Resort area "Omsk - Chernoluche": forest recreation

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Resort area "Omsk - Chernoluche": forest recreation
Resort area "Omsk - Chernoluche": forest recreation

About the zone "Omsk - Chernoluche" is known to all Omsk residents and even those who have never been there. Located on the picturesque bank of the Irtysh, the village with adjacent lands is included in the resort area of ​​local importance and is considered a healing area. The relic pine forest and birch forests located in Chernoluchinsky create a special microclimate that has a beneficial effect on he alth.

History of the settlement

The modern resort "Omsk - Chernoluche" is relatively young and was founded only in the 1950s. The village got its name from a nearby village with the same name (currently part of the Novotroitsk rural settlement, population 249), founded back in 1670.

The name of the village is associated with the area where it is located. The steep bend of the Irtysh River (bend) was called by the locals "Black Bow". Thus the village at the bend received an adapted name.

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An ordinary dacha village from Chernoluchye didn't work out. Beautiful natureand medical microclimate became the reason for the appearance of rest houses, children's and adult he alth camps in the area, and in 1962 the area received the status of a local resort and appropriate protection (a ban on deforestation, hunting, industrial enterprises).

Infrastructure and Features

Currently, Chernoluchinsky is the administrative center of the rural settlement of the same name, territorially included in the Omsk municipal district. As of January 2017, the area of ​​the settlement is 680 hectares and 1,510 people permanently reside within its borders. 64% of residents are of working age, but only 34% are economically active (employed or self-employed).

The village has infrastructure facilities to meet the needs of the local population. Among them:

  • Secondary school.
  • Children's sports school.
  • Kindergarten.
  • Feldsher-obstetric station.

Also, there are 4 cafes, 2 bars, 10 saunas (baths), 2 pharmacies and more than 10 retail stores in Chernoluchinsky. And this is without taking into account the services and goods that the recreation centers "Chernoluchye - Omsk" provide.

Features of transport communication

The status of a recreational zone entails not only the environmental protection of the Omsk-Chernoluche resort, but also a special road regime that applies to resort areas from June 1 to August 31. During a mass summer holiday, the movement of cars is limited along the Omsk - Krasnoyarka road (a regional road) andentrance to the village. In fact, at this time, a special access control regime begins to operate in relation to the resort, which is monitored by representatives of the Siberian Military Cossack Society (since 2015).

The entry ban is related to the decision of the Omsk District Administration to limit the number of vehicles in the recreation area so as not to worsen the environmental, transport situation and avoid accidents on the roads. The latter is especially relevant, because every year Chernoluchinsky becomes a place of mass children's recreation.

To travel to the resort area by private car, its owner needs to obtain a special pass. The document must be obtained from the administration of the village or from the Administration of the Omsk region. Vehicle owners registered in Chernoluchy receive passes immediately. Other persons need to wait for approval - 5-6 business days.

The entry restriction does not apply to emergency vehicles, vehicles delivering medicines and food to the settlement, as well as passenger buses.

The question of how to get to Omsk and Chernoluchi is quite popular. Motorists can get to the resort by following the Krasnoyarsk highway. The left branch subsequently forks into roads leading to Chernoluchinsky and Krasnoyarka.

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You can also arrive at the forest recreation using public transport. From Omsk, Chernoluche is located 48 km to the north-west. Regular buses of JSC "Omskoblavtotrans" run daily with an interval of 2-3 hourson the routes Omsk - Chernoluche or Omsk - the sanatorium "Russian Forest". In the village, the final bus stop is the station, located at Torgovaya Street, house 7, letter A.

Resting places: list and price overview

In the resort area of ​​​​the village of Chernoluchinsky there are 15 operating recreation centers and 2 more similar institutions at the beginning of 2017 are under construction. They are located both within the settlement and beyond its borders, they have a territory of different area and the volume of services provided.

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Among the rest houses we can highlight the following:

  • "Fairy Tale", country recreation complex. The cost of rooms is from 1,500 rubles, excluding other services.
  • A.I. Pokryshkin base. The price varies from 1,000 to 15,000 rubles (a separate house).
  • Park-hotel "Dream" provides guests with separate houses costing from 8,000 rubles per day.
  • Rest House "Russian Forest" - room price from 2,000 rubles.

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