Rest in Koblevo: recreation center "Vinnitsa", "Chernomorets", "Oasis"

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Rest in Koblevo: recreation center "Vinnitsa", "Chernomorets", "Oasis"
Rest in Koblevo: recreation center "Vinnitsa", "Chernomorets", "Oasis"

Koblevo resort is a recreation center of various levels of comfort and more than a hundred boarding houses located on the Black Sea coast. The length of the recreation area is more than seven kilometers. Up to 20 thousand people can have a rest in Koblevo at the same time. The main advantage of this resort area is the complete absence of industry - only s alty sea breath, gentle southern sun, the sound of the surf and the enchanting aroma of steppe herbs. All these conditions will provide you with a comfortable stay in Koblevo, the recreation center is ready to receive guests from May to September.

Rest in Koblevo, recreation center

How to get to boarding houses and recreation centers

From Odessa you can get to Koblevo from the suburban bus station (next to Privoz), from here buses run every thirty minutes, the route of which runs along the recreation centers and boarding houses. From Nikolaev (from the bus station) there are fixed-route taxis toresort area. At this unique resort you can find everything you need for a noisy fun of young people or a relaxing holiday with children. It is believed that seven is a lucky number for the resort - its length along the coast is 7 kilometers, and for 7 visits to Koblevo 7 troubles and 7 diseases will go away. In addition, they say, 7 years of life are added.

Vinnitsa Recreation Center

Recreation center "Vinnitsa" in Koblevo is a modern place for rest of the European level. The base is located on the Ukrainian part of the resort and includes a well-groomed, flowering area with an original landscape and cozy gazebos. The distance to the beach is about a hundred meters. The five-storey residential complex has been hosting vacationers since 2005 in 152 rooms. In the two-story dining complex "Different Foods" there is a dining room for three hundred people.

Moldovan recreation centers in Koblevo

The territory of the base and the parking lot are fenced and guarded around the clock. Every day, those who come to rest in Koblevo, the recreation center "Vinnitsa" offers a wide range of delicious dishes. Among the pines there is a playground for the youngest guests, which is a playground for children, and next to it there are benches where parents or just vacationers can sit. There is also a restaurant and a summer bar. This place is ideal for families with children, as it is far from noisy areas. In addition, there is a fresh water swimming pool.

Infrastructure of the recreation center "Vinnitsa"

The main advantage and pride of the base is a functional indoor sports ground withprofessional finish and good lighting. There is also a tribune for 120 people for those wishing to watch the game. The entire entertainment infrastructure is located about 15 minutes walk where the Moldovan recreation centers in Koblevo are located. Here you can find discos, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, an amusement park and many attractions for children. Three hundred meters from the base there is a modern water park.

Recreation center Oasis in Koblevo

Vinnitsa Beach

About 100 meters from the building with rooms there is a sandy gentle beach. The shallow coast creates ideal conditions for children's swimming. There is a moderately flat bottom, the water in the sea quickly warms up to a comfortable temperature. The beach is equipped with canopy domes with a diameter of 30 meters each. Also, vacationers can rent a sun lounger, pedal boat and so on. There is also a cafe-bar with ice cream and soft drinks on the beach.

Recreation center in Koblevo, sea

Recreation centers in Koblevo: "Chernomorets"

"Chernomorets" is available for many families with children of any income level, as the prices here are relatively low. This place is located in a unique climatic zone: a combination of sea, coniferous and steppe air. This base is located in the Ukrainian part of Koblevo, in a picturesque pine forest. On the territory of the base there is one capital building with five floors and separate wooden houses. There is access to the sea. Boarding house "Chernomorets" is considered one of the most comfortable in Koblevo thanks tovery good location (30-100 meters from the Black Sea) and private beach.

Recreation center "Oasis"

The recreation center "Oasis" in Koblevo is a real paradise in the Odessa region, on the Black Sea coast. The recreation center "Oasis" has everything you need to spend a summer vacation together or with children. The boarding house is located 150 meters from the sea, not far from the recreation center "Cote d'Azur". If you choose this place, you can count on an inexpensive, but at the same time comfortable vacation. Here you will definitely relax and gain strength for the whole year.

Recreation center Vinnitsa in Koblevo

Oasis base infrastructure

The territory of this cozy base is completely buried in flowers and green spaces. Comfortable rooms in a one-story building. There are also detached cottages and houses, a playground for children, convenient parking for cars. There is table tennis, billiards and a summer gazebo, where you can sit perfectly in the evening near a small lake. If desired, vacationers can take barbecues and cook kebabs on them. The greenery in which the territory of the base is buried provides a pleasant cool atmosphere in any weather, which is very important in the summer heat. Delightful landscape design creates a wonderful atmosphere and sets you up for a relaxing holiday in Koblevo. The recreation center "Oasis" on the Black Sea also accepts collective applications for arrivals of 35-40 people in several shifts.

Location of vacationers at the recreation center "Oasis"

For those who came to rest in Koblevo, the recreation center offersseveral possible accommodation options: suites, junior suites and modern wooden houses. Separate houses "standard" are designed for two, three and four people and are equipped with an open cozy veranda. Wooden buildings are located in the shade of a colorful green alley not far from each other, which is very convenient for couples with children. Each house has everything you need for a comfortable stay: beds, wardrobe, bedside table, refrigerator, TV and more. Facilities (shower and toilet) are located on site. For those who came to the Black Sea in their own car, there is a small parking near the terrace.

What is the popular resort of Koblevo

The resort is popular because it has everything you need for a good family holiday. In addition, there are various entertainments that are sure to be appreciated by youth companies. If we talk about the entertainment offered by the recreation center in Koblevo, the sea, the beaches are the main ones. Today there are three water parks, a large number of inflatable attractions, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. In 2014, to the delight of vacationers, a dolphinarium was opened.

Recreation centers in Koblevo Chernomorets

You definitely won't be bored in Koblevo. If you are in the mood to travel or bad weather begins, then numerous tour agencies are at your service to help you get acquainted with the unique sights of the Odessa and Nikolaev regions. Koblevo is an ecologically clean area with sandy beaches and a pine forest. Visiting seasonrelax in this wonderful place opens at the end of May and lasts until the beginning of September. During the season, the air temperature is 30-35 degrees, the water warms up to 23 degrees. In the resort area there are more than two hundred boarding houses and recreation centers of various comfort, located at various distances from the seashore. The resort will be able to accommodate up to 20,000 people at the same time.

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