Pepper House in Moscow: address, photo

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Pepper House in Moscow: address, photo
Pepper House in Moscow: address, photo

Pertsova's profitable house in Moscow is one of the most amazing sights of the capital. The history of its foundation is the history of the realization of the dream of a creative person.

Who is the author of the design of such a building?

The idea of ​​creating an unusual house with apartments for tenants and artists' studios came from the railway engineer P. N. Pertsov, who lived in Moscow at the beginning of the twentieth century. Being an excellent engineer and a great lover of art, Petr Nikolayevich arranged a closed competition for the best design of the house. He appointed a prize of 800 rubles to the one whose project takes the first place, and 500 rubles for the second one.


According to his plan, Pertsova's house was supposed to reflect the spirit of Russian architecture and traditions, but at the same time be modern. Artist S. V. Malyutin, architect A. I. Diderikhs, architect-artist L. M. Brailovsky presented their works to the jury. The first prize went to Vasnetsov. But Pertsov decided to build according to the project of Malyutin (the author of the painting of the first Russian nesting dolls), since it was not so standard.

Pepper's house in Moscow. Description

This Art Nouveau building, richly decorated, was completed in two years. Pepper's house turned out to be exquisiteand magnificent. The building made of red brick, in the facade of which the motifs of the ancient Slavic tower are visible, looks like an organic whole. The asymmetrically arranged windows, balconies, unusual tower-shaped ledges of the roof amaze the tourist's eye. Balconies decorated with sculptures of dragons, a gilded lattice with lions mounted on the ridge of the roof. And above the green tower, on the roof, a gilded rooster rises. The facade is richly decorated with majolica panels depicting the sun, a bull, fish, bears and other animals in a bizarre way.

An interesting story of decorating the piers between the windows of the fourth floor and the gables with majolica. In those days, there was a certain firm "Murava" in Moscow. It was organized by young artists of the Stroganov School. The guys were talented, ready to show their creative abilities, but, unfortunately, little known. After all, all we althy people preferred to deal with venerable, eminent artists. So the artel was one step away from closing. Pertsov made the right decision by entrusting his order to this company. Young artists were able to realize their powerful creative potential, while taking into account all the wishes and tastes of the client.


During the construction of the house, the requirements of the customer regarding modern technologies were also observed. There were no wooden floors in the house. Electrical wiring, plumbing, sewer communications were carefully hidden.

Home Interior

The interior of the house was no less magnificent than the exterior. The bedrooms were with niches, and smoking roomsdecorated in oriental style. Original tiled stoves and stairs with unique carvings.


The best masters of the Nizhny Novgorod province were invited to decorate the front chambers of the house with carvings. Profitable house Pertsova provided apartments to residents of different social strata. There were options for the rich and poorer tenants. In total, the house had about 400 apartments, different in cubic capacity. The building had eighteen elevators, telephones, communal baths and a reading room for residents.


In addition to private apartments, the building housed a Mignon confectionery shop and several offices of various importance. Within the walls of the house was the publishing house "Ars", which published the magazine "On the Banks of the Neva". Pertsova's house was so cozy and modern that there were many more people who wanted to live in it than apartments.

The basement of a wonderful house. Description

Tourists will be very interested in the history of the basement of Pertsov's house. It was here that the cult, as they say now, cafe "The Bat" was located. It gathered the most famous representatives of the capital's bohemia. Mostly they were artists of the Moscow Art Theater. For example, V. I. Shverubovich, the most talented artist of his time, world-famous under the pseudonym Kachalov. The wife of A.P. Chekhov, the outstanding actress O.L. Knipper-Chekhova, often performed here. And the famous Nemirovich-Danchenko was the conductor of an amateur orchestra created from among the actors and successfully performing. His friend and colleague K. S. Stanislavsky demonstratedunseen miracles of black and white magic. The atmosphere that reigned in the cafe can be judged by the paragraph from the charter "Do not be offended." Actors and other visitors to the cafe showed themselves here in completely different roles, sometimes opposite to reality.


The apartment of the owners themselves was paneled in mahogany, the dining room was made of carved oak, the cornices and architraves, covered with outlandish carvings, were made of birch. Even a dish lift was equipped to lower dishes from the kitchen to the buffet at the dining room. The rooms housed paintings by famous artists.

The period of Bolshevik rule. What happened to the house?

After the Bolsheviks seized power, Pertsova's house in Moscow was nationalized, and expensive apartments were seized by the newly-minted fighters for the happiness of the people. For example, L. D. Trotsky laid eyes on the most original four-room apartment of a certain eccentric Pozdnyakov. Then he moved to the private quarters of the owners of the ladies, not forgetting to appropriate their unique things: rare paintings, sculptures, furniture, vases, and so on. What caused the admiration of foreign diplomats, who, being at receptions in Trotsky's mansion, expressed their amazement at the exquisite taste of Lev Davidovich.


They didn't suspect that he just took away all these works of art and other accessories from the true owners of the Pertsovs' house. Meanwhile, the very creator of the unusual house was first evicted from his home, and then sent to prison, since Nikolai Petrovich openly opposed the destruction of temples. He spent about 3 years in prisonyears, and then was released.


Where is Pertsova's house in Moscow? Its address is as follows: 1st Kursovoy lane, 1. Although there is a sign on the house with the inscription "Prechistenskaya embankment, 35".

How to get there?

To get to such a unique attraction, a tourist should take the metro and get to the station called Kropotkinskaya. When exiting the metro, you need to go towards the sign "Ostozhenka, Prechistenka, Soymonovsky proezd". In this direction, after walking four hundred meters, the tourist will be able to see the Pertsova apartment house in Moscow described above, the photo of which is presented in the article. True, the former splendor is already, unfortunately, gone.

Pepper's house in Moscow. What is there now?

In the fifties of the last century, here, among other things, there was a hostel for the railway station post office.

Now the theater "Comedians" is located in the building. And also in the house there are several dance and design studios, centers, offices, clubs. The Post Office and the Central District Attorney's Office are also housed in this interesting house.


Tourists will be able to find shelter and delicious food here, as the building houses several mini-hotels and mini-hotels, as well as catering establishments.

Small conclusion

Now you know where Pepper's house is and what it looks like. We also touched on the topic of creating a project, erecting the building itself. We hope that the information presented in the article was interesting and useful to you.

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