Trip to the Maldives: tips for tourists

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Trip to the Maldives: tips for tourists
Trip to the Maldives: tips for tourists

Maldives are incredibly popular among lovers of beach and sea resorts. Of course, only we althy citizens go there. The archipelago consists of a huge number of islets, most of which are uninhabited. Rest in local resorts captivates with the primordial charm of nature and the simplicity of life of the islanders. However, tours to the islands cannot be called cheap, since only to Male the cheapest ticket costs from 16,990 rubles. In addition, five-star and four-star hotels predominantly operate on the islands, accommodation in which cannot be called cheap. Tourists often consider the option of an independent trip to the Maldives. But this raises many questions. In our article we will try to answer some of them. We hope that our information will be useful and help tourists decide what they need for a trip to the Maldives.

How to organize your own vacation

The services of travel agencies will greatly facilitate your trip, but also significantly increase its cost. For this reason, some travelers are thinking about an independent trip to the Maldives. After allthe unique beauty of advertising booklets fully corresponds to reality, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of experienced spa guests.

Resort beaches

To organize any trip, you need to know a lot about the country you intend to go to. The main issue that needs to be addressed is the documents. Their design lies purely on your shoulders if you decide to organize a trip to the Maldives on your own. Where to begin? First, you need to prepare documents in advance.

As for tickets, you can use online offers to buy them. Now there are many companies offering passengers to choose the most advantageous option for price, date, airline.

If you are planning a budget trip to the Maldives in 2018, then you need to allocate at least 30-40 thousand rubles for the flight alone. This is exactly the cost of inexpensive round-trip tickets when departing from St. Petersburg or Moscow. You can also fly to the Maldives from other cities: Krasnodar, Samara, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don. Ticket prices also start at about 30,000 rubles.

What documents are required

The main thing you need to travel to the Maldives is documents. Many tourists are wondering if they need a visa to travel to these islands. To visit the Maldives for the purpose of tourism for up to thirty days, Russians do not need a visa, which greatly simplifies the task.

The list of documents for a trip to the Maldives includes:

  1. Flights.
  2. Passport.
  3. A voucher, if you have one.
  4. Insurance policy.
  5. Document from the bank for the export of foreign currency (if you export more than 10 thousand dollars per person).
  6. Credit card.
  7. Driver's license (if you intend to rent a car).

When preparing for your trip, check the validity of your passport. It must be valid for another three months from the date of your arrival on the islands. It is extremely imprudent to travel long distances with a document that is about to expire, because unforeseen circumstances may occur during the trip, due to which you will not have time to return to your homeland on time. If you are planning a cheap trip to the Maldives, experienced travelers recommend taking a moderate amount of cash with you. This can amount to about 3 to 6 thousand rubles, or 50-100 dollars per day.

Documents for children

Do not forget about the documents for a trip to the Maldives for children. If you are traveling with a minor child, but the second parent (mother or father) is not going on vacation, you must have a power of attorney from him (notarized).

Resort airport

In the event that children are sent abroad as part of a group (without mom and dad), a power of attorney from both parents is required.

Border crossing rules

To ensure that your trip to the Maldives goes smoothly from the very beginning, you need to arrive at the airport in advance. It is better to do this in 2, 5 - 3 hours.

To board your flight you need:

Pass customs control by filling out a declaration. Forms can be obtained in front of the customs line

The important point is the amount of money you take abroad:

  1. If you take out up to 3 thousand dollars per person, then you should not declare them.
  2. If you take with you up to 10 thousand dollars for each family member, then the money is declared, and the passage is carried out through the red corridor.
  3. When exporting more than 10 thousand dollars each, bank documents are required.

Customs control takes place in the same wing where they check in for the flight. After receiving your boarding pass, you must go through border control. The next step is to board the plane. Check-in for the flight closes forty minutes before the plane takes off.

Departure rules from the Maldives

When departing from the Maldives, you must:

  1. Arrive at the airport early.
  2. Go through baggage customs.
  3. Go to the check-in counter for your flight.
  4. After receiving a boarding pass, you must go through passport control and fill out a departure registration card.
  5. Go to the lounge for your flight.


