The most interesting abandoned places in Novosibirsk

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The most interesting abandoned places in Novosibirsk
The most interesting abandoned places in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is a progressively developing city, which is the capital of Siberia. And despite his young age, yet some things in it remain in the same place. For example, abandoned buildings abandoned by people and left to fend for themselves.

Many historians and stalkers are still discovering buildings built in the pre-revolutionary period. Magically, these houses stand untouched by bulldozers, but do not have their marks on the maps. This is a real historical value of the city, which, soon, can be completely lost if the authorities do not take control of these buildings.

The most famous abandoned place in Novosibirsk

Most of Novosibirsk's abandoned facilities have either been demolished (like the well-known mental hospital with its secret underground passages), or are popular not only with local stalkers, but also with airsoft fans and vandals. Every year, the state of unique and historically interesting objects is deteriorating. Therefore, many researchers do not disclose passwords and appearances of abandoned places in Novosibirsk. However, there are places thatknown to all residents of the city, for example, an abandoned unfinished building near the metro station "Marksa Square".

The longest building in Novosibirsk, which is no less than 46 years old, is the hotel "Tourist", whose windows gaping with emptiness go straight to Karl Marx Square - the central part of the left bank. This long-term construction will stand for many more years, as the restoration or demolition of the object will cost the city a lot of money.

abandoned places of novosibirsk

1968 marked the beginning of the construction of a twenty-story prestigious hotel. The abandoned object was supposed to contain up to 800 rooms. For many years the hotel has been surrounded by a fence, but getting into the territory is not difficult. This abandoned object of Novosibirsk stands out very well against the backdrop of the Festival shopping center, built right next to the Soviet giant from the past. Sad cases associated with the "Tourist" are also known, such as falling from a height. At one time, the roof of the hotel was used by lovers of base jumping (jumping on a rope). At the moment, the unfinished continues to sleep forever, looking at the city with his languid gaze.

The "dark" tower of the city

Abandoned strange tower is actually a water tower. If you go by train passing through the Oktyabrsky district of the city, you can see a small abandoned castle, as the tower looks like the ruins of an ancient palace of the Art Nouveau era. The brick object was built at the beginning of the 20th century, around 1910.The remnant of the Tsarist Empire with a symbolic crown on its roof in the form of a tree. The entrance has been boarded up for a long time.

abandoned places in novosibirsk addresses

This abandoned place in Novosibirsk can be found 500 meters from the railway station "Novosibirsk-Yuzhny". The station itself, by the way, is also an object of the reign of Nicholas II. In those years, it was called the Novonikolaevsk station, and the paths of this territory belonged to the Altai railway. You can find it at the intersection of Communist and Dekabristov streets in the Oktyabrsky district in Novosibirsk. The abandoned place on the maps is not marked as a tower.

The area of ​​the lost ships

For the inhabitants of Novosibirsk, the Zaton district has always had a bad reputation. But this is where the graveyard of ships is located. The place itself is a small island, to which several roads lead. Densely moored rusty barges are piled up so that they can walk to the main dump.

abandoned objects of novosibirsk

Sometimes there are "No Passage" warning signs, and if someone is spotted by a local watchman, get ready to head home right away. To get on an unauthorized tour of the old river barges, ships and hold an original photo shoot, you need to get to the street. Portovoy, in the Leninsky district.

Greetings from the Soviet Union

One of the interesting parts that make up the list of abandoned buildings is given to the former summer camps. Vostok-2 was founded with the support and assistance of the Siberian Researchaviation institute. S. A. Chaplygin. The camp is located thirty kilometers from the city.

The stronghold of pioneer childhood is located in the deep part of the local forest belt. When the Union collapsed, in 1991, like many other camps in the country, Vostok was closed and left to fend for itself. All camp buildings were erected on one floor, wooden houses.

abandoned places in novosibirsk on the map

Now the main building is half-built, part of it was dismantled, and part remained. It was here that evening concerts were held and there was a dining room. The sleeping quarters are in no less deplorable condition. Three buildings with completely rotten floors. Also, vegetable storage facilities, a common shower room and small storage rooms have been preserved on the territory. The camp also has its own water tower, of course, also abandoned. By the way, the pioneer camp got its name from the Vostok-2 spacecraft, a monument to which is located in the central part of the abandoned facility.

An interesting fact is that an active camp coexists comfortably next to this place. Therefore, the former pioneer camps are one of the most interesting abandoned places in Novosibirsk. The address can be found at the coordinates: 55°0'41"N 83°20'13"E.

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