Riga - Stockholm ferry: travel time, distance, reviews

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Riga - Stockholm ferry: travel time, distance, reviews
Riga - Stockholm ferry: travel time, distance, reviews

A cruise, especially a first time cruise, is a truly memorable event that will be pleasantly remembered many years later with a smile and warmth. We are lucky to live at a time when the reliability of vehicles allows not only to transfer passengers from point A to point B, but also at the same time brighten up the expectation of a stay with a variety of entertainment, turning a sea voyage into an unforgettable vacation. If we talk about cruise ferries, then huge clumsy rusty vessels that smell of old age and longing are long gone. They were replaced by real masterpieces of engineering - having seen a snow-white hull from the shore, more similar to the outlines of a real ship, you can’t wait to get on board as soon as possible.

Riga - Stockholm ferry: price

View of Stockholm

In this article we will tell you in detail about traveling by ship. For those wishing to make a trip Riga - Stockholm on the ferry moredozen large companies. Which ferry company to give preference to, it's up to you.

If we operate with average data, the price of the ferry Riga - Stockholm varies. For example, renting a four-seater C-class cabin will cost Russian tourists 7,600 rubles, class B cabins - 8,700 rubles; double cabin class A - 11,000 rubles. For a double DeLuxe, the price varies, but the average is 28,000 rubles. Also, the ferry administration meets the needs of vacationers with their families and provides them with the right to free travel in the cabin of one child under eleven years of age without allocating a separate bed.

Ferry Services

Tallink Ferry

For a fee, ferries provide the service of transporting a personal vehicle (usually no more than one unit per person). The service requires strict punctuality. Remember not to be late. But in case of trouble, you should not be upset, since the ferry from Riga runs according to a well-established schedule - you can always have time to pick up a flight at the nearest convenient time. The price of the service, of course, depends on the type of transport. The most expensive pleasure in this category will be the transport of an entire passenger bus, the most budgetary, on the contrary, is the transport of a bicycle.

Information points

Information point on the promenade (left)

Most of the ferries also have very convenient information points on board - they can not only get background information about the ship and read introductory brochures aboutattractions in Stockholm, but also to exchange currency, book a guided tour in advance and even buy tickets for ground public transport.

Based on such conditions, you can go on a sea voyage with your family and with a couple; the services provided will allow you to correctly plan your time and gather strength for those who show excursion interest in Stockholm, and those who went on a voyage on work issues.

Travel time

Riga at night

The distance between Riga and Stockholm is about five hundred kilometers. On average, the return journey takes a well-measured forty hours. And that's two nights. And two nights are two unique sunsets and two unique sunrises. An ideal way to spend the weekend - after a working week, on Friday evening, take the ferry from Riga and be at home on Sunday afternoon, pleasantly tired, replenished with a collection of memorable photos and a package of souvenirs.

Shopping & Entertainment

club zone

On board entertainment can be found for every taste and age: restaurants and bars, sports and children's areas, spa and beauty salons, boutiques, souvenir shops, dance floors and stages where skilled artists and talented musicians perform. The largest and most influential ferry company is Tallink Silja Line, or simply Tallink. By buying out its direct client, Tallink became a virtual monopoly on the Riga-Stockholm cruise market.


Promenade on the ship

Judging by the reviews, this company is distinguished by a variety of programs both on the high seas on board and on land. For example, in honor of Valentine's Day, the ferry crew creates a special atmosphere that sets traveling couples in a romantic mood. For couples who decide to take their relationship to the next level, the ferry management offers to pay attention to special conditions and services that will complement the honeymoon of the newlyweds with the s alty notes of the breeze from the Swedish coast. In the spring, at the time of graduation, there is an opportunity to purchase a package for a large friendly class. The company has not forgotten about the primary school students either – for many schoolchildren, the holidays that began with the departure of the ferry from Riga run the risk of remaining the brightest and indelibly wonderful impression of their entire school life.

Riga Theater

There are also programs that are not related to the red days of the calendar (after all, in order to arrange a holiday for yourself, there does not have to be some official reason). Especially for its passengers, Tallink invited the Riga Theater on board, whose troupe will extend a friendly hand to everyone who wants to touch the art of improvisation theater, easily and effortlessly present life scenes that are close to everyone, not from memorized texts, but arising in the imagination of actors and spectators exactly at the moment of performance.

As far as land programs are concerned, here the ferry team also has a whole catalog of excursions on offer. Due to the limited time on land, all activities and routes were arranged in such a way that tourists had time to form their idea of ​​the city of Stockholm. Of course, you yourselfyou can dispose of your temporary resource, the city is very rich in cultural and historical values, it is here that the most famous museum dedicated to Nordic culture is located. You can see Stockholm from the Kaknastornet tower, which is home to five museums, two of which are free.

Children will surely be interested in the outstanding amusement park Grona Lunds Tivoli, which is not inferior in terms of the impressions left behind by Disneyland. In short, for those wishing to join the historical value of the trip, an indescribable number of options are available, all the details of which can be found out directly by calling the call center.

Shopping Tour

But we must not forget about passengers who are more pragmatic about the trip, and Tallink has not forgotten about them. The unique shopping tour includes the transfer of passengers from the port to the largest shopping centers, which eliminates the headache of relocating and delivering heavy bags. All conditions - for convenient and reasonable shopping! But that's not all. Stockholm is not only a noble gray hair of a rich historical heritage, and not only bargains. Stockholm is a city of development and bold visions of the future. Here you can take a tour of the Museum of Technology, which will surely delight young inventors and sow the seed of interest in young people who may not have even thought about how exciting science can be before. Whatever you say, a sea trip on a ferry is very bright. You will remember it forever. Without exaggeration, in all reviews offerry Riga - Stockholm talk about the incredible convenience of the vessel and a rich program.

Ferry room

I would also like to note that many passengers on the ship like the service and cabins. In addition, the ferry has a chic disco, a DJ in a stylish suit. In addition, dance numbers are shown on the ship to warm up the audience. In general, there is enough fun for everyone.

But the only negative is that the trip may not be appreciated by people suffering from seasickness.

Future passengers are also very interested in what the bathroom in the cabin looks like. Cramped, but you can wash, and this is important! On a long journey, this is an invaluable bonus.

Many people think that there is no need to stay in a cabin for a long time. The ferry offers a lot of entertainment. These are mainly performances by musicians and dance groups. There is also a lottery on the ferry. Ticket price - 3 euros. On the way back, tickets sell out very quickly, so if you want to participate, then don't miss your chance!

Also, in one of the cafes on the ferry, karaoke is held in the evening, participating in which you also get a chance to win a small prize.

Thus, one can observe a striking unanimity among the participants of the cruise. And it remains to wish a fair wind to those who have already conquered several hundred nautical kilometers, and to those who are going on a voyage for the first time.


If you are in doubt about your trip, don't worry. She is definitely worth the money. It is on the ferry that you can get the most unforgettable and pleasant sensations from the rest,stroll through two beautiful capitals.

We hope that the article was informative for you, and you managed to find answers to all questions regarding the ferry Riga - Stockholm.

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