A trip to the Maldives is the dream of any active tourist. Islands are able to win the heart of any traveler. Stunning nature and mild climate make this place unique. Weather conditions determine the time for the trip. The islands have a tropical climate. General weather in the Maldivesunchanged throughout the year. There is no better place for a beach holiday.

The average air temperature here is kept at +24 to +31 degrees Celsius during the day and at night. Feeling the difference between temperatures in different seasons is almost impossible.

However, seasonality is present on the islands, since the monsoons influence the climatic conditions. Thanks to their efforts, tropical rainy summers are replaced by dry winters. There are no other seasons here. Therefore, we can say that the best time to travel to the Maldives is winter.

resort coast

The tourist season on the islands starts in December and ends in April. At this time, the atolls and islands are overflowing with tourists who are fleeing the severe frosts that are observed on other continents. If you are planning a trip to the Maldives at this time, you need to prepare in advance. The dry season is incredibly popular among holidaymakers. This is not at all due to the lack of rain, but to the calmness of the sea and low humidity. Windless weather and mild temperatures allow you to fully enjoy a beach holiday and get a beautiful tan. Fans of the underwater world also tend to visit the islands during this period to enjoy the clear waters of the ocean.

Rainy season

In mid-April, the rainy season begins, which lasts until the end of November. According to reviews, a trip to the Maldives at this time is much more profitable than in the high season. It will be much cheaper to rent an apartment and fly. The rains themselves do not deliver significantinconvenience, because they are very different from the cold autumn showers we are used to, observed in our latitudes.

Rain season

The rainy season on the islands is the time of the general flowering of tropical plants, the time of fresh sea breezes. Downpours here are strong, but short-lived, lasting more than an hour. After their completion, the bright sun reappears in the sky. The beaches are drying up at an incredible rate. The only possible disadvantage would be high humidity, which not everyone can tolerate well.

The most difficult month in terms of showers is July. At this time, the islands are really covered with clouds, and the rains are often accompanied by real hurricanes.

Perfect timing

In general, we can say that the ideal period for a holiday on the islands is December - January, because at this time the sea is calm, there are no winds, rains and high temperatures. However, it is worth preparing in advance for the fact that you will have to pay dearly for this pleasure. The high season is the time of the massive influx of tourists.

For surfers, experts recommend choosing a transitional period between the monsoons, the time of the change of seasons. It is during such periods that the strongest winds and waves are observed. This weather is typical for April, mid-November and March.

Favorable time for a beach holiday during the tropical summer - from September to November. Showers are rare, and they pour at night.

The most financially advantageous period for a holiday is from February to March. Even lower prices are observed in July and August, but at the same time it reigns completelybad weather. The most optimal cost is the period from May to June.


The islands are quite safe to travel if you follow certain rules (we'll talk about them later). However, at the beginning of 2018, it was recommended to stop traveling to the Maldives. This statement was made by the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka. This is due to political unrest in the region. There was no open threat, but there were certain prerequisites, since a state of emergency was even introduced. Of course, this event did not affect the tourist regions. The main movement was observed in the capital - the city of Male.

How much will the trip cost

Holidays in the Maldives can be very different. It all depends on which accommodation option you prefer. Local atolls offer five-star and four-star hotels with a high level of service.

A trip to the Maldives for two "all inclusive" will cost at least 140 thousand (for 7-8 nights) subject to accommodation in a four-star hotel. Luxurious bungalows on a sandy beach beckon any tourist. But for many, this is just a dream. The cost of one night in luxury apartments can reach 25 thousand rubles. Not everyone can afford such a vacation. Therefore, the Maldives is called a resort for moneybags.

The best time to relax

Most of the tourists prefer independent trips, which help to save a lot of money. In the Maldives, you can find not only luxury accommodation, but also more budget options.Experienced tourists have long enjoyed all the benefits of the Internet, booking apartments on their own using the Agoda and Booking websites. These resources allow you to find the most budget options, so they are popular all over the world.

Tourists recommend using hotel search engines, analyzing all available offers, be sure to read real reviews. The cost of living in the same hotel on different sites may differ by 10-30%. One of the best resources is RoomGuru and Hotellook. Which one to use is up to you.


Don't think that the Maldives is only luxury hotels and atolls. It's not like that at all. The islands have not only expensive and mid-level housing, but also cheap guesthouses. If you are planning a budget trip to the Maldives for two, you can try to find accommodation for 3000 rubles per day.

