Ferry Helsinki - Riga: travel time, distance and reviews

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Ferry Helsinki - Riga: travel time, distance and reviews
Ferry Helsinki - Riga: travel time, distance and reviews

Modern man travels quite often. More and more people are trying to spend their holidays away from home, to visit new places, to get acquainted with the culture and customs of other peoples, to see the sights of architecture and beautiful corners of nature, to visit famous theaters and museums. It's always interesting to see something new, meet new people, try new dishes, hear new music. It has been noticed that people living outside the city are more interested in going to a big city, going to museums, enjoying architectural masterpieces, going to a good restaurant, while city dwellers, on the contrary, prefer traveling to nature, to the sea or to the mountains, where they make up for the deficit. communion with nature and relax with the highest quality.


A lot of people are attracted to sea cruises. Here you can combine acquaintance with new cities and countries with a leisurely boat trip, alternate the fireworks of new impressions with relaxation of the body and soul in the open sea.

Sea travel is for every taste and budget, from round-the-world travel on luxury ocean liners toshort coastal. For the latter, ferries are mainly used. It is about several variants of the latter that we want to tell you today.

Ferry service

ferry Tallinn-Helsinki
ferry Tallinn-Helsinki

Ferry transportation makes up the majority of shipping. Basically it is the transportation of passengers. Today we will look at the ferry routes between Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga.

Ferry routes can be divided into regular and cruise. In our case, there is a regular route "Helsinki-Tallinn". The ferry "Helsinki-Riga" was not on the list, so those passengers who regularly traveled from Helsinki to Riga had to make a transfer. First, they traveled by ferry to Tallinn, and then to Riga by bus. Many who wished to apply to the company with questions about the possibility of direct communication between Helsinki and Riga. There have also been many requests for the launch of the Helsinki-Stockholm-Riga ferry. And in 2017, the carrier Tallink Silja launched a trial direct flight Helsinki-Riga. A little later, the ferry "Helsinki-Tallinn-Riga" appeared in the list of cruise routes of the company.

Carrier companies

There is quite serious competition in the ferry segment on the B altic Sea. Companies such as Tallink Silja Line, Stena Line, Finnlines, TT Line, Viking Line and others successfully provide their services in this region.

Tallink Silja Line, founded in 1989, is the largest and most successful company in this service segment. Enoughsay that the ferries of this company carry more than 9 million passengers a year. The company has long, successfully and efficiently served its customers, which could not be ignored, and in 2011 the company's management was awarded the quality mark for responsible entrepreneurship, issued at the end of the year by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia.

Here is a list of the company's ships:

  • Romabtika;
  • Victoria I;
  • Star;
  • Megastar;
  • B altic Queen;
  • Isabelle;
  • Silja Europa;
  • Silja Symphony;
  • Silja Serenade;
  • B altic Princess;
  • Galaxy.

These 11 vessels serve all of the company's passenger routes. They have everything necessary for a good rest of passengers during the trip - restaurants, cafes, show bars, spa centers, shops and much more. There are playrooms for little travelers. Shops aboard the ferries will no doubt delight all shoppers. Branded clothing, cosmetics, electronics, souvenirs, drinks, accessories await passengers on board these ferries.

Gourmets can expect a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, where everyone can enjoy an almost endless selection of dishes for every taste. A la carte restaurants, buffets, fast food cafes - the choice is huge.

Helsinki-Riga Ferry

The interior of the ferry Silja Serenade
The interior of the ferry Silja Serenade

The company is very closely following the wishes of customers. In the summer of 2017, after studying the demand, it was decided to launch the Helsinki-Riga . Ferry Silja Europa left the capital of Finland on Sunday and returned back on Tuesday afternoon. During this test flight, the Helsinki-Riga ferry transported more than three thousand passengers. The company's specialists calculated the possible profit, and the company's sales director and Margus Hunt announced to marketing that although there is no permanent place for this route on the market, the interest in it is quite large and the company's ferries will periodically operate it. And company spokeswoman Marika Reid confirmed that the ferry carried more than three thousand passengers.

Tourists interviewed by journalists noted that the main purpose of their trip was sightseeing in Riga, while noting the low prices for alcohol in Riga even compared to Tallinn.

Let's look at what might interest a tourist in these capitals.


city of Riga
city of Riga

Riga is a very beautiful city. What immediately catches the eye of a traveler who first came to Riga is a large number of churches and cathedrals. The Protestant Dome Cathedral, the Church of Mary Magdalene, the Cathedral of St. James, the Church of St. Peter - this is not a complete list of attractions in Riga. In addition to architectural masterpieces, Riga has a large number of parks. These are Victory Park, "Arcadia" - a favorite place for walking and dating, Vermanes Park - the oldest in Riga, famous for its mineral water source, and others.

Also, the museums of Riga will not leave indifferent tourists. Riga Castle, Latvian Museum of Architecture, LatvianThe National Museum of Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, the Museum of Old Cars, the Museum of Porcelain, the National Museum of the History of Latvia - these are just the list of the most popular museums in the city.

In this city, every tourist will find something to their liking.


city of Helsinki
city of Helsinki

The capital of Finland is located on 315 islands, at least a third of the city is occupied by open and green areas - squares and parks.

Of the main attractions of Helsinki, one can highlight the railway station, the Ateneum art museum, the Lutheran church in the Teele area, carved into the rock, the Old Market Square, Esplanadi Park, the Havis Amanda Fountain - the symbol of Helsinki, the National Museum of Finland, Kaivopuisto Park is the main, but not all, sights of the capital of Finland.

Helsinki-Riga Ferry Timetable

Calendar, schedule
Calendar, schedule

Since this route is not permanent, passengers should follow the offers of the carrier company. For example, at the moment in the company's schedule for this summer, we can see that ferries on this route will depart twice.

Departure from Helsinki - 10.06 and 08.07. Accordingly, the ferry will depart from Riga to Helsinki on 11.06 and 09.07. Distance by sea between Helsinki and Riga is about 400 km, travel time is about 18 hours.

Tallink Silja Line ferry reviews

We present to your attention some reviews about the ferriescompany.

Tourists note the smooth, smooth ride, good clean cabins, large restaurant with a huge variety for breakfast and dinner, the staff is good.

They write that the ferry is new and clean. The cabins are comfortable and practical, although a little on the small side. There are many entertainments on board (from the lottery to karaoke), as well as a shop, a souvenir shop and several restaurants. The choice of food is a bit limited and pricey (20 euros for a large main course), but very tasty. The cafeteria is even scarcer. But there is a good buffet for dinner and breakfast. In general, people have a very good impression of this ship.