Tour operator in the UAE: holidays, resorts and reviews

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Tour operator in the UAE: holidays, resorts and reviews
Tour operator in the UAE: holidays, resorts and reviews

Recreation in the UAE is gaining more and more popularity every year. Today, almost every tourist can afford to spend his vacation on the territory of oil magnates. Here, anyone can satisfy their needs: the rich - expensive cars, luxury hotels and private parties, budget travelers - interesting excursions, luxurious beaches and much more. The Emirates today come out on top in the tourism business, observing such important criteria as price and quality. On the territory of the UAE you can meet local artists, famous film actors, models and many other celebrities.

artificial archipelago

The usual independent trips around Europe are not so relevant here, since the territory of the Emirates is quite large and it is better to use the services of guides, airport transfers and already prepaid excursions. Nowadays, there are a lot of different tour operators in the UAE that canbrag about interesting offers. Let's get to know each of them in detail.


One of the brightest representatives at the moment. The Biblio-Globus travel tour operator specializes in organizing trips to the countries of the Mediterranean, Europe, Southeast Asia and even America. On the official website of the company you can always find a lot of offers in these areas. In addition, users have the opportunity to remotely consult with operators or order a call. The company "Biblio-Globus" can often be seen among last-minute tours.


Quite a well-known tour operator in the UAE and around the world. The company has over 20 partners around the world and has already established itself in the tourism market. The main objective of the company is to provide high-quality service to tourists in the most popular destinations. The Tez-Tour company is unconditionally included in the list of the best tour operators in the UAE by many criteria. Unfortunately, they also have their drawback - the price segment. Often, travelers have to overpay pretty much when choosing a particular tour just for the “name” of the company. The tour operator has its own website, remote support for users within 24 hours, as well as the possibility of departure from different cities of Russia.


If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation in the Emirates, then you should look at this company. They always have interesting and inexpensive offers. In addition, the company provides an opportunity for interest-freeinstallments, which can be very convenient for many travelers. When departing from Moscow and with children on board, you can get a good discount.

“Pegasus Tourist”

Famous Russian tour operator headquartered in Moscow. The company has been on the tourism market since 1994 and has already managed to successfully establish itself in many areas. On the company's website, you can also get acquainted with last-minute offers, contact support or order a call if you have questions, the tour operator's customers say in their reviews.


This travel company organizes beach, excursion, ski and even individual tours for every taste and color. The head office of TUI is located in Hannover. Initially, the tour operator specialized in completely different things - industry and transportation. After 2002, it was decided to rebrand the company and focus on tourism. Today TUI is one of the leaders in the field of tourism. On the company's website you can find many good offers, including those who want to visit the UAE.


This tour operator in the UAE boasts an abundance of offers from a variety of resorts. For example, company employees can easily send tourists to Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah or Sharjah within the range of 40-50 thousand rubles for two. This price includes flights, accommodation in the chosen hotel, transfer and even breakfast. The company "Coral-Travel" has long established itself in the field of tourism. If you are faced with the question, what servicesuse a tour operator in the UAE, remember that with this company your vacation will be at the highest level. Numerous reviews of satisfied tourists testify to this.

Airlines in the UAE

How to search for last minute deals in the UAE?

In addition to the official websites of various tour operators, there are online services for searching for last-minute tours to different parts of the world, which have earned numerous positive reviews. These search engines include Level Travel and OnlineTours. On their websites you can find many different offers. Here are last minute tours from all tour operators in the UAE.

The main task of such services is to redirect the tourist to the tour operator's website to buy a hot offer. The traveler only needs to go to the aggregator's website, specify all the parameters he is interested in (food, city, hotel category), the service will do the rest for you. Payment can be made immediately or you can take installments for several months. It is best to look for tours to the UAE from Moscow from all tour operators on these resources. A very convenient service for travelers from the regions.

Sunny streets of the UAE

In which city to relax on a last minute trip to the UAE?

Emirates resorts are famous all over the world. The territory of the UAE is perfect for diverse tourism, and excellent weather conditions allow guests of the country to relax here all year round. Like it or not, but the famous metropolis of Dubai ranks first among all the resorts of the Persian Gulf. This city has it all - unsurpassed service,eclectic architecture, liberal views on the appearance and behavior of visitors, although the UAE is a Muslim country with its own harsh laws. It is also worth noting that high-quality shopping awaits tourists in Dubai, and most importantly, a magnificent entertainment industry, which especially pleases vacationers.

Not far from Dubai is another resort area - the city of Abu Dhabi. This is the largest resort in the Emirates in terms of area, which has its own unique history and majestic architecture. It is here that the best parks, the Ferrari sports complex, the famous white mosque, a large water park and much more are concentrated. Holidays in Abu Dhabi will be much more expensive, so many tourists prefer to stay in hotels in Dubai, allocating separate days for a trip to Abu Dhabi and exploring the city.

Architecture of modern Abu Dhabi

Sharjah is the third largest resort in the UAE. It is no less important cultural center of the Emirates. It is in this city that many important sights are concentrated. Even UNESCO has included the resort in the list of the great world capitals. Here you can combine a beach holiday with the study of local culture and history. The most popular beaches in Sharjah are Al Khan and Al Corniche.

Mosque in Sharjah

The northernmost and at the same time fertile resort of the country is Ras Al Khaimah. The flow of tourists here is much less, since many guests of the country did not fully understand all the delights of Ras Al Khaimah, but those who have already been there dream of returning here again, as they say in their reviews.The city is famous for its beach holidays. Most of the territory is surrounded by greenery. This gives the impression that these are fabulous islands.

The beaches of Ras Al Khaimah


As mentioned earlier, it is best to travel around the UAE with the help of one of the tour operators proposed above. An independent trip can be many times more expensive, since many travel aggregators are ready to offer their tours at the purchase price. Therefore, if you have not yet decided which of the tour operators in the UAE is best for you, then it's time to do it and go on your unforgettable journey! We hope that this article was very useful for both beginners and experienced travelers. Good luck!

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