Italy, Ancona. Ancona beaches. Vacation in Italy

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Italy, Ancona. Ancona beaches. Vacation in Italy
Italy, Ancona. Ancona beaches. Vacation in Italy

Hospitable sunny Italy welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Ancona is one of the most peaceful and quiet resorts in the country, located in the Marche province. People come here in search of silence, peace, beautiful nature, warm sea, and the port city gives them all this. There are no large crowds of tourists in Ancona, sellers do not shout with each other, luring visitors to their souvenir shops, no one bothers with camera flashes. The resort attracts with its peaceful atmosphere. This is a wonderful place for lovers of a relaxing holiday, including sightseeing, swimming in the sea, getting to know local traditions.

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History of the city

Greece and its neighbor Italy have a centuries-old complicated history. Ancona was founded in 390 BC. e., although this is an approximate date. Initially, the city belonged to the Greeks, who called it "elbow" because of the cape of an unusual shape. Merchants here set up a purple factory. In 178 BC. e. Ancona passed to the Romans, its harbor was eventually expanded by the Romans.rulers, because it was of great strategic importance to the empire.

In the Middle Ages, the port proclaimed itself an independent republic. The German emperors, the Roman Church, the Venetian Republic fought for the right to possess it. In 1532, the power of the Pope was established in Ancona, during the time of Napoleon, the port again became a republic for a short time. In 1860, the city finally became part of the Italian Kingdom.

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How to get to Ancona?

The port is located in a very convenient location, so it can be reached by sea, air and land. The airport is located just 12 km from the city. Ancona (Italy) recently expanded it, so Falconara receives flights from major European cities, many popular airlines fly here. The port is located on the Bologna-Lecce railway line, so it can also be reached by train. Most international buses leave from Piazza Cavour. The A4 motorway passes through Ancona, leading to Bari and Bologna, there is also a highway connecting the port with Rome and Perugia. Therefore, it is very convenient to travel here by car. Almost a million tourists use the port every year to reach Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro.

Ancona Hotels

The town cannot boast of a huge number of hotels and inns, but there will be plenty to choose from, for sure. Italy is very scrupulous about the offered service. Ancona provides quality accommodation for every budget. Of course, hotels located nearcoast, offer more expensive rooms. G Hotel, Hotel Monteconero, Hotel Emilia, Grand Hotel Palace, Hotel Fortuna, Hotel Palace Del Conero are very popular.

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Urban beaches

Italy is famous for its beautiful, well-equipped coastlines. The city of Ancona is surrounded by beaches on all sides, every traveler can find the most suitable option for himself. The most popular is Passetto, located in the center and surrounded by bizarre reefs and rocks. It is here that the famous "Throne of the Pope" is located, as well as the "Square Reef", which Ancona is so proud of. The beaches on the north coast are great for couples with small children. "Palombina", Spiaggia di Velluto are famous for their shallow water, which is very convenient for caring parents with kids. The north coast is sandy, gently sloping, and well-equipped, which is why it is very popular with travelers.

Hills of Ancona

The city is located on a hilly area, alternating with valleys. Therefore, there are a lot of interesting places, natural, historical and architectural sights. On the north side, a line of hills stretches out to the sea. Here is Mount Cardeto with the park of the same name, numerous fortifications. On this line are the hills of the Capuchins (with the lighthouse) and Guasco (with the Duomo). To the south you can look at Astagno with a towering fortress and five bastions built in the 16th century. Ancient buildings are buried in greenery, which makes them even more charming andmysteries.

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On the southern hill of Santo Stefano is Pincio Park, which is interesting because all its paths and platforms have the correct geometric shape. A huge number of evergreen trees grow here. And from Santo Stefano there is an impressive view of the port. Mount Pelago attracts with its astronomical observatory located on it. The Admir alty is located on Pulito. On Mount Santa Margarita lies the magnificent Passetto Park, and on its northern slopes there is a convenient path leading to the sea and a swimming pool.

