train stops everywhere except "Shosseinoye" and "Electrodepo".
  • 16:09. A three-car train runs only on weekdays (except Tuesdays and Thursdays). Rides the fastest - less than twohours.
  • 16:20, 17:55, 19:25, 21:03, 23:30. These are daily flights.

There are enough trains going in the opposite direction too. This suggests that it is convenient for residents of a small town to travel to St. Petersburg to work. The first flight from Luga leaves at 04:05.

The schedule is:

  • 05:17.
  • 07:00.
  • 08:20.
  • 09:50. This train consists of three cars. On the road 2 hours.
  • 14:15.
  • 16:05.
  • 16:25. Walks on weekends (from the end of April).
  • 17:04.
  • 18:32.
  • 19:40 and 21:15. These compounds are slightly faster than the others. They travel 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Trains in Luga

Ride on the "Swallow"

The fastest distance from St. Petersburg to Luga is covered by Lastochka trains. They depart from the B altic Station according to the following schedule:

  • 06:55.
  • 14:15.
  • 20:15.

They travel 1.5 hours. The ticket costs 280 rubles. Seats only.

From Luga to St. Petersburg the schedule is:

  • 08:03.
  • 14:03.
  • 21:08.

All trains from Pskov also travel to their destination in 1.5 hours.

There is only one stop - in Gatchina.

Bus station in Luga

Bus routes

Buses from St. Petersburg to Luga run from 8 am to 11 pm. The trip takes 2 to 3 hours. They can depart from these stops:

  • Metro "Park Pobedy".
  • Metro"B altic".
  • "Bus station".

A ticket costs from 280 rubles. The final destination can be not only Luga, but also other cities located on the territory of the Pskov region: Pustoshka, Bezhanitsy, Velikiye Luki, Sebezh, Porkhov. Buses from St. Petersburg to Smolensk and Gomel also stop in Luga.

From Luga to St. Petersburg buses depart from 2 am to 8 pm.

The bus station is located on the Station Square.

Drive a car

By car from St. Petersburg to Luga can be reached in two hours. The exact time depends on the congestion of the track and the weather.

You need to leave along the E-95 highway through Pushkin and Gatchina. Next, you need to move towards the Luga River. Entrance to the city from the north side along the Leningrad highway.

Saint Petersburg in the evening

What to see in Luga

There are not many attractions in the city. Of the interesting architectural monuments, one can note the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine. It is Orthodox, but outwardly resembles a Protestant church.

The second interesting object is the memorial "Partisan Glory". It was installed in 1975 in memory of the combat fraternity of partisan formations in three regions (Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod). Meadows during the war years was occupied by the Nazis, major battles took place near it in 1941 and 1944. That is why in 2008 it received the title of City of Military Glory, as the Patriot stele and park, located near the railway station, remind of. ATit exhibited military equipment from the times of the USSR.

From the station it is worth taking a walk to the southern part of the city to the monument to Catherine II. On the way, you can visit the Museum of Local Lore (Red Artillery St., 11).

Luga is a major industrial center. The city has a mining and processing plant, an abrasive plant, several food industry enterprises.

From Luga you can drive south for about an hour and turn off the road to Lubensk. This settlement is quite small, but it is interesting because the estate of the composer Rimsky-Korsakov is located on its territory.

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