Sights of Nalchik. Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

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Sights of Nalchik. Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
Sights of Nalchik. Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

In our today's article, one of the most beautiful cities of Kabardino-Balkaria - Nalchik (Russia) will be presented for review. It is small in area, but unique in historical, natural and cultural characteristics. Like any other city, it has its own biography, its own image. After seeing the sights of Nalchik, you will truly fall in love with the pearl of Kabardino-Balkaria. So let's get started.


This two-headed handsome volcano is considered one of the largest extinct volcanoes on our planet. The height of the western peak is 5642 m, 5621 m - eastern. They are separated by a saddle (5200 m). The distance between the peaks is about 3 km. In terms of magnitude, Elbrus is second only to the Aconcagua volcano and the fire-breathing mountain Llyulaylako (6960 m and 6723 m, respectively). Once Elbrus had colossal power. Its ashes lie at the foot of Mount Mashuk - almost 100 km from the site of the eruption. The conquest of Elbrus is very difficult due to the low temperature (-1.4 ° C even in summer), insanewinds and a rather noticeable smell of hydrogen sulfide. True, this confuses not all tourists and climbers. Dozens of brave men climb this volcano every year. It is better to climb from the southern slope, where the infrastructure is concentrated: cable car, hotels, restaurants. The two-headed giant silently keeps priceless riches in the depths. At its foot - "Valley of Narzanov" famous healing springs. Elbrus is visible from all corners of the region.

sights of nalchik

Atazhukinsky Garden

This is the name of the city park. Revealing the sights of Nalchik, one cannot but pay attention to it. The park is a real pride of the locals. And guests who come to Nalchik call it a "green miracle". This is an impressive green area in the very center of the city, which merges with the resort area. This is a kind of museum and reserve. There are more than fifty species of trees and shrubs that grow only in Kabardino-Balkaria. In addition, a huge number of plantations were brought from Korea, Japan, America, China, Siberia, Northern Europe, and Asia. The scope of the article will not allow to list and at least briefly describe each species. Let's just say that even those plants grow in the park that are no longer found in their homeland (for example, ginkgo from Korea and China, peacocks from Japan, etc.). Today, only the city of Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic) can boast of this beauty.

Palace of Celebrations and Green Theater

city ​​of nalchik

An elegant architectural building, immersed in the greenery of a cozy park, wasbuilt in 1957 in honor of the 400th anniversary of the republic's accession to Russia. This is one of the most picturesque corners of Nalchik. The Palace of Celebrations is located near a mountain river and a lake. The architect of the project (Georgy Mosulishvili) managed to fit the structure into the park ensemble so harmoniously that it not only does not seem alien, but literally merges with the realm of lindens, ash trees, hornbeams, elms, beeches, hazels. And in spring, when the slope of the mountain is covered with snow-white boiling fragrant wild-fruit trees, the Palace of Celebrations looks especially tender.

Many have fond memories of the Green Theatre. By the way, it was built together with the Palace of Celebrations. Then it was a restaurant. In 2002, it was reconstructed, but the unique architectural solutions and the unique overall look were left. Now even world-class artists can be invited here: the area of ​​​​the amphitheaters in total is 1050 square meters. m. In the basement there is a cafe with a banquet hall. The first and upper floors are reserved for rehearsal rooms, a spacious foyer, dressing rooms. The design of the stands (2560 seats) is monolithic and prefabricated, designed for several decades. The new theater stage can accommodate a large orchestra

Museum. Tkachenko

Nalchik routes

Nalchik owns many cultural institutions. The gallery keeps the works of Levitsky, Bryulov, Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Lansere, Kuindzhi, and the works of contemporary local masters are also exhibited here. It was decided to open an art museum in 1959. Exhibitions change every 1.5 months (personal collections, personal, anniversary, thematic, exchange). very widerepresented by the Soviet period. Folk art pieces are consistently popular.

Restaurant Sosruko

nalchik kabardino balkar republic

Undoubtedly, one of the sights of Nalchik. Moreover, residents consider it a symbol of the city. It was built on Kizilovka (a mountain 600 meters high) and is visible from any corner of Nalchik. The restaurant is an unusual architectural structure, made in the form of the head of a mighty hero with an outstretched hand with a torch. "Sosruko" has repeatedly received awards and prizes for originality. The restaurant serves national dishes. The authors of the project were F. Kalmykov (sculptor), Z. Ozov (sculptor), Palagashvili (architect). After a major overhaul carried out in 2004, two halls appeared - a hunting hall and a youth hall (two-tiered), a decorative waterfall with birds and a tap from which pours into the makhsym bowl.

The restaurant has become the main link of the center "Malaya Kizilovka" (excursion center). The mountain can be reached by car, but most people prefer the chairlift. The latter also leads to the city of attractions.

Nalchik lake

Cathedral Mosque

Located on the site of a former cinema (Shogentsukov str.). The national and regional character is read here in everything: in the very image, in the materials, in the decoration. This is a very colorful and bright building - a blue dome, walls glazed with reflective golden stained-glass windows, decoration from "wild" stones. The mosque itself is located on a small round area. Around - paved tiles with a pattern oriented to Mecca anddecorative fence. The total area of ​​the mosque is 1700 sq. m. It can simultaneously accommodate about 1000 parishioners.

