The most impressive wonders of Russia

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The most impressive wonders of Russia
The most impressive wonders of Russia

Each country boasts its own amazing corner. It can be a natural wonder or an impressive structure. There are also many such unique places in our country. In 2007-2008, a competition called "7 Wonders of Russia" was held. It was attended by 49 objects from different regions. With the help of voting for three stages, places were chosen that today are rightfully awarded the title of one of the seven wonders of Russia. What objects are included in this seven?

Lake Baikal (Buryatia)

Wonders of Russia

This lake is really a miracle, which is known not only to the inhabitants of our country, but also to the whole world. The famous feature of this reservoir is its depth. It is the deepest water on the planet. It is located in Eastern Siberia in the southern part and has a tectonic origin. Also, this lake is 19% of the world's fresh water reserve. The nature of Baikal and its deep expanses are distinguished by a variety of flora and fauna. Many call thisbody of water by the sea. By voting, Baikal took first place in the competition. But besides the lake, there are other natural wonders of Russia.

Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka

The Valley of Geysers is considered the largest geyser field on the whole Earth, it is the only one in Eurasia. No wonder the wonders of Russia (photo of the valley below) include this geyser field on their list. It is located in the biosphere reserve in Kamchatka. You can see this place with your own eyes only if you fly by helicopter, as it is hidden in the Kronotsky Gorge. On the territory of 2 km2 there are about 20 large geysers, and there are also many small springs that from time to time spray almost boiling water or steam. Here is the confluence of two rivers Shumnaya and Geysernaya, under the waters of which there are also several sources.

7 Wonders of Russia

Mamayev Kurgan

Third place in the competition "7 Wonders of Russia" was taken by Mamaev Kurgan and the monuments erected on it. This is a monumental ensemble of majestic proportions. The main monument is "The Motherland Calls". This huge sculpture of a woman who steps forward and calls for her own children is 52 meters high. Mamaev Kurgan is considered a sacred place for Slavic people. This sculptural composition recalls the courage shown by the Russian people, defending their hometown. These wonders of Russia are in Volgograd.


On the coast of the Gulf of Finland there is a palace and park ensemble called Peterhof. It stands only 29 km from St.Petersburg in the city of Peterhof. This miracle, like the previous one, combined two components - the Grand Palace and the Palace and Park Ensemble. These wonders of Russia are under the supervision of the Peterhof Museum-Reserve. The impressive buildings were originally the residence of Peter I, and today they are a museum.

wonders of russia photo

Intercession Cathedral in Moscow

The most famous attraction where many tourists go is the Pokrovsky Cathedral, which has another name "St. Basil's Cathedral". Interestingly, residents of other countries inextricably associate Moscow with this cathedral. Therefore, he rightfully earned a place among the seven wonders.

Poles of weathering

Of course, the wonders of Russia cannot do without these remains of unknown and mysterious origin. They are located in the Urals on the Man-Pupu-Ner plateau. About how and when these pillars appeared, the local settlement composed many stories and legends. If you get closer to them, you can see their unusual shape and appearance.

For example, one remnant, which remained a little apart from the rest, has a height of 34 meters and looks like a big bottle upside down. But each pillar has its own unusual shape. It is not surprising that the people of Russia considered these remains worthy of being included in the list of seven wonders.

natural wonders of russia

Mount Elbrus

This mountain is located in the Caucasus, at one time it was an active volcano. But Elbrus is not only on the list of wonders of Russia, but also among the largest extinct volcanoes on the planet. His highhas 5642 m. For example, the Kilimanjaro volcano (higher by 253) is almost the same as Elbrus. But in Russia and among the Asian mountains, this giant in question is considered the most elevated peak. Elbrus takes pride of place among the wonders of the country.

Other wonders of Russia

As already noted, several amazing places in our country took part in the competition. While not all of them made it to the finals, many of them are truly unique. For example, this number can include many majestic cathedrals and monasteries, museums and estates. But the wonders of Russia, which nature itself has created, are still special. So in the Perm region there is an ice cave, in terms of length it is the seventh in the world list.

Gardens of Russia Miracle Tomatoes

Also, many people are impressed by the Novosibirsk Zoo, whose area reaches 63 hectares. 738 different species of animals live on its territory, of which 350 are in the international Red Book.

Others are enthusiastic about the s alt lake Buskunchak, whose area is 115 km22. There is also the majestic peak Dombai-Ulgen, always covered with snow, and itself composed of granites, crystalline schists and gneisses.

But for ordinary people, even their own achievements, such as growing vegetables, planting flowers, and so on, can become miracles. For example, many are fascinated by the hybrids offered by the Gardens of Russia company. Miracle tomatoes can replace an entire plantation. It is enough to plant a few bushes, and you will get a rich harvest. But about such wonders of Russiayou can make your own rating.

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