Where to relax in Kazan: ideas for interesting leisure activities

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Where to relax in Kazan: ideas for interesting leisure activities
Where to relax in Kazan: ideas for interesting leisure activities

To fully enjoy and feel the beauty of the parks and picturesque corners of the city, as well as to feel its atmosphere in general, it is best to visit the summer months. At this time, the weather is most favorable for excursions and hiking in the most popular places in the city.

Where can you relax in Kazan in the summer? During this period, many cultural events are held in the city. Of particular note is the wonderful national holiday Sabantuy, the Great Bulgar festival and the festival of colors. In summer, life in the city is in full swing, but this does not mean at all that it is boring here at other times of the year.

Location and meaning

The capital of Tatarstan, located on the left bank of the Volga - in the place where the waters of the Kazanka flow into it, is located at a distance of 797 kilometers from Moscow.

Since ancient times, Kazan has been the most important city, acting as an intermediary in trade between the West and the East. It also makes a significant contribution to the Russian economy, and is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Cities.


Before we decide where in Kazan to relax and have a great time so that only the most pleasant impressions remain about it, we will present a little information about it. The so-called "third capital of Russia", which recently celebrated its millennium, is both archaic and modern. In the capital of Tatarstan, as in a huge cauldron (by the way, the word "cauldron" in translation from Tatar means "cauldron"), the cultures of the West and East, history, religion and mentality are mixed. For example, on the territory of one bank of the Kazanka there is an old Kremlin (XII century), and on the other there are modern skyscrapers.

Kazanka embankment area
Kazanka embankment area

Orthodox churches and mosques side by side here. In the metro and in public transport, announcements and names of stops are heard in three languages (Tatar, Russian and English). There are many such examples.

The following are the most interesting places in Kazan where you can relax with children.

Bowl-observation deck (family center)
Bowl-observation deck (family center)

Districts of the city and attractions

The city consists of seven administrative districts, each of which has its own history and attractions.

1. Vakhitovsky district - in fact, is the old city of Kazan. This is the most tourist center of Kazan, where you can relax quite inexpensively and with benefit in terms of obtaining historical information. Main attractions: Kazansky Kremlin, Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda, Bauman pedestrian street, theatres, mosques, temples, monuments, squares, parks (includingpark them. M. Gorky with a singing colored fountain), etc.

Vakhitovsky district
Vakhitovsky district

2. Novo-Savinovsky is the second district of Kazan in terms of tourist importance. Most of it stretches along the banks of the Kazanka. The Riviera Hotel is the tallest building in the area.

Significant places, including those where you can relax in Kazan with your children:

  • Riviera Water Park is the largest water park in the country, full of numerous attractions.
  • Victory Memorial Park - a place of rest, which is one of the favorites of the townspeople. Here you can ride bicycles and rollerblades, see military equipment, ride boats on the pond and sit in one of the summer cafes.
  • Sports venues: Kazan-arena, Universiade 2013 facilities, water sports facilities.
  • Kazan family center in the form of a bowl with an observation deck and a park area. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Kremlin and the entire historical part of the city.
  • Beautiful promenade along the Kazanka River.
  • Waterpark Riviera
    Waterpark Riviera

3. Privolzhsky district is the largest residential area in Kazan. On its territory is located the Kazan Fair (a large exhibition complex where exhibitions of various kinds, both specialized and universal, are held). There is also a multimedia park "Russia - my history".

4. Kirovsky district is the greenest district. The largest urban forest park "Lebyazhye" is located here, as well as many historical and cultural monuments.

Sights of the area:

  • The Holy Assumption Cathedral is the oldest monastery in the Volga region, founded in 1552 by Ivan IV the Terrible.
  • Temple of all religions.
  • Spider Web (rope) park and Kyrlay amusement park.

5. Aviastroitelny, Sovetsky and Moskovsky are areas where residential complexes are adjacent to industrial enterprises, but it is quite possible to find activities in accordance with interests in them.

For example, in the Sovetsky district, in addition to large shopping malls (including IKEA), there is a huge Hippodrome where you can visit horse racing events, as well as ride horses.

A little about summer walks in the historical center of the city

This is one of the places where you can have an inexpensive vacation with the whole family with children in Kazan. The center of Kazan is a real attraction, where you can see everything by walking calmly. Walking along Bauman Street (local Arbat) will allow you to listen to performances by street artists, see paintings by local artists, and also sit in one of the many cozy cafes located almost at every turn. Here you can also try local culinary dishes in the House of Tatar Cuisine and other similar establishments.

Bauman street
Bauman street

The famous Kazan Kremlin can be approached from all sides of the city and from Bauman Street. On the territory of the fortress there is the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Islam, the WWII Memorial, the Mausoleum of Kazan Khans, cathedrals, the Hermitage-Kazan Gallery, the famous Syuyumbike Tower, Kul-Sharif - the most important mosque of Tatarstan. Nearby is the square of the 1000th anniversary with a circus and a unique modern entertainment complex "Pyramid".

Raifa Monastery and Blue Lake

Tourists visiting Tatarstan should definitely take a fascinating out-of-town excursion to the Raifa Monastery, which is a historical and architectural complex that houses the holy spring of Raifa.

Not far from it is the wonderful Blue Lake, the depth of which reaches 17 meters (diameter - 30 meters). The peculiarity of this reservoir is that the water in it at any time of the year has the same temperature - plus 4 degrees. The unique lake is so beautiful that it is a favorite vacation spot for romantics and divers.

Raifa monastery
Raifa monastery

Where to relax with children in Kazan?

Water parks (including "Riviera" and "Baryonyx"), zoos (including touching ones), wonderful puppet theater "Ekiyat", trampoline centers, children's parks and many others are especially popular with children. etc. Based on the desires of children, parents can make their own plan of routes around the city, combining children's entertainment with cultural events. For example, walking along the central pedestrian street of Bauman, you can reach the Kremlin, visiting the Theater of the Young Spectator and the circus, located in the same area. Such a holiday will appeal to both parents and children.

Separately, it should be noted the puppet theater "Ekiyat", which is one of the most significant not only in Tatarstan, but also in Russia. Even from the outside, this charming building attractsAttention. It is a fairy-tale castle with wonderful towers, decorative columns and other interesting details. The facade of the theater is decorated with various fairy tale characters.

The interior decoration is also impressive - in the foyer instead of ordinary seats there are royal thrones, the walls are decorated with bright chandeliers.

Puppet show
Puppet show

Kyrlay Amusement Park

Where to relax in Kazan in the summer? On the banks of the Kazanka River, not far from the Kremlin, there is a wonderful recreation park "Kyrlay". Numerous attractions will appeal to kids and adults. The Ferris wheel offers a beautiful view of the central historical part of Kazan. The park has a cafe with a real children's menu. Adults can taste Armenian cuisine.

It should be noted that the park is open to visitors all year round, but during the warm season (May-November) most of the rides work. Children's contests and prize draws are held.

Kyrlay Park
Kyrlay Park

In conclusion

Where else to relax in Kazan? Tourists may also like the main republican holiday "Sabantuy", which takes place annually in the beautiful Birch Grove near the village of Mirny at the end of June.

Children can also enjoy this interesting and fun event (funny children's games, contests, concerts, delicious meals, etc.).