The best resorts in Japan: an overview of beach and ski areas, climate features, tourist reviews

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The best resorts in Japan: an overview of beach and ski areas, climate features, tourist reviews
The best resorts in Japan: an overview of beach and ski areas, climate features, tourist reviews

Japan has long been an absolutely closed territory for tourism. Only in the last few years, the veil has begun to open and tourists from all over the world successfully use the opportunity to plunge into the world of the Land of the Rising Sun. And there is something to see here.

At a Glance

As you know, Japan is located on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago consists of almost seven thousand islands, on which about 126 million people live, making it the tenth largest in the world in terms of population density. Japan is a country with a very high standard of living, therefore, before applying for a visa, carefully read the financial side of the matter. The consulate may request financial documents confirming your solvency. Japan, being a country with a rich culture, attracts tourists from all over the world also because the resorts of Japan are considered among the best in the world. Due to the mild climate, the temperature in winter does not fall below ten degrees Celsius and rarely rises above thirty in summer. Therefore, resting here is a pleasure.Rest time - from April to October, as well as in Central Russia. We will consider the list of the most interesting places in the article.


Okinawa tops Japan's list of beach resorts. It is the largest island in the Ryukyu archipelago. If you want to find it on a map, look to the area between Taiwan and Kyushu. It is there, in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, that Okinawa is located.

Japan's seaside resorts are unimaginable without diving. In this, Okinawa is the first. People come here who are hungry for underwater adventures: full immersion under water in search of corals and magnificent coloring of marine life. Photohunting for the inhabitants of the seabed is carried out all year round. Magnificent coral reefs will delight not only children, but also worldly-wise adults. In addition, both on the beaches and in the heart of the island there are many dolphinariums and roller coasters designed for both children and adults. The kitchen is great. In order to feel the whole taste of relaxation, be sure to try grilled seafood dishes. Such delicious, but unpretentious food is served in all cafes not only in the city, but also on the beaches of the island.

Okinawa beaches


Japan's resorts are famous not only for the beauty of nature and the we alth of marine life. Japan - islands that arose millions of years ago as a result of volcanic changes in the relief. This directly affected the beach holiday. Ibusuki is a place that contains the healing power of the ocean and volcanoes, which is located in the sand itself. Sandvolcanic, so black or dark grey.

The procedure is quite simple. You come to the beach, relax, bask in the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean, and then go to the beach and completely dig into the sand. Lie in a motionless position for about fifteen minutes. To consolidate the maximum effect, it is advisable to repeat the procedure for at least ten days in a row.

Ibusuki beach


Among all the resorts in Japan, Miyazaki beaches are traditionally chosen by families with children. And not just like that. There are all conditions for a moderately lazy, but at the same time informative rest. Your vacation will fly by as the days are filled with a variety of hikes and excursions that adults and children alike will enjoy.

The resort town is located between the mountain range and the Oeda River and has been operating as a resort for a short time. Fans of active water recreation will find a great wave here: surfing, water skiing, scooters, the choice of entertainment is wide. For those who prefer hiking, tour organizers offer to climb mountain paths and see with your own eyes ancient artifacts, buildings that have been preserved since the beginning of the last millennium.

Miyazaki beach


In addition to magnificent beaches, there are mountains in the Land of the Rising Sun. Few people know that the ski resorts in Japan are considered among the best. The most famous of them is Hokkaido. It is the northernmost island in Japan and also the snowiest island in the world. They come herego snowboarding, skiing, ski jumping or take part in a winter festival.

Hokkaido is divided into three resort areas: Niseko, Furano and Rusutsu. These are well-equipped areas for skiing. Niseko is a place where young people gather. All kinds of events, discos are held here, in the evening all ski areas are illuminated. Furano and Rusutsu was created for people who prefer peace and quiet. Here you can ride from the slopes of the mountains, which are not particularly steep. For those who don't know how to ski and would like to learn, qualified trainers offer skiing or snowboarding lessons. The main thing is to choose what you like. Avid fishermen can relax in the dedicated ice fishing areas.

Hokkaido resort


Nagano is one of the best winter resorts in Japan. This is a corner that attracts snowboarders and skiers of all categories. It was on the territory of Nagano that the Winter Olympic Games were held back in 1998. Since then, the infrastructure of the resort has improved several times due to the introduction of modern technologies. Frequent travelers prefer Nagano to all other ski resorts also because local cafes and restaurants are famous for the completely unique taste of the national alcoholic drink sake, which is made from the special rice that grows in those places. Another attraction of Nagano is the presence of hot springs, exactly those in which the famous Japanese macaques take water procedures. For those who want to plunge into the hot waters of the springs, there are special tours,which can be purchased both from individual travel agencies and at the reception of your hotel.

resort Nagano


Information about winter resorts in Japan would not be complete without Tohoku, which in terms of level and technical equipment is intended more for professionals in winter sports. Trails are designed for a person with experience. A special charm to this place is added by forests through which some ski slopes pass. Snow-covered trees in the dark are highlighted in a special way, so that a sense of a fairy tale is created. By the way, Alz Bandai, the largest snow park in Asia, is located in these places.

slopes of Tohoku

Reviews about resorts in Japan

The average cost of a ten-day holiday in Japan ranges from 1500 to 3000 thousand dollars, depending on which routes and conditions you prefer. Tourists who have already visited the beach or winter resorts in Japan say that the best place is hard to find anywhere else. The color of the country, woven into all areas of the tourism business, makes you forget about all the difficulties and problems of everyday life. Those who prefer to bask in the warm sand by the ocean leave rave reviews about the amazing conditions on the beaches, where you can find everything down to pink rubber slippers. Delicious food, based mainly on seafood, is he althy and low-calorie, which is to the taste of perpetual dieters. Fans of high mountain slopes give their enthusiastic votes to the holders of snow slopes and hotels where you can relaxafter sports races and relax your muscles in unique saunas, which are heated on local pine wood. All this at the best resorts in Japan, according to travelers, is incredibly refreshing and energizing for the whole year ahead.

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