AK "Russia": reviews of tourists, description, services

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AK "Russia": reviews of tourists, description, services
AK "Russia": reviews of tourists, description, services

One of the best rated and most popular airlines is Rossiya Airlines. User reviews mention punctuality, the professionalism of the pilots, the cleanliness of the planes and relatively low ticket prices among the most attractive qualities of the company. Rossiya is one of the 5 largest carriers in our country.

Carrier history

JSC Rossiya Airlines was founded in May 1934. The date of commencement of activities is the signing of a document on the creation of a detachment for the air line Leningrad - Moscow. During the Great Patriotic War, this unit actively participated in hostilities.

AK "Russia" reviews
AK "Russia" reviews

Important historical events for the company:

  • 1956 - formation of a special aviation detachment 235 attached to Vnukovo airport;
  • 1992 - the transformation of the detachment into the State Customs Committee "Russia";
  • 2006 - the merger of Rossiya and Pulkovo Airlines under the common name FSUE GTK Rossiya;
  • 2008 - transfer of 100% of the sharesRussian carrier company Rostekhnologiya (decree 1052 of the President of the Russian Federation) and its exclusion from the list of strategically important objects of the country;
  • 2009 - a special flight squad was formed by decree of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • 2010 - corporatization of Rossiya and its merger with Aeroflot;
  • 2011 - the transformation of the enterprise into OJSC Rossiya Airlines;
  • November 2011 - Aeroflot OJSC acquired 75% of the company's shares;
  • December 2011 - 25% of Rossiya shares were donated to the city of St. Petersburg.

Airline today

In 2013, Roshydromet issued a license to Rossiya Airlines to create its own weather forecaster department for meteorological support of flights.

In 2014, Aeroflot takes over the commercial management of Rossiya. Now the carrier operates all flights under the SU code. In the same year, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Zenit sports club. One of the aircraft was even painted in the recognizable colors of the champions.

AK "Russia" Moscow Punta Cana reviews
AK "Russia" Moscow Punta Cana reviews

In 2015, Saprykin D. P., then Deputy General Director of the Aeroflot carrier, as well as Managing Director of the bankrupt Transaero, was appointed head of the company.

Airline AK "Rossiya" reviews
Airline AK "Rossiya" reviews

2016 is a landmark year for the company. Its name is changed to JSC Rossiya Airlines, and three subsidiaries of Aeroflot are merged. Now carriers Donavia and Orenburg Airlines will operate all flights under the flag of Russia. It is planned to serve up to 10 million passengers per year. The base airports were: Vnukovo in Moscow, Pulkovo in St. Petersburg, Orenburg-Central named after cosmonaut Yu. A. Gagarin in Orenburg and Rostov-on-Don of the same name.

Airline flight destinations

Rossiya Airlines flies to 13 international points, 20 - in the territory of the Russian Federation and 5 - to the CIS countries. You can trace the carrier's route network in the table below.

Domestic flights Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody, Magadan, Murmansk, Moscow, Orenburg, Novosibirsk, Perm, Omsk Sochi, Samara, Simferopol, Syktyvkar, Surgut, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk, Ufa, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Flights to CIS countries Astana, Alma-Ata, Baku, Tashkent, Samarkand, Urgench
International flights Barcelona, Burgas, Berlin, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Geneva, Munich, Milan, Rome, Paris, Nice, Prague, Larnaca, Tel Aviv, Paphos, Punta Cana, Phuket


The airline has a fleet of 74 aircraft, including the Boeing 747 and the modern Boeing 777. In the table below, you can see the characteristics of the aircraft.

Aircraft model name Quantity Newest oldest
"Boeing 777-200" 2 VP-BLA - 17 years old VQ-BNU - 17.1
"Boeing 777-300" 5 EI-XLP - 17 years old EI-UNP - 18 years old
"Boeing 767-300" 3 EI-DZH - 13 years old EI-EAR - 16 years old
An-148-100B 6 RA-61706 - 4 years RA-61701 - 5 years
"Airbus A319" 27 VQ-BCP - 7 years old VP-BIU - 20th Anniversary
"Airbus A320" 13 VP-BWI - 13 years old VQ-BDR - 17 years old
"Boeing 737-800" 15 VQ-BWJ - 1 year VQ-BJC - 17 years old
"Boeing 747-400" 6 EI-XLJ - 15.0 years old EI-XLE - 18 years old

Special purpose liners (Tu) were not taken into account in the table.

