Where is Oginsky's estate located?

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Where is Oginsky's estate located?
Where is Oginsky's estate located?

In ancient times it was fashionable to build large and beautiful estates at some distance from the city. One of the striking examples in Belarus is the Oginsky Estate, which is located in the agro-town of Zalesye. The estate belonged to the politician and composer Mikhail Oginsky, who is known throughout the world as the author of the polonaise "Farewell to the Motherland".

Oginsky Estate (Belarus)

In the town of Zalesye (Republic of Belarus) there is a manor, which was built from 1802. Construction was completed twenty years later. The estate is included in the list of historical and cultural values ​​of Belarus and stands on the banks of the river Dry.

Manor Oginsky

Unfortunately, not all the buildings that were part of the complex could survive, but in 2011 a major restoration was started. So, for example, in 2014, the Oginsky Palace was solemnly and reopened. In 2015, work began in the park areas, and in the future it is planned to open a museum and cultural center.

Composition of the estate

To better imagine the Oginsky Manor, you should describe what it consists of:

  • The palace itself, completed in 1822.
  • Big parkcomplex.
  • The Catholic chapel, which was built in 1815 and restored in the 1920s.
  • Water mill, also built in the 19th century.
  • 19th century barn.
  • Pavilion "Temple of Amelia" XIX century.

All this can be seen if you visit the estate, going to the town of Zalesye.


The Lithuanian-Belarusian princely and noble family of the Oginskys originates from Prince Dmitry Glushonok. They began to own the Zalesye estate long before the birth of Mikhail Oginsky, in the 18th century.

When Mikhail inherited Oginsky's estate from his uncle Frantisek Xavier, it consisted of a wooden palace and several outbuildings. In 1802, after the Kosciuszko uprising, Mikhail returned to the Russian Empire and began to build a new stone estate. For eight years he constantly lived in Zalesye, and then for more than 10 years he periodically stayed in this place. The author of the project was Mikhail Schulz, and Joseph Pussier supervised the entire construction.

Oginsky's estate in Zalesye

When the palace was built, an English-style park was laid out next to it, a chapel, several gazebos and bridges, pavilions were also built. Interestingly, for a more complete picture, a lake was built in the park, which was filled with water from two rivers, Bobrinka and Ruditsa, flowing throughout the park.

Some of these buildings can still be seen today, some of them were rebuilt and restored, while others were almost completelyrestored.

Why is Oginsky's estate named after Mikhail? Why was the Polish prince so famous on the territory of Belarus?

Mikhal Oginsky was a composer, diplomat and politician, senator of the Russian Empire. For several years he was actively involved in politics, was a confidant of Alexander I. He created the well-known work "Oginsky's Polonaise", and many people think that it was written in this estate.

In the city of Molodechno, in Belarus, a monument to Mikhail Oginsky was erected, the Musical College bears his name, and there are also several streets in different cities named after him.

After the death of Mikhail Oginsky, the estate was inherited by his son. But he did not live there, but rented out the estate. Unfortunately, the palace and the park began to gradually collapse, as they were not properly cared for. Then the estate was inherited by the daughters, who, in turn, sold it in parts.

During the years of Soviet power, Zalesye was first used as a holiday home for the residents of Minsk. In 1961, it was transformed into a nursing home, and in 1977 it was taken over by a silicate plant, which planned to create a dispensary here, but since there were no funds, this idea was not implemented. Only after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Oginsky's estate came under the control of the Belarusian Ministry of Culture. It was then that it was planned to create a museum of Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky in this place, and later a school for children. But it was difficult to fulfill the plan due to the economiccrisis in the 90s, but gradually ideas began to be put into practice.


You can see the estate not only from the outside, but also from the inside, looking at the presented expositions. The entire exposition is located in 13 halls, where you can get acquainted with the life and various activities of Mikhail Oginsky.

For example, there is an interesting hall in Oginsky's estate in Zalesye, which is called "Oginsky's Music", where musical instruments of the 19th century are presented, or the Zalesye hall, where you can get acquainted with the history of the appearance of this place and the owners of this estate from the family Oginsky.

Oginsky Estate Museum

In addition to these halls, there is also the "Fireplace Hall", where portraits of people from the family are hung and the "M.K. Oginsky's Office" hall, where he did his work, met with politicians and statesmen.

There are also such rooms as "Small living room" and "Large living room", "Vestibule in front of the large living room", "Billiard room", where there is not only a table, but also furniture of that time, as well as the "Greenhouse" hall and "Orangereya. Coffee House", where guests can have a snack and drink tea or coffee.

How to get to the estate

If we consider the question of where the Oginsky Manor is located, in more detail, you should know that the village is located 12 km from Smorgon, near the Molodechno railway station, or 90 kilometers from Minsk in the northwest.

Museum estate Oginsky in Zalesye

You can get to the estate both by private car, having studied the detailed map on the official website, and by rail transport, or rather by trains that stop at Molodechno station. Then you can walk, which will take 15-20 minutes.

Opening hours and cost

The Oginsky Estate Museum is open every day except Monday. To get there, you need to purchase an entrance ticket, the ticket office closes at 17.30. You should also clarify the schedule of the museum on holidays and public holidays, when the museum may be closed.

Ticket price may vary depending on what you would like to see or hear. For example, an independent visit for adults, the ticket price will be 4 Belarusian rubles, for schoolchildren, students and pensioners - 3 rubles. If you take a sightseeing tour, a group of no more than 25 people, the cost will be 10 Belarusian rubles.

Manor Oginsky photo

There are a lot of interesting events taking place in the estate, such as theater tours, lectures, museum classes, and each direction has its own cost, which should be found out on the museum website, at the box office or by phone.


Services at the Oginsky Estate Museum in Zalesye are very diverse and should be described separately.

  1. A simple visit to the museum, where you need to pay a ticket at the entrance and go for a walk around this wonderful place.
  2. Excursions, where the representative of the museum will very interestingly tell the story of the appearance of this place, when and how the estate was built,what was on the territory, except for the palace, and what ancient things and documents can be seen.
  3. Theatrical excursions - to feel the atmosphere and feel the spirit of that time, to be transported back to the 19th century, you should definitely go on one of them.
  4. Guest room and coffee house - since recent times in the estate you can stay in the guest room, where you can even spend the night. For those who are hungry, a cafe is open, which is located in the summer greenhouse.
  5. Museum classes for schoolchildren, which consist of two lessons - “In the footsteps of Oginsky”, “Order of Oginsky to his son Ireneush”.
  6. Wedding celebration and photo session in the estate. A solemn wedding in a historic place with a luxurious interior is a magical event that will remain in the memory of not only the newlyweds, but also the guests.
Manor Oginsky Belarus

Oginsky Manor: photos and reviews

The best way to get to know the estate is to personally go to this wonderful place where you can have a good rest, touch the history of the 19th century, learn something new for yourself, take photos as a keepsake.

where is the estate of Oginsky

From the reviews left by visitors to the estate, you can understand that this is an interesting place where you can have a good time.

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