Hotel "Jungle Aquapark 4 " (Hurghada, Egypt): photo and description, services, reviews of tourists

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Hotel "Jungle Aquapark 4 " (Hurghada, Egypt): photo and description, services, reviews of tourists
Hotel "Jungle Aquapark 4 " (Hurghada, Egypt): photo and description, services, reviews of tourists

Egypt enjoys continued popularity among lovers of sea and beach holidays. One of the most famous resorts in the country is Hurghada. If you are planning a vacation on the coast of Egypt, you should pay attention to the Jungle Aquapark hotel. The beautiful complex will become an unforgettable place for a family holiday.

A little about the hotel…

Jungle Aquapark Hotel is located just 17 km from Hurghada and 10 km from the airport. If you want to go to the city, then the road by car will take only thirty minutes. The hotel is located on the second line, but the sea can be reached in just a couple of minutes. The actual territory of the hotel is separated from the coast only by a road. The distance from the hull to the sea is no more than 900 meters.

Rest in "Jungle Aquapark"

The hotel complex is quite young, since it was opened in 2009. The pearl of the resort is part of the Albatros hotel chain. A four-star complex can be an excellent option for a rich family oryouth recreation. The advantage of the hotel is a large selection of entertainment, so that your vacation will be fun and interesting. If you believe the reviews, Albatross Jungle Water Park (Hurghada) is incredibly popular, since the water park of the same name is located on its territory. What else do you need for a fun holiday at a seaside resort? Of course, fun water rides. Especially tourists appreciate the fact that the water slides are located right in the hotel. After all, there is no need to go somewhere and waste time on the road.

The hotel complex has many advantages. It harmoniously combines democracy, elegance and modernity. If you are a fan of outdoor activities and do not like idle time on the beach, Jungle Water Park is a great choice. The hotel will be interesting for people of all ages.


The Jungle Water Park Hotel consists of a main two-story building and one-story and two-story chalets. The hotel room fund includes 860 rooms, among which there are standard and family rooms. If necessary, you can order a Connect-apartment.

All hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hairdryers, balconies, telephones, safes, minibars, toiletries, bathrooms, satellite channels, modern TVs, wardrobes, electric kettles and other amenities.


Standards are for 2 adults and 2 children. Family apartments are larger and can accommodate up to 6 people.

Rooms are cleaned daily, as is linen change. Room service is available for guests for a fee.

Catering service

Like many other Egyptian hotels, Jungle Aquapark (Hurghada) offers its guests all-inclusive meals. There are five restaurants on its territory, each of which offers visitors a varied menu. Here you can taste Chinese, Italian, Russian and Lebanese cuisine. In addition, there are cafes and bars on the territory offering not only drinks, but also a variety of food.

Meals in the main restaurant

The all-inclusive system means a buffet with three meals a day. Guests have a fairly wide selection of dishes. According to the concept, all drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) are included in the tour price.

Buffet for visitors is served in a Mediterranean restaurant. The restaurant's menu offers dishes of international cuisine. If you want something special, you can go to an institution with Asian cuisine. Here you will be able to offer Thai, Japanese, Indian and Chinese dishes. Oriental and German restaurants are no less attractive. And in the Italian restaurant "Alfredo" you can enjoy the best food, which is cooked here no worse than in Rome. For those who are hungry during the day after active entertainment, there are food courts, bars and cafes where you can have a delicious meal and order drinks. All the hotel restaurants offer guests early breakfasts, so it is impossible to stay hungry here.


Jungle Aquapark Hotel (Egypt) has a very developed infrastructure. On its territory there are all the facilities necessary for a comfortable stay. Experts note that the complex is the most popular in Egypt. The hotel has a huge territory, which even has its own water park. It is he who attracts many tourists. The water park offers guests 21 outdoor pools, two of which are heated, and 35 slides, of which 14 are for children.

The hotel area has an interesting design. A man-made river flows between the buildings and the bungalow, on which you can even ride a boat. In fact, all the houses are located around pools and ponds

Hotel water park

The hotel has several shops, laundry, hairdresser, dry cleaning, currency exchange. For guests, parking is completely free. True, this service is of interest only to local residents. A bus takes tourists to the beach.

Sports & Entertainment

Jungle Aquapark Hotel in Hurghada attracts many guests due to its well-developed infrastructure and numerous entertainments. If you like active rest, then you will like it here. Without leaving the territory, you can find a lot of interesting things for yourself. For guests there is a gym, tennis courts, mini-golf fields. Tourists have the opportunity to attend classes in aerobics, water polo, aqua aerobics, play table tennis, listen to live music, watch show programs. Animation shows are held daily for vacationers.programs. The hotel has a lot of entertainment, so you will not be bored on vacation.

Hotel pools

The hotel has a diving center where you can learn the basics of diving. Everyone can go windsurfing, kitesurfing, shine in the sauna and hammam, play billiards or have fun at the disco.

Children's Services

Complex "Jungle Aquapark" (Egypt) is focused on family holidays. Perhaps this is the secret of his success. As we already mentioned, there is a water park on the territory of the hotel, which is important for children. The water park has a lot of slides and pools for kids. The complex has a kids club where you can leave your child. In winter, there is one heated swimming pool for younger guests, which can swim in any weather. The restaurant for kids provides high chairs. And at the reception you can order babysitting services if necessary. It is comfortable to relax in the hotel with children. On a vast territory, there is enough space for children's pranks.

kids club

It should be said that children are the most welcome guests at the Jungle Aquapark Hotel. The administration made sure that the most interesting entertainment events were organized for them. In the kids club, young guests have fun under the supervision of animators.