Company plane crashes

On the account of AK "Rossiya" several major plane crashes. All of them are shown in the table below:

Accident scene Date Death toll Flight Reason
Bolshoye Savino Airport (Perm city) July 24, 2014 0 AN-148-100V flight 6714 Perm - St. Petersburg Failure of the air conditioning system. Emergency landing made.
Domodedovo Airport (Moscow city) August 12, 2015 0 Airbus A319 flight St. Petersburg - Moscow An engine failure occurred and the aircraft made an emergency landing.
Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg city) August 23, 2013 0 AN-148-100V, flight Mineralnye Vody - St. Petersburg Damage to the landing gear during takeoff, and detachment of its fragments.
Near Donetsk city (Ukraine) August 22, 2006 170

Tu-154M (tail number RA-85185) Pulkovo Airlines, flight Anapa - St. Petersburg

Disabling the autopilot when bypassing a thundercloud. Plane crash in a flat spin.
Near Sheremetyevo Airport (Moscow city) July 22, 2002 14 IL-86 (tail number RA-86060) Pulkovo Airlines, flight Moscow - St. Petersburg The liner crashed on takeoff at the end of GDP. The surviving passengers were in the tail of the plane.

Features of the airline

Rossiya JSC is engaged in cargo, charter, postal and passenger transportation.

Freight includes:

  • transportation of perishable goods;
  • urgent delivery (of drugs, chemicals and other materials);
  • goods that need low storage temperature;
  • expensive goods;
  • dangerous goods.
  • AK "Russia" Moscow Phuket reviews
    AK "Russia" Moscow Phuket reviews

The company has several hubs. At each airport, the company's services have their own characteristics, although in general they are similar. The main ones are:

  • shops;
  • banks and ATMs;
  • pharmacies;
  • he alth station;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • departure lounges;
  • VIP lounges;
  • car parking;
  • bus stops;
  • call a taxi;
  • luggage storage;
  • mother and baby room;
  • duty free zone.

Some airports have a hotel and their own print media.

Compulsory Airline Services

During the flight, the user has the right to a range of services provided by the carrier. The airliner must have on board the service personnel in the required number, able to ensure safety and be able to provide first aid.

The scope of services provided to the passenger depends on the type of aircraft, its equipment and travel time.

On board the aircraft, the airline provides 2 types of services:

  • included in ticket price;
  • extra.
  • AK "Russia" Thailand reviews
    AK "Russia" Thailand reviews

On board the aircraft of the company "Rossiya" is provided:

  1. Food. On short-term flights, passengers are given lollipops and drinks (juice, tea, coffee, mineral water). On a flight that takes more than 3 hours, a full lunch or dinner is provided. The volume and variety of food depends on the flight distance and class. For the first and business class, an improved range of meals and the provision of metal cutlery are provided. On transcontinental flights, hot meals are served every 4 hours. And each time the dishes are different. Mainfood requirement - caloric content and small volume.
  2. Radio and television. In economy class, a ceiling-mounted TV is placed for every 5 seats. In business and first class, an individual TV set is provided with a choice of programs.
  3. Press (flight and entertainment magazines).
  4. Toilet.
  5. Air transportation of luggage (hand luggage weighing up to 20 kg for economy class and 30 kg for first class).

Classes of service on board airline aircraft

The variety of services included in the ticket price depends on the class of service. There are 2 main classes:

  • economic;
  • business.

Business class passengers settle into the first cabin, where they sit in comfortable chairs. During the flight, they are given sleeping sets for a comfortable rest in flight. Meals are offered on the menu with a choice of 5-6 dishes. The benefits of business class are: unhindered access to the business lounges of the airport terminal, increased baggage allowance, priority disembarkation and embarkation.

Standard seats are offered in economy class. The amount of meals depends on the duration of the flight. Services - standard, included in the ticket price.

Algorithm for the provision of services on board the aircraft of Rossiya Airlines

During the entire flight and until the passenger leaves the cabin, he is under the care of flight attendants. Their responsibilities include individual, medical, informational services for users, as well as their nutrition. The algorithm of their work is as follows:

  1. Meeting andaccommodation of passengers on board. Meeting on the gangway or at the entrance doors to the salon. Assistance to the disabled, the elderly and people with children, as well as in the placement of luggage on special shelves. Checking the presence of all passengers on board, according to the statement. Report to the crew commander on the completion of landing and readiness for departure.
  2. AK Rossiya Phuket reviews
    AK Rossiya Phuket reviews
  3. Serving passengers before takeoff. Flight attendants offer book products to people. They read out the "greeting" and tell the passengers about the aircraft's emergency equipment. Check seat belt fasteners. They talk about the location of the restrooms.
  4. In-flight service. Flight attendants respond to individual calls in a timely manner. Drinks and food are served at the appointed time. They maintain order on board the aircraft, as well as the serviceability of light displays and alarms in the cabin. Inform about the correct fastening of seat belts.
  5. After a successful landing of the aircraft, the flight attendants announce the information about the landing, the weather overboard the aircraft, check the fastening of the ladder and help people on the way out.

Additional airline services

Additional services must be ordered through the agency where the ticket is purchased. A positive response or refusal to provide is given within 24 hours by Rossiya JSC. Feedback on the speed of the request is positive.

