Jerusalem Airport: how many air harbors the city has, how to get to the center

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Jerusalem Airport: how many air harbors the city has, how to get to the center
Jerusalem Airport: how many air harbors the city has, how to get to the center

Many Russian tourists flying to Israel consider Jerusalem as their final destination. What is the closest airport to this holy city? And which air harbor is the most convenient?

It would be useful to clarify the question of how to get from the airport to Jerusalem. If you have a late arrival or early departure, then it would be wiser to spend the night in the air harbor. And what hotels are there on its territory or near it? We will also touch on this issue in our article.

Nearest airport to Jerusalem

Jerusalem Atarot Airport

Many Israel guides write that the holy city does not have its own air hub. Say, all tourists and pilgrims are accepted by Ben Gurion Airport. But this is only partly true. Indeed, all international flights land in Ben Gurion, which is considered the air harbor of TelAviva. But the nearest airport to Jerusalem is Atarot Airport. In fact, it is already in the city, on the northern outskirts. This airfield has another name - Kalandia. The airport was named after the area (Moshav Atarot). By the way, this is the oldest air harbor in the country. It was built by the British in 1918, when they owned Palestine.

Why does Atarot, which is located almost within the city limits, not accept flights from abroad? Maybe because it's obsolete? Not at all. The Israeli government has invested a lot of money in the modernization of this airport. The point is different. Atarot is located in the occupied territories of Israel. Therefore, the international community does not recognize it as part of the country. And since Israel's small territory makes domestic flights unprofitable, Atarot exists only "to maintain prestige." Liners start from there only to African countries, to cities such as Bulawayo, Gweru, Bumi Hills, Mahenye, Masvingo, etc.

How to get to Israel from Russia

Meets travelers on their way to Jerusalem, the airport named after the Jewish hero David Ben-Gurion. The fact that the main air harbor of Israel belongs to the former capital - Tel Aviv, is evidenced by its international code TLV. This city can be reached in just 20 minutes. After all, only 19 kilometers separate Tel Aviv from its airfield.

But Ben Gurion is also considered the airport of Jerusalem. Although the distance between the city and the air hub is more significant and is 41 kilometers. Some travelers to visitthe Holy Land, land at She Dov Airport (56 km from Jerusalem) and even in Haifa or Eilat. After all, budget airlines fly there. And in the summer, you can get to Eilat quite cheaply on charter flights.

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion

Israel's main air gate is located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The airport consists of four terminals. But now only two of them are used - No. 1 and 3. The first terminal - the oldest in the air complex - accepts charters and low-cost flights. If you are flying to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv on a regular flight from Moscow, then your plane will arrive at T-3.

It is newer and has three floors. On the first floor there is a passenger waiting room and an arrivals area. Check-in desks for flights are located on the second floor. Duty free shops and gates are located on the upper level. Ben Gurion is considered the safest airport in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The harbor is crammed with security cameras, and not only the police, but also the military and plainclothes guards are watching the order.

How to get from the airport to Jerusalem

Amenities at the airport. Ben Gurion

Experienced travelers advise not to change all the money in the air harbor, although there is no shortage of bank branches. But these offices charge 10% commission. Therefore, it is better to change a small amount, sufficient to get from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. This is where all the shortcomings of the air harbor end. Otherwise, this is an exemplary airport.

All overthe air harbor has free wireless Internet, the use of which will help pass the waiting for your flight. There are many cafes and fast food restaurants in the arrivals halls and in the neutral zone of the airport. Of course, duty-free shops are at the service of passengers flying abroad. Trade kiosks are also located in the common areas.

All areas of the terminal are well air-conditioned. There are many amenities for passengers with children. These include changing cabins, playgrounds, and a mother-and-child room. There is a car park in front of each of the operating terminals. And free shuttle buses run between these buildings.

Ben Gurion Airport - Jerusalem

From Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem how to get?

If a taxi ride seems too expensive for you, you have two alternatives at once - a bus and a minibus. The latter is more popular, since these minivans run around the clock, and the driver also delivers passengers to the right areas of Jerusalem. The minibus gets to the city within an hour. The fare is paid by the driver and costs about 470 rubles.

A bus ticket is cheaper - 160 rubles. From terminal No. 1 to Jerusalem, route No. 947 departs. To get to the stop from T-3, take shuttle No. 5. Bus No. 947 has a number of disadvantages. He doesn't go on Saturdays. It should only go to the bus station. And the travel time stretches up to an hour and a half.

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