Linden alleys are part of the history of Russia

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Linden alleys are part of the history of Russia
Linden alleys are part of the history of Russia

St. Petersburg has many architectural monuments, gardens and parks. Among them there are man-made places that have preserved purity and naturalness, which allow you to plunge into the world of nature and see how exceptional its beauty is.

Linden alley is considered one of such wonderful places. In addition to the direct meaning of this phrase, there are also several names of streets and roads with the same name.

linden alley saint petersburg
linden alley saint petersburg

Different concepts of the same phrase

There are two places in St. Petersburg called "Linden Alley". This is a part of the road, which is part of the Peat road of the Primorsky district of the city, but has its own name.

The Triple Lime Alley is located in the city's Pavlovsky Park and is part of the historical cultural center.

Both places have their own history and are considered independent parts of the city. One thing unites them - luxurious old linden trees planted along the edges.

There is another wonderful place in Russia where there is Linden Alley - this is the Moscow region, the village of Marushkino.

Linden alley in St. Petersburg as an independent street

The alley has a length of 570 meters, it is located in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. Starting from Primorsky Prospekt, it stretches to Peat Road. The metro station that is closest to it is the "Old Village".

linden alley
linden alley

The name "Linden Alley" has been known since 1911. Even before the 1950s, part of the alley (from Dubinovskaya Street to the railway track) was part of the Peat Road. In the people, the entire Lime Alley was attributed to the Peat Road, although since 1912 the reference book "All Petersburg" singled out Lime Alley as an independent part of the street.

The entire length of the alley is followed by intersections with Dubinovskaya, Savushkina, Shkolnaya and Primorsky avenues.

Also along Lipovaya Alley in St. Petersburg there are organizations such as:

  • DS 40.
  • Buddhist temple (datsan Gunzechoinei).
  • boiler house "Linden Alley".
  • sanatorium "Labour reserves".

Linden alley in Pavlovsk

Pavlovsk is considered to be the latest suburban area where the Tsar's residence was built. The history of this land begins in 1777, when it was presented to Pavel. The entire park area occupies about 600 hectares of land.

The main building of the residence is the palace. It was built according to the drawings of the architectCharles Cameron. Along with the architecture of the buildings, he developed schemes for laying out the garden, flower beds and trees. The main road leading to the doors of the palace was the central composition of plants, and therefore was planted with linden trees.

linden alley petersburg
linden alley petersburg

At the same time, everything was done on a grand scale: three alleys led to the entrance to the castle. The middle one was wide and intended for elegant carriages, on the sides of it there were narrow alleys for walking. Lindens were planted along the roads.

To create an ideal landscape, gardeners gave the crowns of trees the shape of balls. Over time, the crowns were no longer pruned, and now the Triple Lime Alley looks like a spacious green tunnel, which gives it a certain mystery.

Village Marushkino: brief information

The village of Marushkino on Lipovaya Alley is another place that has an interesting history. True, it is located in the Moscow region. Recently, more precisely since 2012, it has become part of Moscow, or rather the Marushkinsky settlement of the capital. There are 13 buildings in Marushkino along Lipovaya Alley.

The village itself is located on a hill, at the foot of which flows the Alyoshin stream. The beauty of the local region is complemented by the well-equipped park of recreation and culture "Rucheyok". It was smashed on the territory of the former Sobakino estate, which belonged to Prince Grigory Danilovich Dolgoruky and was destroyed by fire during the Great Patriotic War. In addition to majestic old linden trees, cascades of ponds, which were arranged and reconstructed in2005 during the construction of the park.

marushkino linden alley
marushkino linden alley

From the infrastructure there are the following administrative and household organizations: a kindergarten, a school, an outpatient clinic, a cultural center, a pumping station, a boiler room, a post office, shops, treatment facilities, the village administration.

Past and present of historical sites

If earlier linden alleys were considered decoration of the estate, residence and spacious road, nowadays it is rather a historical monument.

If we talk about Lipovaya Alley, where the village of Marushkino is located, then this is just a green area, a continuation of a big city, where in our time there is a place for the construction of high-rise buildings. At the moment, the infrastructure of this area is poorly developed, but with an increase in the number of residents, the demand for certain services will increase, which will give impetus to the development of the village.

As for the Triple Lime Alley in Pavlovsk, this is just a part of the palace and park complex. Anyone who wants to go on an excursion can walk along it. The cost of entering the park on weekdays is free, on weekends - 100 rubles. Park opening hours: weekdays from 06:00 to 21:00, weekends from 10:00 to 17:00.