Nalchik Cathedral Mosque

Friendship Arch

The opening of this memorial was timed to coincide with the 450th anniversary of the friendly union between Kabardino-Balkaria and Russia. The building was designed by Muzarib Bzhakhov, and built at the expense of the personal funds of President Arsen Kanokov.

Initially, the arch was going to be decorated with bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the Adyghe history and the Nart epic. On the pedestals it was planned to install cast bronze figures of people who made a significant contribution to the development of the country. There were many candidates - from Prince Kanokov to Tsar Grozny. Another name was also planned ("Triumphal"). However, all these proposals were rejected by the Public Advisory Council. The debate went on for a long time. As a result, they decided to install bronze statues without personifying them. The name has also been changed.

The Memorial Arch of Friendship was kept in a strict style. Now, having fit into the general ensemble, the city of Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic) considers it one of several of its calling cards.

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Built in honor of Mary Magdalene. The Church especially honors those who were the first to know about the resurrected Christ. Among the few was Mary of Magdala (the name of the city). This name was given at baptism to the daughter of Temryuk Idarov (daughter of the Kabardian prince). Subsequently, she became the wife of Ivan the Terrible. The dynastic marriage further cemented the union of Kabarda and Russia (1557).

The temple can accommodate a thousand worshipers.This is a five-domed temple, built in the Byzantine style, taking into account all Orthodox canons. The first stone was laid in September 2004. The consecration took place at the same time. Now it is a beautiful two-story building. The first level was taken under the baptismal, workshops, utility rooms, the second - for the worshipers. Most of it is reserved for the choir. From here you can get to the bell tower. The first level is a porch, a covered porch. The entire site occupies 7 thousand square meters. m, 800 sq. m.

In 2010, on April 18, the first service was held - the Divine Liturgy. This temple is not just the sights of Nalchik, it is the dignity of the Orthodox and all residents of the KBR.

Nalchik Church of Mary Magdalene


Horses have always been held in high esteem by the highlanders. Kabardian breeds have always been different from many others. They are unpretentious, hardy, beautiful and graceful. Within the breed, the subspecies Bekan, Shagdiy, Sholokh are especially valued. Horse breeding was encouraged by tsarist Russia. Tens of thousands of animals were purchased for the cavalry, mostly of the Kabardian breed.

Race trials of horses at smooth racecourses are a kind of exams that give marks to horse breeding. It was decided to build a hippodrome in 1939. However, the war caused enormous damage to the livestock. Only dozens of thoroughbred horses remained in the country's breeding fund. The decline was so huge that the livestock was restored only by the 60s, and even then only partially. The period of perestroika almost brought all efforts to nothing. It seemed that horse breeding was dead. Breeding work has practically ceased,tests were not carried out. The Nalchik hippodrome was collapsing… The impetus for the development of the “half-dead” racing infrastructure was given only in 2006, when the authorities began to understand that the well-known brand called the Nalchik Hippodrome should be taken with the utmost seriousness. The first who invested part of his personal funds (50 million rubles) in horse breeding was A. B. Kanokov (president of the republic). The idea was supported by many horse owners. Today the complex is truly flourishing. Not only that, it meets the highest global standards and is fixed by experts.


And this is what Nalchik looks like on the map:

Nalchik on the map

One can talk about the sights of Nalchik for a long time and, perhaps, endlessly. Here, every stone has its own history, every corner is proud of the indigenous people. You can't even imagine how colorful Nalchik is - lakes, mountains, forests with outlandish plants, hospitable people, amazing cuisine! It will take a lot of time to get to know the city and its surroundings on your own. For those who have only a few days at their disposal, study tours are thought out. And for those who are ready to cope on their own, we offer to help the main routes of Nalchik.

  • 1 (taxi). Coming from st. Gas (Strelka market), to Malbakhov, Osetinskaya, along Shogentsukov Avenue, to city hospital No. 2, Attoev and to the village of Khasanya.
  • 2 (trolleybus). From Strelka it goes to Malbakhov, to Osetinskaya, then - Shogentsukov Ave, Balkarskaya, then Lenin Ave, Kuliev Ave and Orbita (Kirov).
  • 3 (trolleybus). FromShogenov to the Taman division, along the Ossetian, Malbakhov, to the Strelka.
  • 4 (trolleybus). It follows from TU (management), along Shogenov, Taman division, Osetinskaya, Shogentsukov Ave., Balkarskaya, Lenin Ave., Kuliev Ave., to Orbita (Kirov St.).
  • 5 (taxi). From the corner of st. Shogenov-Kalmykov-Keshkov to Pushkin, on the street. Tolstoy to the faculty of FC and PMNO.
  • 6 (taxi). From st. Chechenskaya to Nedelin, along Ashurov, Kabardinskaya, Keshokov, Shogentsukov Ave., st. Kirov, to the 5th microdistrict (Tarchokov).
  • 7 (taxi). From the cannery to Profsoyuznaya, Mostovaya, Keshokov (Soviet), Pushkin, Tolstoy, along Chernyshevsky, to Kirov, Elbrusskaya, Kalyuzhny, Malbakhov, Gas (Strelka), to Teplichny Lane. Final - Northern.

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