Sights of Tchaikovsky, Perm Krai

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Sights of Tchaikovsky, Perm Krai
Sights of Tchaikovsky, Perm Krai

When planning a tourist trip to the province, many tourists first choose the most ancient settlements. Indeed, the older the city, the richer its history and more historical architectural monuments can be seen in one trip. Yet even this rule has exceptions. Find free time to see the sights of Tchaikovsky in the Perm region.

This is a very young city founded in 1955. Today, Chaikovsky is a recognized cultural center and is considered one of the most interesting tourist cities in the region.

Port city and cultural center

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Tchaikovsky was founded as a working settlement on the banks of the Kama River and the Votkinsk reservoir. It is easy to guess that the settlement got its name in honor of the brilliant Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The settlement quickly grew into a small cozy town. Today it remains hereunhurried provincial atmosphere. The town pleases with a large number of landscaped squares and green spaces. Surrounded on both sides by water during the warm months, it resembles a southern resort.

You can start sightseeing in Tchaikovsky from the local embankment. The city has its own river station. In season, you can take a trip on a tourist boat or relax on the beach. Thanks to its loud name, Tchaikovsky began to develop as a cultural center since 1977. It was then that the first music festival for children and teenagers was held here. The event is held annually, young talents from Russia and foreign countries take part in it. Today, there are several children's art schools and a music school in Tchaikovsky, where students from all over the country come to study.

Local History Museum

What could be interesting in a museum dedicated to the history of a city that did not have time to celebrate its first centenary? There are a lot of things - visit the Tchaikovsky Museum of Local Lore and see for yourself. It is located on Mira Street, 19. The museum was founded in 1963. In it you can learn the history of the construction of the city and the main enterprise - the Votkinsk hydroelectric power station. A separate exposition is devoted to peasant life in the 19th century. One of the significant events in the history of Tchaikovsky is the landing near the city of the Vostok starship, on board of which the dog Zvezdochka made the flight. You can learn more about this achievement of Soviet cosmonautics at the local museum of local lore. In addition to permanent exhibitions, varioustemporary exhibitions.

Picture gallery

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A bright and interesting attraction of Tchaikovsky is an art gallery. Usually, wanting to see the masterpieces of world art, we go to large cities. Meanwhile, the Tchaikovsky Art Gallery has a worthy collection of paintings and sculptures. This unique museum begins its history in 1970. It was then that the Moscow collector A. S. Zhigalo presented his personal collection as a gift to the city. In 1993, the recognized artist I.P. presented his works to the Tchaikovsky Gallery. Ruban. The collection continues to grow. Sometimes this museum is jokingly called the "Gift Gallery". You can admire the works of art at: st. Mira, 21.

Ethnographic complex "Saigatka"

Once upon a time, on the site of modern Tchaikovsky, there was the village of Saygatka, the first mention of which dates back to 1646. The central street and several lanes, succinctly inscribed in the city's development plan, have been preserved from the original village buildings. Tourists who want to see all the sights of the city of Tchaikovsky should definitely visit the architectural and ethnographic complex "Saigatka". The tourist site occupies an original 18th century house built of wood without a single nail. Inside, the interior of the dwelling of an Old Believer peasant, typical of the late 18th - early 19th centuries, was reconstructed. The museum offers guided tours and interactive theatrical programs for guests of all ages. Address of the ethnographic complex: st. Gagarina, 98.


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Tchaikovsky is a young city, there are no old Russian cathedrals in it. The main city Orthodox church is located on Kosmonavtov Highway, 1. The Church of St. George the Victorious was built in 2003. This young temple looks impressive and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Other religious sights of Tchaikovsky: Trinity Church, Assumption Church and the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. All these Orthodox churches are active. They are not remarkable for their particularly outstanding architecture, but you can visit the service. A unique attraction of Tchaikovsky is a functioning mosque. This temple is also active today; today it can only be viewed from the outside for tourist purposes.

Monuments to P. I. Tchaikovsky

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P. I. Tchaikovsky Square is one of the favorite places for walking the city residents. In 2008, an improvement was carried out, at the same time a new monument to Peter Ilyich was erected. The great composer is depicted sitting on a chair. He looks thoughtfully into the distance, as if inventing a new work. And this is not the only attraction of Tchaikovsky (Perm Territory) associated with the brilliant composer. The first sculptural image of Pyotr Ilyich in the city named after him appeared in 1973. This monument is more classic. The great composer stands in a fairly strict pose on a high pedestal. Remarkably, the monument was originally located on Mira Street,but later he moved to Lenina Street, where he is today.

Other sights of Tchaikovsky

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Excellent entertainment for tourists - a walk through the streets of Tchaikovsky. The city has several interesting monuments. The most significant of them is the monument dedicated to the first builders and creators of the city. The sculptural composition has many small fragments that tell about various stages in the history of the settlement. In Tchaikovsky there is a monument to the dog-cosmonaut Zvezdochka. The monument was solemnly opened in 2011 for the fiftieth anniversary of Russian cosmonautics. On Mira Street you can see the monument to A. S. Pushkin. It was solemnly opened after the transfer of the sculpture of the composer Pyotr Ilyich to Lenin Street. Choose to visit the sights of Tchaikovsky according to your personal taste. You can see photos with the names and descriptions of the most popular and interesting tourist sites in the city in our article.

Active recreation and he alth tourism

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Tchaikovsky surprises his guests with fresh air and favorable environmental conditions. In recent years, a passion for a he althy lifestyle has become increasingly popular among local residents. There are several he alth-improving sanatoriums in the vicinity of the city. A biathlon sports complex has recently been built outside the city. The real pride of the region is the Snezhinka ski resort. Like these oneshas different sights Tchaikovsky. Where to go on an excursion and for a walk in the evening, every tourist will find here for himself. Come for a walk and see for yourself! The city has hotels and rental housing. If desired, tourists can stay here for a few days and have time to visit all the sights without haste.

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