Travel: distance from Kazan to Cheboksary

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Travel: distance from Kazan to Cheboksary
Travel: distance from Kazan to Cheboksary

Russians often travel by car lately. This is due not only to the fact that it is cheaper and faster for a large company or family, but also because people tend to see the beautiful places of their country. Cities are connected by federal highways with certain names. So, between the cities of Kazan and Cheboksary lies the E22 highway. In the article we will tell you how much is the distance from Kazan to Cheboksary and how to get from one city to another.


The best way to cover the distance from Kazan to Cheboksary is to travel by car or other vehicle. In this case, you can choose one of 2 ways:

  1. Travel along the southern coast of the Volga River through the cities of Verkhny Uslon, Tsivilsk and Kugesi.
  2. Travel along the northern coast through the cities of Volzhsk, Krasnogorsk and Zelenodolsk.

At the same time, you can call in passing cities if you havethere is time and it is interesting for you to visit beautiful places and cultural and historical sights. For example, in Tsivilsk there are several churches of architectural value.

distance from kazan to cheboksary

The E22 highway, which includes the first of the described routes, is equipped with 5 filling stations of the Lukoil and Gazprom companies, as well as small local ones. At gas stations, you can stop to rest, have a bite to eat, buy something you need in the store and visit the toilet.

The Kazan-Cheboksary highway, the distance by car when traveling along which will be about 160 km and 2.5-3 hours on the road, depending on the chosen path (excluding possible traffic jams and stops, as well as without speed violations mode), is in good condition. If necessary, it is qualitatively repaired and serviced, so you can drive on it without fear.

kazan cheboksary distance by car

The distance from Kazan to Cheboksary can be traveled by bus in 3.5-4 hours. There are buses both direct and passing along the way to Moscow and other cities. Ticket price - from 400 rubles.

By train

There are no direct trains from Kazan to Cheboksary. There is a route with a transfer in Kanash, which is located much south of the highway. For this reason, travel time increases by 2 times, it will take about 6-7 hours to travel.


It is quite difficult to overcome the distance from Kazan to Cheboksary by plane, even though it is 122 km in a straight line,but there are no direct flights between these cities. There are options only with a transfer in Moscow, and this increases travel time by 3 or even 5 times - from 10 to 16 hours. Yes, and such a flight will cost more than a trip by car or even by train.

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