The best honeymoon trip - interesting ideas and recommendations

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The best honeymoon trip - interesting ideas and recommendations
The best honeymoon trip - interesting ideas and recommendations

The happiest time in family life is the honeymoon. Therefore, it is important to spend it in such a way that it will be remembered for a lifetime. Many newlyweds go on their honeymoon. How to make the voyage bright, unusual and romantic? First you need to choose the right direction.

honeymoon trip together
honeymoon trip together

All newlyweds have different tastes. Someone prefers extreme sports, and someone - peace. But when the question arises of where to go on a honeymoon, most people prefer southern resorts.

Unforgettable days on the islands

For honeymooners, island resorts with their romantic atmosphere are ideal. Palm trees, white sand, gentle ocean waves seem to be perfect for a honeymoon.


Are very popular among newlyweds. They are attracted by cozy bays, picturesque coral reefs, secluded bungalows and, of course, a high level of service. Where to go on a honeymoon trip? Reviews recommend it to the Maldives. After all, this is an unreal, fabulous place, reminiscent of the paradise we imagine it to be. Introducing.

Of course, not everyone can afford such an expensive pleasure as a vacation in the Maldives. But self-organization of the trip will save a considerable amount. Also prices depend on the season. Between December and April, the Maldives has great weather. Therefore, prices during this period are quite high.

You should not take a large number of things with you to the Maldives. Everything you need will be provided by the hotels. Money is what you really need to take in large quantities.

honeymoon travel ideas
honeymoon travel ideas


Any island in the Seychelles archipelago is perfect for a honeymoon trip. Both outdoor enthusiasts and tourists seeking solitude and tranquility will be satisfied here. Seychelles is a prestigious beach tourism destination. But if you can choose a relatively inexpensive vacation in the Maldives, then in the Seychelles this is unrealistic.


Mauritius is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Clear waters, picturesque coral reefs, white sand beaches, tropical forests invariably attract tourists.

But when preparing for a trip to this island, you need to take into account that the weather changes very quickly on it. There are frequent heavy rains and winds. At the same time, Mauritius has a high level of insolation on both sunny and cloudy days. Perhaps the only unpleasant moment that can spoil the local holiday for tourists is an unscheduled meeting with some locals.sea creatures whose thorns and spines leave painful wounds.

honeymoon trip reviews
honeymoon trip reviews

Under the cover of the shell trade in Mauritius, narcotic weed is sold on the beaches. Its use and possession are punishable in this country with a heavy fine. For this, they can even be expelled from the country. Therefore, you should be alert and vigilant.

Windy and cool June and July are considered unfavorable for holidays on this island. But in August-September the weather is amazing. Where to go on a honeymoon trip in August? Mauritius, of course!

Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands are in the Pacific Ocean. Tourists are offered excellent hotels, excellent service, as well as diving, surfing and fishing. According to reviews, a honeymoon trip to Fiji is an amazing adventure. More than three hundred islands attract tourists with blue lagoons, magnificent beaches and evergreen forests. Of these, only a third of the islands are inhabited by people, and the rest are uninhabited. The Fiji Islands fascinate with unusual flora and fauna.


The Hawaiian archipelago consists of 162 islands, of which only 7 are inhabited. It is the fiftieth state of the United States and is located in the central Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has beautiful nature, spacious beaches, wonderful weather and a humid tropical climate.

Not the best idea for a honeymoon trip between May and November is a trip to Hawaii. At this time, tropical cyclones dominate there.

There is no unbearable heat in the Hawaiian Islands. Another advantageHawaii is called their diversity. Horse riding, volcanoes, swimming in waterfalls and original dishes invariably attract tourists. Before heading to Hawaii, all you need to do is choose the right island that suits the interests of the newlyweds.


There are more than fifty islands in the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean is a unique nature and luxurious colonial mansions. Here the sea is warm all year round, tourists are offered a grand choice of hotels and a variety of entertainment: various sports, extreme sports, discos, nightclubs, restaurants, exciting excursions.

The Caribbean is a favorite honeymoon destination for honeymooners around the world. Unforgettable adventures, exotic cities, gourmet cuisine await here.

Our citizens do not need visas to travel to Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, Antigua and Barbuda.

honeymoon is much better
honeymoon is much better

Alluring Asia

You can go on a relatively inexpensive honeymoon trip to Asian resorts. They are no less attractive and comfortable than island resorts.

Phi Phi

Tourists call the Phi Phi Islands a natural phenomenon in Thailand. Each island is unique and interesting in its own way. Of the six islands, only one is inhabited. Particularly attractive on these islands are delightful yacht trips, extreme water activities, beach parties and amazing fire shows.

Tourists call Phi Phi budgetMaldives. The best time to visit these islands is between November and April.

Mangroves, turquoise lagoons, coral reefs, amazing grottoes and caves (among them the famous Viking Cave)… All these unique natural features will make your honeymoon great.

Sri Lanka

Travelers call Sri Lanka a kaleidoscope country. The ideal form of the route through this country is the ring.