Services for guests

Albatross Jungle Aquapark Hotel, as you can already understand, offers a variety of services. But not all of them are free. For some of themhave to fork out.

The hotel's shuttle runs daily to Hurghada. Transportation services are available for a fee. Free hotel services include: water aerobics and aerobics classes, table football, mini golf, bocce, mini football, darts, beach volleyball, live music and more.

A visit to a massage parlor, sauna, Turkish bath, training in a diving center, sea activities should be attributed to paid services.


The beach of the Jungle Aquapark hotel (Egypt, Hurghada) is located not far from its territory. There is a regular bus service between the hotel and the coast.

hotel coast

The beach is located in a man-made lagoon and has a sandy surface. Sun loungers and awnings for shade are installed on its territory.

Reviews of tourists

When choosing a place to stay, travelers are always interested in the latest reviews. Hotel "Jungle Aquapark" (Hurghada) is very attractive in many respects. Is it as good as tour operators advertise it?

Most of the tourists leave positive feedback about the hotel complex. As is often the case, the opinion of vacationers is different. Someone thinks the hotel is great, but someone is missing something. According to reviews, the "Jungle Water Park" has its own minor flaws. But they are so insignificant that they are not able to spoil the overall impression.

All tourists invariably admire the huge territory of the hotel, immersed in greenery and ponds. There are many bushes, trees, flower beds and other plantings. Equipped throughoutnumerous recreation and relaxation areas, so there is a place for walking and taking photos. The hotel does not feel tight and cramped.

The best water park in the resort

The hotel complex is organized in such a way that its territory has everything that vacationers may need. But on the other hand, some tourists note that it is far from Hurghada. If this moment is important for you, you should pay attention to other institutions. Near the hotel there is a bus stop, from which there is transport to the city. By the way, the hotel itself organizes a daily paid transfer to Hurghada.

Tours to the "Jungle Water Park" enjoy well-deserved popularity. The hotel is preferred by those tourists who want to enjoy all the delights of the water park and organized recreation. Resting in a hotel, there is no need to think about leisure, everything has been thought out for you for a long time.

Reviews about the number of rooms

Housing stock in the hotel is represented by rooms located in two-story buildings and bungalows. The advantage of organizing space is that virtually all cottages are located near pools or a river. Leaving the room, you have the opportunity to immediately be in the water. It seems that all bungalows are equipped with their own courtyards.

The hotel's rooms are represented by beautiful and comfortable rooms with modern TVs and good appliances. Some tourists note the presence of mosquitoes in the evenings. Therefore, before the trip, you should take care of repellents. In the rooms, the maids daily not only clean, but also change the linen.and towels. Bottled water is provided for guests. The hotel has internet, but you have to pay to use it. Tourists are satisfied with the comfort of the apartments. Of course, sometimes there are breakdowns in the rooms and there are small flaws, but they are very minor.

Food reviews

Tours to "Jungle Water Park" in Hurghada are in high demand. There are several points that attract guests here. Of course, the water park is of the greatest interest to vacationers. The resort has only three or four hotels with their own water park. And the Jungle Water Park is the largest of them. In addition, the complex offers its guests a variety of meals. There are five restaurants on the territory of the hotel, in fact, three of them serve a buffet during the day. All establishments are located on the same street. Walking along it, you can choose where to go this time. Themed evenings are organized several times a week. At this time, dishes of a certain orientation are prepared for tourists on the street. For example, on Thursday, vacationers can taste numerous seafood and fish.

Cafes and restaurants

It is worth noting that there are a lot of cafes, bars and fast foods on the territory of the hotel. Therefore, the choice of food and drinks is quite large.

It's nice that all alcohol, juices and water are included in the concept of food. Tourists note that there is always a lot of food in restaurants, and the choice of desserts and fruits is simply huge. When relaxing at the hotel, there is no need to rush for lunch and breakfast, as all dishes are always available.

Overall impression of the hotel

According to tourists, "Jungle Water Park" fully corresponds to the stars on its sign. The hotel could well qualify for a five-star status if it were located on the coast. The road from the hotel to the beach takes only a couple of minutes. But at the same time, a good bus service has been established with the coast. Transport runs approximately every fifteen minutes.

The beach is sandy and well equipped. You can enter the sea not only from the beach, but also from the pontoon. The local underwater world is quite interesting, so tourists recommend snorkeling or diving. Numerous recreation areas with sun loungers and awnings are equipped on the territory of the complex for hotel guests. The use of them is included in the price of the tour.

According to tourists, the water park is the best place to have fun. On its territory there are many slides for children and adults. The depth of the pool for kids does not exceed 50 cm, but lifeguards are on duty near it. There are also workers near the adult rides. The hotel administration monitors the safety of its guests.

Summing up, I would like to note that tourists recommend the hotel from the very best side. If you want to enjoy a beach holiday with the whole family and have fun, you simply cannot find a better place. The hotel complex has a lot of advantages, which is why it is so popular among vacationers. At the same time, the cost of living in it is quite moderate. The hotel can be safely recommended for families with children of different ages. Numerous animators will not let you get bored even the mostyoung guests. For kids, the hotel has a club and playground. Adult guests are also entertained by activities that organize exciting show programs, sports competitions and discos in the evenings. For lovers of excursions, local guides offer a variety of trips to local attractions.

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