How to get to Karlovy Vary airport? Airport map

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How to get to Karlovy Vary airport? Airport map
How to get to Karlovy Vary airport? Airport map

The Czech Republic is one of the most popular European destinations. Millions of tourists annually come to the capital and its environs in order to feel the whole spirit of the Middle Ages, enjoy its Gothic architecture, taste national food or relax in the country's best sanatoriums. The most popular route in the Czech Republic can be considered the direction to Karlovy Vary. Tourists go here for a long period to enjoy all the delights of the resort town. It often happens that people come to the city from completely different directions, bypassing the city airport, so the issue of returning to their homeland via Karlovy Vary air travel comes first. In this article, we will look at all the current ways with which you can reach the territory of the Karlovy Vary city airport.


The city airport in Karlovy Vary, whose name coincides with the resort, was practically one of the first in the Czech Republic. Its construction was laid back in 1929year, and during the Second World War, he acted as the main base for the German air force of the Wehrmacht of the Third Reich, in particular for the German company Luftwaffe. The airport suffered serious damage, after which its operation was temporarily suspended until 1946. Gradually, the airport underwent various changes: the first asph alt runway appeared, third-party facilities were reconstructed, and in 1989 it was given the status of an international airport. Today, the Karlovy Vary air terminal has acquired a modern appearance. The modernized terminal, consisting of two floors, helps to easily regulate all air traffic. A photo of Karlovy Vary Airport at the time of the construction of the main terminal is presented below.

Construction of a new terminal

Airport design

As we have already said, the city airfield is endowed with only one terminal with two floors. At first glance, the building of Karlovy Vary Airport may seem rather small, but this does not prevent it from satisfying almost all the needs of passengers. Absolutely the whole situation inside the airport predisposes the tourist to a comfortable pastime. All conditions for the convenience of passengers have been created and observed here.

City terminal from the inside

In front of the main entrance inside the building there is a large information board, where each visitor can get acquainted with all the flights of Karlovy Vary Airport, next to it there is a luggage wrapping service. Also in the premises there are several cafes and one restaurant,offering guests both full meals and fast food. The second floor has incorporated several departure zones, sharpened for different directions (international and domestic), Duty Free shops, as well as an observation deck with a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. In addition, on the territory of the airport, any passenger can use the services of wireless Internet access absolutely free of charge.

Airport plan

How to get to the terminal?

There are several ways to get to the terminal from Karlovy Vary: by public transport, by taxi, by renting a private car or by pre-ordering a transfer service. In this case, everything depends on the individual preferences of each tourist, his financial capabilities and the availability of free time.


The most relevant and inexpensive way to get to the airport is public transport. Bus number 8 runs daily in this direction, starting its route from the central stop Tržnice, which is also the final stop when moving in the opposite direction. The bus follows the schedule on weekdays from 5:30 to 22:20 and on weekends from 7:10 to 22:20. It should be borne in mind that, on average, the interval between bus movements can reach one hour. The road to the airport by bus will take you no more than 30 minutes, which is a fairly good indicator in European countries. You can also get to Karlovy Vary Airport from Prague using comfortable buses that depart daily from the centralbus station - Florence. This direction is very common among tourists, so it will not be difficult to buy tickets for the flight.

Bus to the terminal

Where to buy tickets for public transport?

It is possible to purchase a ticket directly from the driver of the vehicle. Do not be surprised if the driver asks you to pay a certain amount for bulky luggage - this is quite a standard procedure. A one-way ticket will cost a tourist 25 CZK, which is about one euro (69 rubles).


The procedure for ordering a taxi is the same in all countries. You can place an order directly upon arrival by catching a free car at the railway station, or by calling one of the companies by phone. The main advantage of this type of transport will be round-the-clock operation and instant delivery of passengers to their final destination. In particular, this type of transport is suitable for those passengers who arrive in Karlovy Vary at night. But as they say, sooner or later you have to pay for everything good, so the cost of the trip will cost the tourist about 20 euros (1380 rubles).

Taxi in Karlovy Vary

There is a large selection of carriers in the city, but the most common among local residents are Georgia Taxi Karlovy Vary, Karlsbad Travel and A Centrum Taxi. In addition, at the discretion of the passenger is offered a wide range of cars of various classes. For example, you can orderonly a passenger car, but also a minibus or a limousine, depending on your requirements. Naturally, the price category from this factor will vary greatly.

Rent a car

The current trend is that many tourists prefer to independently get to their desired destination. The best solution in this situation would be to rent a car. You can rent a vehicle both for one day and for a long time in one of the companies intended for this. The most popular city agencies in this area are Europcar, Hertz, Alamo, National and Sixt. It is best to book your favorite car in advance via the Internet for several reasons. Firstly, many online applications practice various discount coupons for choosing a particular car when booking early, and secondly, in this way, the user will be able to find a wide range of different cars and choose the right one for their purposes. In addition, if you arrive at Karlovy Vary Airport, then you can register one of the cars directly at the airport building for the entire duration of the trip, and return it to the same place on the way back. It is better to rent a vehicle for several days at once, since a one-day rental is usually more expensive.

One of the car rental companies

What documents are required to rent a car? To book any type of transport in Karlovy Vary, a vacationer should provide a passport, a driver's licenseinternational standard and a credit card.


By and large, tourists order a transfer if they need to get to the airports located in the nearest cities. This method will allow the passenger to avoid unnecessary fuss in organizing transport, first from Prague to Karlovy Vary, and then start planning the route to the final checkpoint. Entire organizations that provide a full-fledged car with a personal driver are engaged in solving such issues. The passenger will also be offered either a passenger car or a minivan, depending on the needs of the customer. The cost of such a service varies from 130 to 180 euros with a 50% prepayment. Transfer services can be arranged at any time of the day.

Minibuses acting as a transfer in Karlovy Vary

Closest airports to Karlovy Vary

No matter how strange it may sound, but the second farthest from the city of Karlovy Vary can be considered Hof Airport (HOQ), located in the German town of the same name at a distance of 90 km from the Czech resort. Hof International Airport serves domestic and international flights. The next closest airfields can be considered Vaclav Havel, located in the capital of the Czech Republic at a distance of 120 km, Vodochody (VOD) and Dresden Airport (DRS).

Nearest airports


Most tourists prefer to get to the terminal using public transport. As practice shows, the average bus travel time is no more than 30 minutes, at thatthe moment when the taxi reaches the final destination 5-10 minutes earlier. In the end, for a couple of minutes won, the vacationer will be forced to overpay a fairly tidy sum.

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