Miskhor: attractions, photo and description

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Miskhor: attractions, photo and description
Miskhor: attractions, photo and description

Miskhor is one of the warmest resorts on the southern coast of Crimea. Such a statement is not subjective. This is evidenced by the results of research by meteorologists. However, not only comfortable climatic conditions attract tourists here. Let's find out what Miskhor is famous for? Attractions, photos and descriptions of interesting places will be discussed further.

What is Miskhor?

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Between Livadia and Cape Ai-Todor, at a distance of 12 kilometers from Y alta, there is the coast of Miskhor. Two small resort towns Koreiz and Gaspra closely adjoin the village. Miskhor is located between them. This is where the name of the village comes from, which literally translates from the Turkic dialect as “middle village.”

Currently, Miskhor is not officially a separate settlement. Back in 1958, it was recognized as an integral part of Koreiz. The reason for this was the absence of a distinguishable border between the two villages and the insignificantterritorial area occupied by Miskhor.


Miskhor attractions photo and description

Let's start to survey Miskhor, the sights of the resort from the most famous mountain in the region - Ai-Petri. The natural hill, whose highest point is 1234 meters above sea level, is one of the most popular places among tourists.

The ridge of the mountain stretches for a distance of 25 kilometers from the Swallow's Nest to Cape Ai-Todor. The summit has the highest number of foggy days per year in the entire region. Among other things, Ai-Petri has the status of the most snowy peak of the Crimea. A stable ice cover does not disappear here even at the end of spring. The thickness of the snow cap in some places can reach a meter.

Considering Miskhor, the sights of this place, it is worth noting that Ai-Petri attracts tourists with the possibility of organizing a quality winter holiday. At the top there are a number of ski slopes, which differ according to the level of difficulty. For tourists, ski lifts are provided here. At the top of Ai-Petri, there are a lot of points where you can rent skis, snowboards, sleds, and other equipment.

Miskhor Park

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Continuing to explore the sights of Miskhor (Crimea), you can not ignore the local dendrological park. This is not only a monument of garden art. Numerous creations of the masters of architecture of the late 17th century are also concentrated here.

Central zoneMiskhorsky park is decorated with the famous palm alley. According to historical information, it was founded by Prince Naryshkin, whose estate at one time was located near the presented region.

What is the area of ​​the park in the city of Miskhor? Attractions on their own here are extremely difficult to get around in one day. Since the local man-made gardens are located on the territory of about 21 hectares. More than 100 individual species of shrubs and trees are concentrated on such an impressive area. Many of them are exotic for the region in question.

Famous sculptural compositions

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During the period of tsarist Russia, Miskhor was one of the favorite resting places of the court nobility, officials, dignitaries and landlords. As the area rapidly turned into a resort for the aristocracy, famous sculptors and architects headed here.

One of the most famous compositions of the region is the sculpture "Mermaid", cast in bronze and set in shallow water near the sea coast. The author of the masterpiece is Academician A. G. Adamson. Later, according to the project of the sculptor, another monument was erected, known as “The Girl of Arza and the Robber Ali Baba.”

The above compositions are a kind of visiting cards in the city of Miskhor. The sights are a must-see for first-time tourists to the region.

Yusupov Palace

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OverviewingMiskhor, the sights of the town, it is worth noting the Yusupov Palace, on the territory of which there is an elegant hotel, as well as a modern business center. The very same architectural composition is implemented in the old neo-Romanesque style. The trends of the Italian Renaissance can also be traced here.

Approaches to the main building of the palace are decorated with carved marble stairs, in front of which sculptures of heroes of ancient Greek myths rise. All works presented on the territory are the result of the work of German and Italian masters who worked here in the middle of the 19th century.

Yusupov Palace is known for its park, which is formed from relic trees and decorated with miniature pools. The composition, which covers an area of ​​16.5 hectares, is the brainchild of the famous master of landscape architecture Karl Kebach.

Yasnaya Polyana

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Let's continue to survey Miskhor, sights. With a child, it will be interesting to visit the Yasnaya Polyana Palace. The latter is made in the traditional English architectural style and is one of the most ancient buildings on the territory of the Southern coast of Crimea.

The palace is a manor that is located near the sea coast. The architectural monument is surrounded by a picturesque garden formed from exotic palms and cypresses. The walls of the building are covered with ivy and roses.

Kharak Park

The territory occupied by Kharaksky Park is one of the warmest places in Crimea. Therefore, with the beginning of the holiday season nearbytourists are traditionally settled who come to the region from countries with a hot climate.

As for the architecture of the park, sculptural compositions and landscape design are cleverly combined here. About 200 individual species of shrubs and trees are concentrated on the territory. Visitors to the park are invariably attracted by the gazebo, which is made of 12 marble columns, in the middle of which there is a fountain.

Dulber Palace

The elegant palace, whose name translates as "beautiful", was built by order of Prince Peter Nikolayevich. The designer of the building was the famous master Krasnov, who worked on the implementation of the composition in the period from 1895 to 1897.

The Dulber Palace is a four-storey building with asymmetric architectural forms. The building has about 100 separate rooms. The palace is decorated with silver domes and battlements. Complex mosaic compositions are realized on the surface of the walls.

In the end

So we looked at what Miskhor is famous for. The sights, photos and descriptions of which are presented in the material, invariably arouse keen interest among tourists who arrive in the region during the holiday season. It is thanks to these places that Miskhor became known far beyond Crimea.

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