Free Extras:

  1. Booking a seat you like or need in the cabin (by the window, with a childcrib, for the disabled, etc.).
  2. Special meals. It is better to order such a service no later than 36 hours before the start of the flight and be sure to confirm it.

Paid services:

  1. Meeting, escorting and assisting the passenger at the airport of arrival and departure. A wheelchair is available if needed.
  2. Accompanying minors with no adult.
  3. Special service for the disabled.
  4. Transportation of excess baggage, oversized items and baggage with declared value.
  5. Transportation of animals.
  6. Extra passenger seat.

Reviews on the work of the airline on domestic routes

Most of the carrier's service is on board the ship. Having bought a ticket, a person wants to have a good time in flight, having received all the services offered by the airline (AK Rossiya). Passenger reviews about it are different. It all depends on the needs of the person and his habits. Among the negative responses, there are also general details:

  1. Dissatisfaction with food on board. Lack of information about him on official resources, excluding international flights. Savings on products, leading to a deterioration in food quality. People would like to have an additional choice of assortment of drinks and dishes, even if you have to pay extra for it. Although Donavia, Orenburg Airlines and AK Rossiya are the Aeroflot group, they are not as positive about food as the parent company.
  2. The condition of the aircraft cabin. Many passengers complain about very little personalspace in flight, which creates discomfort, as well as the "worn out" state of interior decoration and equipment. The use of old-style aircraft is a reality for many Russian carriers, including AK Rossiya. User reviews mainly mention that the knees rest on the adjacent chair and the seat does not recline well.
  3. Dirt in the plane and the toilet room. Reviews of this mainly mention the hygienic condition of the cabin at the end of the flight.
  4. Frequent flight delays. This happens for various reasons, often unknown to the passengers of AK Rossiya. Their feedback notes the following: the absence of any information about the measures taken to correct the situation, the delay time is not defined, and when using charter flights, the transfer disappears.
  5. AK Rossiya Punta Cana reviews
    AK Rossiya Punta Cana reviews

A lot of people like to travel with AK Rossiya. Reviews of passengers satisfied with the carrier's service are very numerous. They note the friendliness of the staff and the professionalism of the pilots. A large number of people do not attach importance to the quality of food in flight, considering it acceptable. An alternative to the economy class of Rossiya Airlines is business class. Reviews about him are different. But many passengers want a variety of services and food, so they choose the best conditions for a high price. They note the wide distance between the seats in the business class cabin, tablecloths on the tables and metal utensils for eating. But the food is not much different from the economy class.

Negative feedback about the work of the airlineon international routes

The carrier operates about 20 international routes. A lot of private notes about these flights made by JSC "Rossiya" have been left on the Internet. Moscow - Phuket (reviews about this direction are very controversial) - a route that is often criticized. People complain about bad food. For flights up to 12 hours, it is served at the very beginning of the flight and at the end, leaving people hungry for 8 hours. Passengers write about flight delays (vacation days in a paid hotel disappear). Moreover, for a long time they are not given information about this by the employees of AK Rossiya (Thailand - the reviews concern this particular route). Very often referred to uncomfortable seats in airplanes. Even for people of average height, not to mention tall passengers, it is hard to sit for more than 10 hours, shrinking, not being able to relax and rest. Often dissatisfaction is caused by broken monitors in the cabin of the Rossiya aircraft. Moscow - Punta Cana (reviews about this route are far from ideal) - a route that is often criticized. There are no baby sets and pillows on board. Not enough warm blankets for babies. Some situations that caused the departure delay can be attributed to force majeure that occurred during the preparation of the aircraft. This could generate understanding among passengers who wish to have a successful flight to their destination if they have been properly informed about it. Keeping people in obscurity for several hours with virtually no food or water is sometimes a common thing for employees of AK Rossiya. Punta Cana (reviews of such situations in this case are very numerous), such asdirection, especially famous for it.

Positive feedback about the work of the company's employees on international routes

Despite the many negative responses, there are the same number of positive notes about the work of employees of the international directions of AK Rossiya. Phuket (reviews about flying to this sunny city with the help of this carrier are very friendly), as a destination, for example, is always mentioned in a good way. Passengers note the high professionalism of the company's pilots, the sociability and goodwill of the flight attendants, who are able to pull themselves together and calm people in a crisis situation. And this is worth a lot, because the human factor is one of the most important components of the company's image.

AK "Russia" group Aeroflot reviews
AK "Russia" group Aeroflot reviews

For the prosperity and further development of the airline, it is necessary to take into account the needs of different passengers and their individual desires. Based on this, to form an algorithm for the process of providing services. Feedback in this case plays a major role. It is necessary to identify the shortcomings of the service in the airline and correct all the shortcomings, making the carrier attractive to users.