Italy, Naples. What to see in Naples? Naples Hotels

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Italy, Naples. What to see in Naples? Naples Hotels
Italy, Naples. What to see in Naples? Naples Hotels

Naples (translated from ancient Greek as "New City") is located in southern Italy. In terms of size, it is in third place after Rome and Milan. Naples has a peculiar history, culture, here even people speak a special dialect that you will not find anywhere else. This city embodies both the joy and pain that Italy experiences from time to time. Naples is also called the “theater of life”, because events of serious historical and political significance are played here from time to time. And this magical city is a favorite vacation spot for millions of tourists. Every year, travelers from all over the world come to the south of Italy to enjoy hospitality, warmth and local flavor.

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History of Naples

Today, the southern Italian city is the major administrative center of the Campania region, which is home to (if you count the suburbs) more than 3 million inhabitants. The history of Naples begins in the 8th century BC. e., when the ancient Greeks founded the settlement of Partenopeia. It passed to the Romans in 327 BC. e., they ownedcity ​​until the 6th century, until Byzantium attacked it. In the period from the 7th to the 12th century, Naples developed at an accelerated pace. Initially, it became the capital of the Duchy of Naples, then part, and eventually the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily. In 1224, Naples acquired its own university. In the 17th century, Italy boasted the second largest city in Europe. Naples grew to an unprecedented size, with 300,000 inhabitants.

How to get to the resort?

You can get to Naples by any means of transport. It is a vibrant, lively city, easily accessible to travelers by sea, air and land. Naples Capodichino Airport is one of the largest in Italy, it is of great importance for all the southern resorts of the country. Every day it receives a huge number of regional, national and international flights. Sailing enthusiasts are invited to use the services of a ferry or a ship. From the port of Naples you can go to Olbia, Cagliari, Sorrento, Palermo and other cities.

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A railway line runs through the resort, connecting the south and north of Italy. By train, you can get to Naples from any major city in the country. Electric trains run between popular resorts. Naples is connected by bus to many Italian and even European cities. There is a bus station in Piazza Garibaldi. The bus is one of the most convenient and economical ways to get to cities such as Rome, Salerno, Lecce, Bari, Milan, Pompeii, Taranto and others. The most convenient waytravel is moving around Italy in a rented car. Which transport to choose depends on the preferences of the tourist.

Naples Hotels

At any time of the year, sunny Italy is looking forward to seeing you. Naples offers a wide range of hotels and inns. The price varies depending on their location. For example, the most expensive apartments are located on the embankment, and the cheapest ones are in the historical part of the city. There are practically no 3-star hotels in Naples, mostly only 1-2 and 4-5 stars. If you want to relax inexpensively and comfortably, it is better to rent a house in the historic district. From here it is convenient to get to the embankment, go on excursions and to other cities. Travelers recommend the Partenope Relais, located on the waterfront. Also very popular is the UNA Hotel Napoli, located in the heart of the city. Hotel Piazza Bellini also has a good reputation, which can be found in the historical part.

Kitchen of Naples

Italian dishes find their admirers all over the world. Therefore, it is simply unforgivable to go to Naples and not taste all the most popular culinary masterpieces of this wonderful country. Pizza is the passion of the Italians. Each chef prepares it in his own way, bringing his own zest to the traditional recipe. Pizzerias, restaurants, cafes are scattered throughout the city. In these cozy establishments, for relatively little money, hearty and delicious meals will be provided even to the most fastidious visitors.

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Italian chefs offer a wide range of dishes fromseafood. Absolutely everyone likes local sandwiches, which can be taken along with soft drinks for a light snack. It is also worth paying attention to wines, their divine taste will not leave anyone indifferent. Those with a sweet tooth will be amazed by the delicious sweets and ice cream. Absolutely everyone will remember the city of Naples for its original dishes, the cozy atmosphere of restaurants and cafes. Italians know how to not only cook delicious food, but also present it in an interesting way.

