Bali in February: holiday features

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Bali in February: holiday features
Bali in February: holiday features

Many tourists are wondering if it is worth going to Bali in February? Reviews on this score are different. Some advise to refrain from visiting the island in the last month of winter, as this is the height of the wet season, when tropical showers and gusty winds are possible. Others, on the contrary, recommend going to Bali in February, because this is the time of the "low season", which means that prices are an order of magnitude lower, and there are no problems with booking accommodation. And it is not always humid and windy here during this period - in some years February is surprisingly sunny and dry. Let's talk in more detail about the features of a holiday in Bali in the last winter month.

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In February, the northeast monsoon dominates the Indonesian island, bringing downpours and, as a result, high humidity. However, it should be noted that this month is the most unpredictable of the year. The weather in Bali in February often surprises not only tourists, but even meteorologists. In some years, for the entire month, only 9-10 days are cloudy, and in some, hopeless rains, thunderstorms and winds overtake vacationers.

Thus, a holiday in Bali in February is a roulette, how lucky! But still,when going here at this time, it is better to stock up on raincoats and waterproof shoes.

In 2017, the highest air temperature in February was +32 degrees, the minimum was +22, the average daytime temperature was +31, the night time was +23.8. The water temperature was +28.8 degrees.

Sunburn in Bali in February

Indonesian skies are usually overcast this month. It is sunny for several hours a day. But even in cloudy weather, you can get burned. Tourists say that solar activity is so high that you can get burned even after ten minutes in the sun. So, if you take the necessary precautions, you can get a tan in Bali in February no worse than in sunny resorts with cloudless skies.

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Beach vacation

The beaches of the Indonesian island are almost empty in the last winter month, so you can enjoy a secluded pastime. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to soak up the snow-white sand and swim in the azure transparent ocean: frequent storms greatly disturb the water, which makes it dull, and a large amount of algae and snags are thrown ashore. Of course, the beaches are being cleaned, but still, the imprint of the wet season cannot be erased.

What to do?

Despite the fact that beach joys in Bali fade into the background in February, tourists do not get bored. Most vacationers are engaged in expeditionary tourism, join the Indonesian culture, relax at the thermal springs, get acquainted with the national cuisine.

Dryweather, you can visit the lush rice plantations and see how rice is cultivated. Believe me, it is very interesting and exciting! In addition, you can go to national parks and see wild animals (the elephant park and the reptile park are especially popular), climb Mount Batur, and go to the craft village.

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If it's raining outside, you can safely dedicate time to tasting delicious Balinese dishes, relaxing in spas, shopping in malls and flea markets, or visiting disco bars and clubs.


February is a great time to explore the sights of the island. First on the list is Batur volcano. It is still considered active, although in the entire history of its existence it erupted only three times, the last time in 1947. A beautiful lake formed in one of the craters, the people of Bali consider it sacred, since the water level in it does not change even during the rainy season.

The Tanah Lot temple should not be ignored either. Located on a rocky island, it attracts people with its extraordinary beauty. Tanah Lot is the unofficial symbol of Bali, and it’s really very beautiful here: proud and majestic buildings, waves crashing against the rocks, a magnificent sunset…

You should definitely go to the Git-Git waterfall - the most full-flowing and highest on the island. It is located in the north of Bali, 10 km from the city of Singaraja. Numerous viewing platforms have been built near the waterfall, from which tourists enjoy stunning views. Can you go down tothe waterfall itself and even swim in it, but for this you need to overcome 340 steps.

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So, if a beach holiday is not important for you, and you can easily tolerate high humidity, you can safely plan a February trip to Bali. You will definitely get a lot of pleasant impressions!

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