Main attractions

The city is conditionally divided into two parts, one is an old historical part, and the other is more modern. Ancona (Italy) attractions has a variety of different eras. Of greatest interest are the amphitheater and the arch of Trajan, preserved from the time of the Roman Empire to the present day. The arch was erected in honor of the emperor Trajan in 115, at the same time the port of Ancona was expanded, it began to be used as a parking lot for Roman warships. The 14 m high structure is built of Greek marble. Initially, the arch was decorated with three statues and a gilded bronze ornament, but these have not survived to this day.

At an altitude of 50 m above sea level, between the hills of Cappuccini and Guasco, is the most important building of the Roman era. The amphitheater accommodated about 10,000 spectators, who were located in three sectors, in 20 rows. The building was built in the 1st century BC. e., and was completed in the 1st century AD. e. Today, archaeologicalexcavations.

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Holidays in Italy in October will fly by unnoticed if you plan to visit interesting places correctly. For example, many tourists are interested in architectural monuments that give an idea of ​​the era in which they were created. In the 4th century, a Greek acropolis was built on the Guasco hill, but today the Duomo, the cathedral, the symbol of Ancona, rises in its place. This is one of the most interesting medieval buildings, which is a mixture of Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic styles. The cathedral is decorated with a pair of lions carved from Verona pink marble, a dome dating from the 14th century, and an altar chapel by Luigi Vanvitelli. Here there is a miraculous image of Mary, the legend says that during the invasion of Napoleon her eyes were opened.

Museums of the city

To get to know Ancona better, you should look at the exhibits, paintings, various statues. The city has the National Archaeological Museum of the Marche and the Diocesan Museum. The first contains a collection of artifacts discovered during excavations in the Marche region. Here are collected things from almost every era. The prehistoric section contains finds from the Bronze and Paleolithic periods, there are objects that are more than 200,000 years old. There is a collection that tells about the life of the people who lived on the territory of the city in the Iron Age. There are sections dedicated to the Gallic invasion, Greek and Roman, medieval periods.

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Diocesan Museum tellsabout the history of Ancona, starting from the early Christian era. There is a reconstruction of the ruins of the portal of the Romanesque church of St. Peter, a sarcophagus with the relics of the martyr Dasius, dating from the 6th century, a huge collection of paintings, statues, and religious objects. The museum has preserved tapestries created from paintings by Rubens.


Italy has been the manufacturer of the most fashionable, beautiful and high-quality clothes for many years. Ancona cannot boast of numerous boutiques, huge shopping streets, but there are jobs for shoppers here too. Goods of such brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga are not a problem to find in the city. Ancona has many clothing and footwear stores. Also here you can buy precious jewelry and jewelry, alcoholic drinks, traditional treats, appliances and much more. The format of retail outlets in the city is very different, there are retail shops, small shops, shopping centers, markets, malls.

Ancon Cuisine

There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars in the city, tourists will definitely not stay hungry here. Ancona on the map of Italy is located near the water, so it is not surprising that Mediterranean dishes are considered signature dishes. In restaurants, soups, snacks, salads are served with fish, shrimp and other seafood. Italian chefs cook delicious pizza and pasta, guests are offered various variations of these dishes, it is unrealistic to try them all, because each master brings something of his own to the food. Excellent delicacies are prepared in Ancona, and local wines are also worth tasting. Ancona has restaurants onevery taste. Some of them have a secluded, calm environment, while others, on the contrary, focus on the entertainment program and provide live music. Therefore, every traveler will be able to find the most attractive place for himself and relax in it with his body and soul.

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When is the best time to visit Ancona?

Most people come to the city for a beach holiday. More or less normal weather sets in June, it can be warm in May, but the water in the sea warms up only to 18 ° C, which is not suitable for couples with children. It is best to come to Ancona in the summer, at this time of the year it is warm, the sea is like fresh milk, there are many entertainment facilities. Holidays in Italy in September are also incredibly attractive. This month, the temperature drops by only a few degrees, but there is no stuffiness, a small number of tourists do not create crowds, so you can safely visit all the excursions of interest. When to come to Ancona is everyone's business. This port town is attractive at any time of the year. It is worth coming here once and you will not want to leave here at all.

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