There are no noisy discos here, but there are magnificent beaches with picnics, fishing and barbecues. Life in Sri Lanka flows slowly. The island has a tropical climate. The most favorable time to visit this resort is from November to May. In winter, it is preferable to rest in the south and west of the island, as dry and sunny weather reigns there, unlike the east, where rain and wind rage. It should be borne in mind that the peak of the tourist season in Sri Lanka falls on the New Year holidays.


In Indonesia, there is a delightful place that is washed by the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean - Bali. Tourists call this resort a paradise on Earth, because dreams of a life full of pleasure come true there: fun beach parties, downshifting, excursions along the coast, acquaintance with volcanoes and rice terraces, amazing diving. Bali is also yoga and meditation.

This resort is one of the most popular resorts in the world, without losing its exoticism and connection with ancient traditions.

Bali has a tropical climate. But during the rainy season (November - March), you should not go there on a honeymoon trip, because the loc althe weather is very unpredictable. The best time to visit this resort is from April to June, and also in September. You can go in July-August, but these months are the most popular among tourists. There are a lot of people at this time, and the prices are incredibly high. This is not suitable for a honeymoon trip. Therefore, it is better to choose a calmer season.

honeymoon cheap
honeymoon cheap


Vietnam is famous for its heavenly beaches, wonderful diving, bustling cities, ancient temples of forgotten civilizations and stunning bays. The best time to go there is in March and April.


Cambodia is a state lost in the jungle. It is distinguished by exotic nature and wonderful hotels and beaches. But the consequences of the guerrilla war are affecting: it is not safe to walk in the country at night. Therefore, safety precautions should be observed.

Travel to Europe

If the newly-made spouses are not captivated by exoticism and a secluded vacation on the ocean, then there is another wonderful offer: a honeymoon trip to Europe. Cities with a long history, full of secrets and legends, will be the perfect backdrop for the most romantic trip for young couples in love.


In Prague, among the charming old castles, you can feel like the heroes of medieval legends. The dream of all lovers is to meet the dawn on the Charles Bridge and make a wish there: it will come true for the newlyweds. In Prague, you can wander around the clock through the old streets with their unique atmosphere, andalso explore the majestic central squares with ancient castles and luxurious parks.

When newlyweds compare prices for honeymoon trips to this city, it turns out that staying in an apartment is much cheaper than a hotel. But for those who intend to spend their honeymoon in luxury, you can choose one of the famous hotels.


The famous city of love… Probably everyone dreams of visiting Paris. And the most successful time for the fulfillment of a dream is a honeymoon. In this city, you can get lost in the narrow streets, visit sights known from your favorite books, take a steamboat ride on the Seine, enjoy delicious croissants with coffee, taste the best wine in the world. All this will become a real romantic adventure.

When organizing a honeymoon trip, the best idea would be to choose a hotel on the right bank of the Seine. There are reasonable prices and, most importantly, a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower.

where to go on honeymoon in august
where to go on honeymoon in august


Venice is one of the most romantic places not only in Italy but all over the world. Tourists can ride a gondola, walk along St. Mark's Square, feel the special charm of the Old Town. There is a tradition that is obligatory for all newlyweds: when sailing on a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs, it is necessary to kiss so that further family life is as tender and romantic as on a honeymoon.

Also great shopping in Venice.

Honeymoon in Russia

When newlyweds are faced with the question of where to flyon a honeymoon trip, then they should think about the fact that, perhaps, they don’t need to fly abroad. You can stay in Russia, while noting the beginning of family life no worse than when traveling abroad.

Trip to Lake Baikal

Fans of the harsh Russian nature will enjoy a trip to the amazing Lake Baikal. It is preferable to go there in the summer, because at this time you can freely explore the surroundings of the lake and wander through the taiga, as well as swim and even go diving.

You can stay in the private sector or a hotel. Those who like wild holidays can live on the beach in a tent.

Extreme lovers who go to Baikal in late autumn, winter or early spring will discover the charms of the snowy Siberian nature. But they run the risk of being caught in severe weather.


Sochi is the most popular resort in Russia. This is an amazing city that combines wonderful sea beaches and snow-capped mountain peaks. Thus, if swimming in the sea and sunbathing are not a priority for newlyweds, you can go to Sochi in the cold season and focus on conquering mountain peaks and exploring local attractions.

If you go to Sochi in the summer, you can enjoy a beach holiday to your heart's content. Also, vacationers are offered a variety of entertainment, including diving.

Y alta

The most difficult decision in organizing a honeymoon trip is where to go. The choice is obvious: of course, it must be Y alta!

Located on the South ShoreCrimean peninsula, Y alta is its true pearl. It is not surprising that palaces and estates of the first persons of the Russian Empire were built in its vicinity. Famous people who fled from the uncomfortable Northern capital also lived in Y alta. Now the houses they lived in have been turned into museums.

Y alta is picturesque bays, amazing vegetation, stunning mountain scenery, exciting boat trips, the gentle Black Sea and mild climate. In Crimea, they say that Y alta is a city of happiness. Therefore, a honeymoon trip to this marvelous city will give the newlyweds a lot of vivid impressions.

where to go on honeymoon
where to go on honeymoon

In conclusion

Wherever the newlyweds are going to go, they should take into account the possibilities of their budget, common interests and time of year. The main thing is that in any journey they are accompanied by love and understanding.