Kingdom of Norway: attractions, their history, photo and description

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Kingdom of Norway: attractions, their history, photo and description
Kingdom of Norway: attractions, their history, photo and description

Norway is the northernmost country in Europe. This is the land of legendary Vikings and fabulous trolls, majestic fjords and emerald greenery. This is a real kingdom with a reigning monarch. Despite the harsh climate, many tourists come here every year. Let's get acquainted with the most famous sights of Norway, with a description and their history.


Start an exciting journey from the capital of the state and its largest city - Oslo. It is here that most of the cultural and historical places are concentrated. One of the most popular is Akershus Castle, founded at the end of the 13th century. The building is literally steeped in history. Throughout its existence, it has been repeatedly rebuilt, restored, used as a defensive fortress, prison, residence of monarchs, Gestapo administration. Now this is a combination of several museums that are open to tourists.

If you walk along the main street of the capital Karl Johan,you can see the Cathedral, the Norwegian National Theatre, the Parliament building and the Royal Palace. By the way, the street itself is named after one of the local monarchs - Charles XIV Johan, who ruled in the 19th century.

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Viking heritage

The list of attractions in Norway (Oslo in particular) includes more than a dozen museums. Historical, cultural, architectural, natural - not a complete list. Of greatest interest to tourists is the Viking Ship Museum on the Bygde Peninsula, opened in 1926.

Famous ships are exhibited here: the Gokstad and Tyun ships, as well as the Oseberg boat. All of these are archaeological finds dating back to the 1st century. They are made of oak and have come down to us almost entirely. In addition, in the museum you can see wooden sledges, carts, beds, dishes and wood carvings left over from the ancient Scandinavians. Such a historical exhibition attracts the attention of about half a million visitors annually.

Sculpture Park

Vigeland Park in the west of the capital is another magical place that will be of interest to curious travelers. Its foundation falls on 1907-1942. More than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, united by the theme of human relationships, are located on 30 hectares. Each statue represents a certain emotion. The author did not live only a year before the opening of the park, but the memory of him lives on in his creations.

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"Groom", "Veil" and "Seven Sisters"

Only 300 kmfrom the capital, in the vicinity of the Geirangerfjord, there is another attraction of Norway - three waterfalls, which are associated with a beautiful Scandinavian legend. The once brave Viking came to woo the seven sisters. In his hands he held a veil. Seeing the beauty of the girls, he froze in place in indecision, turning into a waterfall Bridegroom. Fata remained on a nearby rock. And on the opposite bank, the Seven Sisters flaunt. The scenery here is especially charming in the spring and summer months, when the glacier formed in winter begins to melt.

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As you can see, Norway is rich in sights. And Oslo is only the first starting point. The next in beauty and area is the city of Bergen. Lovers of walks and shopping will definitely appreciate the Hanseatic embankment with the Bryggen shopping complex in its center.

Here you can find colorful wooden houses that were built before the 18th century. Of course, the old buildings have been restored more than once. But their stone cellars keep a five-hundred-year history. For a long time, this embankment, like the complex itself, has been a meeting place for artists and souvenir shopkeepers. Bryggen has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

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Following the trolls

Few people know that Bergen is also the capital of the country of trolls. The inhabitants of the kingdom sincerely believe in the existence of these friendly creatures that protect their homes. Sculptures of fantastic gnomesare found, perhaps, in every city in Norway. And on the porches of houses you can often see bowls of milk and sweets. Needless to say, shops that willingly offer themed souvenirs to tourists.

But it seems that not only the inhabitants of the kingdom, but nature itself supports the legend of the existence of trolls. So another attraction of Norway in the form of a rocky ledge on Mount Skjeggedal gained great fame.

It is located 350 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatn. And tourists need to walk five hours to reach it. Previously, the funicular operated to facilitate the path, but now it is closed for repairs. However, this fact does not diminish the flow of tourists. The rock, which offers a stunning, picturesque view, is called Trolltunga and attracts thousands of travelers every year.

Continues the fabulous series of sights of the kingdom of Norway "troll stairs", which, in fact, is the national road RV63. Its length is 106 km with 11 sharp turns. In some places, the width of the road is barely three meters. The interest of tourists is nourished by the skill of the designers of the "troll stairs" and the breathtaking landscape of a mountain valley with a waterfall, which opens from the observation deck.

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If we talk about the nature of Norway, the attraction here, of course, are the fjords. Majestic sheer cliffs and indomitable water element - this combination can charm anyone. And a king in that senseis the deepest (1308 m) Sognefjord in Europe. In its vicinity is the famous Flåm railway, which gives tourists incredible routes, and the Jotunheimen nature reserve. Visiting these places can be an unforgettable journey.

Another geographical attraction in Norway, the photo and description of which only excite the blood, is the Preikestolen or Pulpit. This is a huge cliff 604 m high. Its top is represented by a flat square with an area of ​​625 square meters. m, which offers a wonderful view of the Lysefjord. To contemplate this beauty, you need to overcome 6 km on foot.

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Stavkirka in Urnes

Stavkirk (or mast church) in Urnes will allow you to touch the old Norwegian architecture. This is a truly unique landmark of the Kingdom of Norway. The wooden structure dates back to the early 12th century and is an example of the "animal style" with asymmetrical, undulating ornamentation and animal motifs. This stave church has a high relief depicting a lion fighting snakes. According to the main hypothesis of historians, this is a symbolic confrontation between Christianity and paganism. Of interest are the drawings on the panels of the temple, which are reminiscent of scenes from Scandinavian mythology.


Not a single tour operator will leave a photo of this city without attention when presenting the sights of Norway. Tromso is located beyond the Arctic Circle. However, this location does not make its climate too cold. On the contrary, the effect of warmThe current Gulf Stream keeps the temperatures here quite acceptable.

In the city you can visit a planetarium, a botanical garden and a brewery. The Arctic Cathedral, consecrated in 1965, can also make an extraordinary impression. Its original architecture is associated with an iceberg. The temple houses a modern organ. Despite the status of a cathedral, the building is a Lutheran parish church.

But perhaps the most wonderful phenomenon of these places can be considered the northern lights.

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In closing

Of course, this is an incomplete list of attractions in Norway. Photos and descriptions of some of them are presented in the above article. However, every traveler is free to find something unique in this fairy-tale kingdom, exciting the heart and calming the mind.

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