Bariloche Argentina: location, attractions, places of interest, photos

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Bariloche Argentina: location, attractions, places of interest, photos
Bariloche Argentina: location, attractions, places of interest, photos

Argentina is not only one of the largest, but also the most economically developed countries in Latin America. Its nature is varied. Many attractions in Argentina are not located in cities, but are scattered throughout the country. There are many things that attract tourists here, for example, the famous Iguazu Falls, which since 2011 have been named one of the natural wonders of the world, the amazing vineyards that can be seen in the Mendoza wine region, and, of course, the popular ski resort of San Carlos de Bariloche. Argentina annually receives more than one hundred thousand fans of this extreme sport. You can ride along the picturesque islands of the Andes from June to October.

General information

The resort area of ​​Bariloche, the photo of which is presented below, is the real pride of the Argentines. Picturesque nature and Alpine-style architecture attract tourists from all over the world.

Lake of amazing beauty

Bariloche in Argentina is affectionately called the little South AmericanSwitzerland. Indeed, in terms of the beauty of its landscapes, the city is in no way inferior to the eminent Alpine resorts. But not only extreme sports lovers come here. Connoisseurs of cultural recreation will also be interested in visiting this amazing corner of Argentina. There are many interesting sights in Bariloche. In addition, the best chocolate in the country has been produced here for a very long time.

The city of San Carlos de Bariloche was founded at the end of the nineteenth century by settlers from Germany. Initially, it was conceived as an Argentine outpost on the land of hostile Indians. Bariloche was built up as a typical alpine settlement, so many of the buildings here are built of stone combined with wood.

It is interesting that the Nazis also noticed this small area at one time. Bariloche (Argentina) became a kind of refuge for them, where the Nazis fled after the end of the war. This place holds many secrets of the Reich.

And the tourist infrastructure is very developed here. In a word, it is really worth coming here to go skiing, see cultural monuments and feel the atmosphere of the country of tango.


The resort of San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the central part of the Patagonian Andes, in the province of Rio Negro. The city is 1600 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Bariloche - this is how the locals call this resort. About 115 thousand people live in it, but this figure is constantly increasing. The fact is that many Argentines move here from large cities, including fromcapital.

Waterfalls of Bariloche

The snow-covered mountain slopes of Bariloche (Argentina) host tens and even hundreds of thousands of skiers all year round. Tourists have a unique opportunity in the summer to move from the heat and heat to real winter in just a few hours

How to get there

Given that Bariloche in Argentina is considered one of the most popular resort areas, transport links are well developed here. The most convenient way to get to it is by plane or by bus from Buenos Aires.

Where to stay

The issue of accommodation here can be solved without difficulty. In Bariloche (Argentina) - the largest tourist center of the country - many magnificent hotels have been built. Here you can book both expensive luxury apartments and rooms in three-star hotels with a more affordable price. Students and youth traveling on a budget prefer to stay in cheap hostels.

Particularly popular among tourists are hotels such as LaCascada, Nevada, Acongagua, Edelweiss, etc.

Ski resort

Ski slopes

First of all, Bariloche (Argentina) is known for its excellent ski resort. In terms of the beauty of landscapes and the level of technical equipment, it competes with the best European tracks.

In total, forty-seven excellent tracks with a total length of about seventy kilometers are equipped here. They are arranged on the slopes of the largest mountains: Otto and Cathedral. The elevation difference here ranges from 1500 to 2500 m.Bariloche (Argentina) is a ski resort that has the best six-seater ski lift in all of South America. There are all conditions for a good outdoor activity: there are several ski and snowboard rentals, there are training centers for beginners, as well as a snow park with a freestyle area.

mesmerizing scenery

Most of the slopes in the Bariloche resort in Argentina are of medium difficulty, and therefore are great for those who ride for a long time, but at the same time unprofessional. There are also special slopes for beginners, people who take their first steps on skis or snowboards. If you wish, you can contact professional instructors.

There are also several "black" slopes in Bariloche, intended for professionals. Here, each person will find a descent to their taste, depending on the possibilities and level of training.

What to see in Bariloche (Argentina)

Land of the Lakes

The main cultural sites are concentrated in the city, in San Carlos de Bariloche. In this small village, which has a very modest area, there are many places that you must visit. There is an old chapel of San Eduardo, the main cathedral, the city hall, etc. Sweet lovers will love the famous Triberpolma chocolate factory, located a few kilometers from the city. During the tour, you can not only look at the process of making sweets, but also taste local sweets. Most of the tourists asSouvenirs are taken away from here is chocolate.

Amazing nature

ski resort

In Bariloche (Argentina), sights are not only historical buildings, but also miraculous monuments. The local elite rested here for many years.

And today musicians, artists, businessmen and writers often come here. Bariloche is one of the most prestigious resorts on the continent, attracting travelers, including its picturesque nature.

Here is a real expanse for lovers of fishing and hunting. The surroundings of the city are a real land of lakes. Thanks to the convenient landscape, the region has created several excellent golf courses.

Trip to Nahuel Huapi

Having a rest here, you should definitely find time to go to this famous park. Nahuel Huapi is located about three hundred kilometers from the city of Bariloche. It should be borne in mind that the road in some places passes through dangerous mountain routes, so the travel time can be about eight to ten hours. But such a duration of the trip will fully pay off with the beauty that will open to the eyes of tourists. Beautiful views, judging by the reviews, are breathtaking, amazing.

Chocolate Factory

At least three days should be allotted for exploring the national park, of which two will take the road. Tourist groups usually arrive at their destination in the evening. However, inspection of Nahuel Huapi begins only in the morning. First of all, travelers take the funicular to the highest peak of the mountain. The tour also includes a catamaran trip.along the purest mountain lake.

Useful tips for tourists

Those who are going to Bariloche (Argentina) to ride on the snowy slopes can not take skis and snowboards with them. Right on the spot, all the necessary equipment, and of the highest quality, can be rented. Ski rental shops, etc. are open almost everywhere.

For those who don't know what to buy as a souvenir for relatives and friends, seasoned travelers are advised to bring the famous chocolate. And yet, the region is famous for its wonderful products that are made from the wool of vicuña, a local animal that somewhat resembles a llama. In Bariloche, you can also buy traditional Argentine souvenirs. Judging by the reviews, our compatriots brought knives and silver jewelry, ponchos, mate vessels, ponchos, small wicker baskets and leather goods from there.

And most importantly: you should definitely take a camera with you on your trip. Surely every tourist will be amazed and inspired by the beauty of the nature of Bariloche (Argentina). Photos taken as a keepsake will remind you of a wonderful trip to this amazing corner of the planet.

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