The best airline in the world: ranking

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The best airline in the world: ranking
The best airline in the world: ranking

International carriers strive to outperform competitors in terms of service quality, cabin comfort and cleanliness, surprise with a variety of dishes and additional entertainment services. Undoubtedly, each airline included in the ranking of the best deserves an award in one category or another. Our top airlines in the world are based on a survey of more than 20 million passengers worldwide in 10 different categories.

1. Emirates Airline

The rating of the best airlines in the world is headed by Emirates Airline. The company was founded in the 80s in Dubai with the aim of developing tourism and the availability of flights in the UAE. To date, the Emirates Airline fleet has 250 modern aircraft. The average age of each is five and a half years old.

A week, the company's pilots make 3,600 flights to 140 cities around the world and 81 countries. Emirates Airline ranks first in the number of international flights. Also provided are long distanceflights, for example from the UAE to the USA.

The quality of Emirates service should not be forgotten either. Most airliners are equipped with entertainment centers that allow you to watch movies, listen to music, play games, or track a flight map. Thanks to the Airshow service, passengers can watch takeoffs and landings in real time through the eyes of a pilot. And for parents with small children, a set is provided as a gift, including hygiene products.

the best airline in the world
the best airline in the world

2. Qatar Airways

Let's continue the list and answer the question of which airline is the best in the world. Second in the ranking is Qatar Airways. The national carrier of Qatar is based in Doha. It carries out flights to five continents of the world in 130 international cities. The average age of an airliner is five years. Since 2017, the company has operated the world's longest flight from Qatar to New Zealand.

According to the ratings of the world's leading resources, Qatar Airways is considered a five-star airline. Passengers are offered soft wide chairs with a massage function. Each is provided with a blanket, pillow and headphones. Among the entertainment provided is the opportunity to watch movies, listen to music and use the Internet. The first class on the aircraft deserves special attention, which is especially appreciated for the level of service.

Qatar Airways passengers do not remain indifferent to the varied and delicious dishes: side dishes, salads, sandwiches and the second. Clients in transit are invited to rest in a hotel,a transfer is organized and, if necessary, a temporary visa is issued.

what is the best airline in the world
what is the best airline in the world

3. Singapore Airlines

The list of the best airlines in the world continues with Singapore Airlines. This company is one of the three best air carriers in the world. It was founded in 1947 and operates flights in 35 countries of our planet. The base airport is Changi, located in Singapore.

For passengers traveling through it on a transit flight, a free two-hour excursion is organized. It is worth noting that Changi Airport was recognized as the best in the world and there is something to see here. There are cinemas, swimming pools, restaurants and playgrounds on its territory, so waiting for a flight is as comfortable and interesting as possible.

The main motto of the airline: "The passenger should receive maximum comfort on board the liner." Even for travelers traveling in economy class, the most comfortable conditions are offered: a lot of space between the seats, individual monitors, multimedia services, use of the Internet. The Singapore Airlines fleet has more than a hundred aircraft, the maximum life of one aircraft is five years.

list of the best airlines in the world
list of the best airlines in the world

4. Cathay Pacific

According to polls about which are the best airlines in the world, Cathay Pacific should also be included in the top. The Hong Kong-based airline flies to 51 countries around the world, to more than 200 destinations, including Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

My storyCathay Pacific starts in 1946 and is founded by former Air Force pilots, one from Australia and the other from America. Initially, the company was based in Shanghai, after a while it moved to Hong Kong.

The carrier has more than 90 airliners, the average age of each is 10 years. On board, passengers are offered to watch movies, listen to music, magazines and duty-free goods. Passengers on long-haul flights are provided with overnight sleep kits.

best airlines in the world
best airlines in the world

5. EVA Air

Continues the top of the best airlines in the world, the carrier of Taiwanese origin, which was founded in the 80s. It is based at Taiwan-Taoyuan Airport and organizes domestic and international flights. Popular destinations include Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, with over 70 destinations in total. This company is the second largest in Taiwan.

It is noteworthy that Eva Air has introduced a modern robotic passenger service at the major airports of Songshan and Taoyuan. After scanning the coupon, the robot can provide customers with data on departure time, weather, bonus programs and promotions. Among other things, you can dance with him, play or take a selfie. Another noteworthy thing concerns the uniform of the flight attendants, they are dressed in a livery that depicts cartoon characters.

There are three classes of service on planes: Business, Economy Premium and Economy. Another advantage of EVA Air lies in its safety, the company's aircraft have never enduredcrash.

6. Qantas Airways

The ranking of the best airlines in the world includes the Australian carrier Qantas Airways, called the "flying kangaroo" by the locals. The company was founded in the 20s and is considered one of the oldest in the world, not including KLM, Avianca. Qantas Airways was originally an air carrier.

The company is based in the city of Sydney and occupies the second position among Australian airlines. The average age of the aircraft is 10 years. Flights are carried out in 140 cities of the world. On board the aircraft, you can watch movies and listen to audio recordings. Passengers traveling outside of Australia are invited to try the traditional dish of the destination country.

top best airlines in the world
top best airlines in the world

7. Lufthansa

One of the best airlines in the world, as well as the largest, is the carrier of Germany - Lufthansa. The company has been operating since 1926 and has 700 airliners at its disposal. Accordingly, the air carrier's network of routes is quite extensive: more than 400 destinations.

The company is engaged not only in the transportation of passengers, but also in the transportation of goods, maintenance of aircraft, special meals for flights.

For passengers, there are three classes of service to choose from: economy, business and first. Regular customers can take advantage of bonus programs and promotions.

For its merits, Lufthansa joined the prestigious StarAlliance in 1997.

8. Garuda Indonesia

Company name associated withthe mythical bird Garuda, the symbol of Indonesia. It has been operating since 1947 and is one of the ten best airlines in the world. Planes fly between 12 countries.

Passengers note the high-class service, cleanliness of the cabin and the friendliness of flight attendants. Garuda Indonesia is headquartered in the capital, Soekarno-Hatta Airport. There are separate rooms for the company's clients, where you can eat and use the Internet.

which airline is the best in the world
which airline is the best in the world

The safest airlines according to Jacdec

Listing the best airlines in the world, you can not ignore the safety rating. Jacdec analysts have been compiling lists of the safest air carriers for 16 years. For 15 of them, the list was based on their own Safety Index, but since 2018, the auditor has been using the Safety Risk Index.

To understand how it is calculated, you need to delve into three main areas:

  1. Accidents and incidents.
  2. Influence of the environment: weather conditions, landscape features, airport infrastructure, etc.
  3. Individual airline metrics: aircraft age, route network, IOSA security checks, etc.

In general, calculations are carried out on 33 points. Thus, in comparison with the previous formula, the number of evaluated positions has increased.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rating of the top thirty.

top best airlines in the world
top best airlines in the world

We looked at which carriers usepopularity in the world. It is worth noting that each airline has its own policy, the staff is dressed in a special uniform. We also paid attention to the list of the safest transfer services. Have a good flight!