How to get from Rome airport to Rome. How to get to Rome from Fiumicino Airport

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How to get from Rome airport to Rome. How to get to Rome from Fiumicino Airport
How to get from Rome airport to Rome. How to get to Rome from Fiumicino Airport

Tourist boom usually occurs during the summer months. It is at this time that places are booked in hotels, air and railway tickets are ordered. According to the old saying, all roads lead to Rome. This ancient city attracts with its ancient culture, history, excellent Italian cuisine. The gates of any metropolis are its airports. Therefore, you should start acquaintance with them. Fiumicino is the main air harbor that Rome has. Here are some useful tips on how to get from the airport to the city.

Airport description

Rome Fiumicino airport

Thirty kilometers southeast of the city is the small town of Fiumicino. It is in it that the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is located, which is also called by the name of the settlement. It is one of the largest in the city.

For the convenience of tourists, the following services are provided. The schedule of arrival and departure of flights on compact boards are located throughout the territory. Navigating the building is easy enough. This is served by numerous schemes on the walls. There is a left-luggage office in the hall of terminal 3, which is open from half past seven in the morninguntil half past twelve. For storage of one suitcase you will need to pay six euros per day. You can withdraw and exchange money at ATMs, banks, currency exchange offices located in each terminal.

how to get from rome airport to rome


In general, Rome Fiumicino Airport offers a wide range of services. If you need medical assistance, just go to the 24-hour first-aid post located at the bus stop of Terminal 3. You can buy over-the-counter medicines in pharmacies located at Terminals 3 and 5, at the boarding gates. In addition, the airport has a post office, a smoking room, and three rooms for mothers with children. There are baby cots and changing tables. The airport has multilingual information services. In order for tourists to be able to navigate in which language they will receive advice, a flag is attached next to the counter.

If you are thinking about how to get from Rome airport to Rome, and then you are going to visit another city in Italy, then the following option will suit you. Representative offices of several well-known car rental companies are open in Fiumicino. You can use the service, take a car to travel around the country and leave it at a predetermined point.

The airport provides services for tourists with disabilities. Such service must be ordered in advance, two days before departure. There is a business center with WI-FI, there is a prayer roomroom, lost and found.


Rome how to get from the airport

Planes from the countries of the former USSR arrive in zone G, the third terminal. Then you can get to the main building of the airport by train. The journey will only take a couple of minutes. All airport terminals are located close to each other. There are four of them in total, but their numbering is 1, 2, 3, 5. The distance between them can be overcome in a few minutes or by shuttle. In the border control hall, as a rule, three or four working pass booths are waiting. The procedure can take from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the number of tourists arriving and the speed of service officials.

If you are not interested in the question of how to get from Rome airport to Rome, and the purpose of your arrival is to transfer to another flight, then you will need to go to terminal 1. The transit passenger has 2 boarding passes. After the border control is passed, it is necessary to follow the sign with the word Transit. Having found the necessary T1 terminal, you need to go through security control and then navigate by the boarding pass. It contains the departure zone, as well as the gate number for the boarding gate.

from the airport to the center of Rome

Transport from airport: Taxi

In the event that you have already reached the goal of your trip and are thinking about how to get to Rome from Fiumicino Airport, then you should consider several existing options. There are four in total. You can take a taxi, bus, express train or train.

The most common form of transport is a taxi. Their parking lot is located at each terminal and is marked with a yellow sign. But here you should be careful and careful. There are private cab drivers who demand inflated prices for services (from eighty to one hundred and fifty euros). At the same time, taxi drivers with a license ask from forty to fifty-five euros. They can be distinguished from "merchants" by white cars. On their roof there is a “scallop” and on the sides of the cars there are branded stickers. If you are traveling in a small group (three to four people), then you can comfortably and cheaply take a taxi from Rome airport to the city.

Bus and Leonardo Express

Another way to get around is Cotral buses. They depart from all terminals. This means of transport will take you to the Termini train station or the Cornelia and Eur Maliana metro stations.

from Rome airport to city

Another mode of transport that will take you from the airport to the center of Rome is the Leonardo Express train. It runs from Fiumicino to Termini train station. Here is the main transport interchange of the capital of Italy. The express ticket costs 14 euros. To get to it, just follow the signs located in the arrivals hall. The escalator will take you up one floor.

Departs express from 25-28 platforms. They are far away, so you need to come to them earlier so as not to miss your flight. Tickets can be purchased through terminals or railway ticket offices. Their cost for an adult is aboutfifteen euros, travel for a child under the age of twelve is free. The Leonardo train goes non-stop, the journey takes half an hour. The movement starts at 6.00, ends at 23.00.

In fact, there are many options for how to get from Rome airport to Rome. You can always find an alternative. You can get to the city by commuter train. Line FM1 (route from Rome to the airport) is called "Sabina-Fiumicino". The train runs on weekdays every quarter of an hour. On weekends - once every thirty minutes. The ticket costs 8 euros. It must be composted before the trip in a special yellow machine at the beginning of the platform, otherwise you cannot avoid a fine.


how to get to rome from fiumicino airport

World famous brands are represented at the airport duty free zone. However, prices bite. There are plenty of cafes and fast food restaurants. The menu will delight you with Mediterranean cuisine, but the prices will upset you. They are high enough. Shops and restaurants are scheduled to close at half past ten in the evening.

Tourist Tips

Additional information about the largest and most beautiful airport in Rome can be found on its official website. On it you can find information about flights, departure and arrival times. Moreover, the data is presented online. The resource also contains diagrams of terminals and information about the services provided.

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Tourists who will tell you how to get from Rome airport to Romehave already been here. Travelers have only positive memories of the air gate to the eternal city. I like the service, passenger service, staff, clear diagrams and signs.

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