Samos - Greece for lovers of history and beautiful landscapes

Samos - Greece for lovers of history and beautiful landscapes
Samos - Greece for lovers of history and beautiful landscapes

This island has been known to the world since antiquity. Samos is the Greece of the times of Hellas, which gave history such names as Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aristarchus, Aesop and many others. Today, the island, washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea, is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists. And many come here, first of all, to touch the millennia-old history of not only this country, but the world in general. In terms of architectural monuments that Samos is rich in, Greece can compete with the most famous unique historical and cultural places on the planet.

Samos, Greece

For the attention of tourists - the Temple of the goddess Hera (VIII-VI centuries BC), the pier in the port of the island's capital, which has not survived to this day, however, according to Herodotus, was considered one of the wonders of the world, cave of Pythagoras, archaeological, paleontological, folklore museums… It is almost impossible to list all the sights of this amazing island. This is the place where the history of the Earth was created, where world masterpieces of architecture and art were created, many of which can still be seen in all their glory today.demonstrate Samos.

Greece is the oldest country in the modern world. However, today tourists from the most remote corners come here not only to see this. These are lands with a wonderful climate, several seas, and the most picturesque corners of nature. Samos is the island of Greece, which is the most suitable for beach lovers.

Samos - Greece, hotels

Relatively small in terms of population (35 thousand), it can easily accommodate twice as many tourists at the same time. The cleanest pebble beaches (sandy beaches come across, but less often), the relatively warm and shallow sea, which is very attractive for vacationers with children, light Mediterranean cuisine and many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts - this is Samos.

Greece is generally famous all over the world for its hospitality, but here, it seems, there is simply no limit to it. Hospitable hosts are always ready to shelter the guests of the island in their spacious houses. And accommodation in the private sector will often be cheaper, but much more interesting than relaxing in the most luxurious hotels, which can also be easily found on the island of Samos.

Samos, Greece, map

Greece hotels have a variety of levels in terms of the number of stars. But, staying even in an inexpensive place, for example, "under one star", you can count on the most polite treatment of the staff. The Greeks are very hospitable people, and if you are visiting them, how much you paid for it - it does not matter, you can be sure that you will be surrounded by care and attention.

Active tourist flow,which is not particularly reduced even in winter, contributes to its own airport, located in the capital - the city of the same name Samos. Greece, whose map confirms this, is rich in island resorts. Unfortunately, with most of them, as well as with Samos, there is no direct flight connection from Russia. But from Athens in an hour you can get by domestic flight to almost anywhere in the country. It is very convenient for Russian tourists to get to Samos by ferry from the Turkish port of Kusantasi or Kusadasi. The journey will take no more than two hours. Recently, the Greek authorities have allowed tourists from Turkey to visit Samos in the summer without a visa.

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