Shopping in Naples

The resort is famous not only for its natural beauty and architectural monuments of antiquity, but also for its shopping districts. Here are concentrated both stores of world brands - Gucci, Armani, Ferragamo, as well as ordinary shops where you can buy inexpensive, but very high-quality and beautiful clothes and shoes. The starting point of all shopaholics is the Umberto Gallery, where the largest number of souvenir stalls and boutiques are located. It is also worth walking along such shopping streets as Via Chiaia (famous for relatively inexpensive goods), Via Calabritto - a cluster of representative offices of world brands, Via Roma - Naples' 3-kilometer commercial artery. There are several outlets in the vicinity of the city where you can buy branded items at affordable prices at the expense of discounts.

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Catacombs - "Kingdom of Hades"

Time in Naples will fly by unnoticed if you seriously study local attractions. Catacombs are a place where silence, peace, an atmosphere of secrets and mysteries reigns. Under the houses and streets of the city there are more than 700 caves,tunnels and galleries, for many centuries the townspeople extracted tuff from them for the construction of fortress walls, squares, churches. In the catacombs you can see ancient underground sanctuaries, ritual crypts, aqueducts of the ancient Romans, caves of the ancient Greeks, underground passages, secret passages of the Bourbons. Archaeologists during excavations found objects here, whose age exceeded 5 thousand years. The catacombs of San Gennaro contain the tombs of early Christian bishops. Tourists are also invited to look at the numerous frescoes and steles.

Archaeological Museum Tour

Lovers of history and antiquity will also conquer the many-sided Naples. Photos of the National Archaeological Museum and its exhibits will not leave indifferent not only ordinary tourists, but also professional researchers. It is an important cultural center not only in Italy, but throughout the world. The museum has a huge collection of Roman and ancient Greek artifacts. The building itself is also of architectural value. It was built in 1586. On the first floor there are sculptures from ancient times. Between the first and second floors there are mosaics found during excavations in Pompeii. Absolutely all visitors are impressed by the second floor, where the hall of the temple of Isis and the hall of frescoes are located.

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Castles of Naples

A very interesting sight of the city is the Egg Castle, or Castel dell'Ovo. According to legend, the poet Virgil spoke the egg, placed it in an amphora, and the vessel in an iron cage, which he buried on the island of Magarida, where hebuilt an impenetrable castle. The city will not be destroyed as long as the egg remains safe and sound. It is because of this legend that the castle got its name. Today Castel dell'Ovo is a complex of towers from different eras. The castle was built in 1139, turned into a prison in the 17th century, and is now open to tourists.

Castel Nuovo, or Anjou Donjon, is considered another architectural masterpiece that Italy can boast of. Naples was once the capital of the Sicilian kingdom, so Charles of Anjou built a residence here. The castle was built over five years, from 1279 to 1284. This is a trapezoidal fortress with powerful round towers at the corners. There is a portal made of marble, it is decorated with bas-reliefs and statues.

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Other sights of the city

Religious people are advised to visit the Cathedral of St. Januarius. The church was founded by Charles of Anjou, dedicating it to the heavenly patron of the city. The consecration of the building took place already under the grandson of the king - Robert. The cathedral amazes visitors with its decoration and richness. Famous Italian masters were engaged in its decoration. The main attraction of the temple is a vessel with the blood of a saint, which was sealed 17 centuries ago.

Another interesting place to visit is the royal palace, which was built over half a century. This is a huge three-story building, made in the style of the late Renaissance. The palace is decorated with equestrian statues, sculptures of Neapolitan kings. Opposite the building is the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, built according tomodel of the Roman pantheon. The interior of the temple is decorated with numerous paintings, frescoes, statues. It is also recommended to visit the Umberto I Gallery. This is a huge 19th-century shopping arcade built in neoclassical style. Naples on the map of Italy is worth finding at least in order to enjoy the local attractions, plunge into the culture and history of the mysterious and diverse country.

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What to do in Naples?

In the south of Italy you don't get bored, sunny warm weather is conducive to active pastime. Travelers are offered a huge selection of excursions, among which there are interesting, informative and even extreme ones. In Italy, there are places to go and things to see, because it is a country with centuries of history, culture, and unique traditions. In Naples, you can just wander around the historical center, look at the life of the locals, admire the narrow streets. You can also go shopping, tasting pizza and other traditional dishes. What to see in Naples, absolutely all categories of vacationers will find. Having visited the city once, you will definitely want to come here again and again.

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