Guesthouses in Hulumale

A 20-minute drive from the airport in Male is the town of Hulumale, which is still under construction. In general, it is more like a sleeping area. Here you can find the cheapest guesthouses. The cost of a room in them starts from 3 thousand rubles per day. For this money you get new apartments of modest size with good furniture, cleaning supplies and fresh linens. Breakfast is included in the rate.

Hulhumale is an area that was built to relieve Male as the capital was literally overflowing with residents and tourists. But budget guesthouses can be found in other regions of the islands.

To the Maldives from Sri Lanka

Experienced tourists have long tried budget trips to the Maldives from Sri Lanka. The islands are only 50 minutes away. Holidays in the Maldives are quite expensive, as the total amount includes transfers between the atolls.

However, the cost of a flight from Sri Lanka to the islands is not so high. In one trip you can see two countries at once. You can start your vacation in Sri Lanka and get acquainted with its rich heritage, and then continue in the Maldives. Tickets can be purchased in advance online. However, it is worth remembering that you need to apply for a visa to Sri Lanka. This must be done at home.

Diving in the Maldives


The main entertainment on the islands is diving. Many tourists tend to get to the Maldives to admire the underwater beauties. The cost of diving excursions in different companies can vary greatly. On average, you need to focus on 4 thousand rubles. Local instructors also offer to swim with whale sharks. They are not at all dangerous to humans, as they feed only on plankton. Despite this fact, such an attraction is not for the faint of heart, since it is quite scary to be near large sharks.

In addition, local guides offer ocean fishing, dolphin watching, a submarine tour and a seaplane flight. On the islands, it is even interesting to just wander through the shallow water, surrounded by small fish. On the Lavianim Atoll, a night walk through the luminous water, in which myriads of fireflies live, will allow you to experience a unique experience. On theThere are a lot of dolphins in Baa, and entire excursion groups come to watch them.

Maldives Customs Regulations

Going to the country, it is necessary to study the intricacies of customs clearance so that there are no problems. Upon arrival in the country, you will have to go through a thorough control. Not only luggage, but also hand luggage is subject to inspection. According to the country's legislation, the import of drugs, any alcohol, explosives, firearms and cold steel, pornographic materials, military paraphernalia, pork, animals, etc., into the Maldives is prohibited.

There are also restrictions on the export of goods from the country. Not allowed to export:

  1. Black corals and products from them.
  2. It is forbidden to take sharp objects in hand luggage. It is recommended to put them in luggage.

Sea shells, booklets, T-shirts with symbols, handicrafts of local craftsmen (wicker baskets, dishes, reed carpets), silver jewelry, coconut oil can be taken home as souvenirs.

Recommendations for tourists

Going to the Maldives, you need to know a lot about them in order to understand how to behave on vacation. Muslim country. This means that Europeans should dress according to local traditions. For walks around Male or the islands, you should wear long trousers, skirts, shirts with sleeves. Men are advised not to have contact with Maldivian women.

Surfing in the Maldives

The law categorically prohibits the removal and collection of the living or the deadcorals.

You can't drink alcohol in public places. Moreover, it is impossible to buy it. Only a few hotels offer strong drinks in their bars.

It is forbidden to swim and sunbathe topless in the country. Bikini swimwear is also not welcome, it is better to use capes and tunics for the beach.

Vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended before traveling to the islands.

You can only drink bottled water at local resorts, as local water is usually desalinated. It is cleaned, but due to high temperatures it deteriorates very quickly.

It is worth taking all the necessary medicines with you on vacation, since it is difficult to find pharmacy stalls in the resorts.

Experienced tourists recommend stocking up on sunscreen. Swimming is also better in clothes, as the skin reacts very quickly to active sunlight.


The Maldives is an exotic island country that delights with beautiful white beaches and incredibly clear ocean water. Every lover of a beach holiday and vivid impressions dreams of visiting local resorts. About a trip to the Maldives, reviews of tourists are about the same. Almost all people admire the beautiful nature, beaches, clear water of the ocean. Among the minuses, most travelers name high prices for everything, including hotel accommodation, food, transport, and alcohol. In addition, some fans of outdoor activities in the Maldives found it boring and monotonous.

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