Picture City – Taormina, Sicily

Picture City – Taormina, Sicily
Picture City – Taormina, Sicily

The history of this town, located in the heart of Sicily, is inextricably linked with the Greek settlement of Naxos. Many centuries ago, a flourishing Greek colony lived here, which in 403 BC was destroyed. e. destroyed the troops of the Syracusan tyrant Dionysius. Those who survived took refuge in the mountains, on top of Monte Taurus, where the new city grew. This is how Taormina appeared on the Sicilian land.

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Sicily for centuries was ruled by a variety of peoples. The owners of the mountain town also changed. Taormina was owned by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, Normans. Periods of prosperity and peaceful life gave way to periods of decline and devastation. The fishing settlement, which was carefully treated by the ancient Romans, was plundered with the arrival of the Arabs and turned into a real eastern fortress. And under the Normans, the city found a new life, the symbol of which was the most beautiful palaces and temples. Taormina still keeps the memory of each of these peoples.

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Modern Sicily is above allresort region. And Taormina is no exception. This is a picture city where an ideal atmosphere for tourists has been created. Everything here attracts the traveler's eye - smart fountains, beautiful squares, cozy hotels, and friendly restaurants, not to mention colorful shops selling ceramics and marzipans, which Sicily is so famous for.

Taormina, reviews of travelers, full of delight, have been heard for more than a hundred years, is rightfully considered the most poetic city on the island. Here drew inspiration from Maupassant, Wagner, Goethe, Dali, Dumas, Nabokov, Akhmatova … Sights are everywhere. The architectural monuments of the Greco-Roman era harmoniously coexist with the palaces of the Middle Ages and colorful souvenir shops, while the colorful Mediterranean vegetation, fragrant under the Sicilian sun, emphasizes the man-made beauty.

The city is divided into two zones - the historical center and the coastal part. A funicular runs between them, on which, after visiting the architectural sights, you can go down to the sea. On the coast, tourists are waiting for luxurious hotels, equipped beaches and the waters of the warm Ionian Sea. This area is known as Taormina Mare.

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Most tourists associate Sicily primarily with a beach holiday. But in Taormina, the desire to lie on the shore comes last. After all, there are so many interesting things here! Connoisseurs of architectural monuments are waiting for the Church of Catherine of Alexandria and the Corvaia Palace, the cathedral and the ancient theater, the clock square anda baroque fountain, a medieval chapel and the church of the patron saint of the city - St. Pancras. Tourists especially love the open Greek theater - a witness of that distant era when Taormina was just emerging. Sicily in all its glory, topped by the cone of Mount Etna, opens up before the eyes of travelers from this point of the city. Pubblico Giardino is also charming with cool alleys, sculptures and intricate structures reminiscent of Chinese pagodas. During the summer, the city hosts a variety of exhibitions and festivals, including the famous Taormina Film Fest. During this period, Taormina becomes especially noisy and lively.

Sicily is deservedly proud of this mountain town, which over its centuries-old history has seduced more than one hundred poets, artists, writers and ordinary travelers. Even the most sophisticated tourists are touched by its complex history and impressive southern beauty.

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