Italian airline "Alitalia" (Alitalia), Fiumicino airport: reviews

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Italian airline "Alitalia" (Alitalia), Fiumicino airport: reviews
Italian airline "Alitalia" (Alitalia), Fiumicino airport: reviews

If the theater starts with a hanger, then every country for tourists starts with an airport. And the main Italian "hanger" is Fiumicino Airport, or Leonardo da Vinci. It is named after a small town (30 km from Rome), in which, in fact, it is located.

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The main Italian airport offers many services to its passengers. In order for potential tourists to navigate, consider the most significant:

  • Luggage office opening hours are from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm. Location - terminal number 3 (arrivals area). You can only request the help of a suitcase porter at the information desk. For one bag or suitcase you will have to pay 6 euros per day.
  • The post office is located in the building of the first terminal. Working hours - on weekdays from 8.30 to 15.30.
  • ATMs, banks and exchange offices are located in each terminal building. Signboards of airport maps will help you in your search.
  • You can find the medical center in terminal 3 at the bus stop. Working hours - around the clock. If you are looking forOTC pharmacies, they operate in terminals 3 and 5.
  • There are 3 smoking rooms in the airport building. Two of them are in T3, and the third is in T1 after security control.
  • The total number of rooms for mother and child is 3. Each is equipped with a changing table and cribs.
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  • VAT refunds are processed at the office located in the first terminal building.
  • The flags of the countries set on each table will help you navigate the search for information service services.
  • There are many car rental offices located at the airport. You can rent transport in Fiumicino, and return it at the agreed place. This is convenient for people who flew to Rome but live in another city.
  • It is necessary to order the organization of servicing passengers with disabilities two days before departure.
  • The airport has a business center, free Wi-Fi, a lost and found office, and special prayer rooms.
  • The map of the airport hangs at every turn. Also, near each terminal there is a person who answers any questions asked, including "stupid" ones.
  • Alitalia's main office is located on the territory of the airport.

How to save money on a trip from Fiumicino to Rome

On the eve of the summer holidays, many want to save money on trips abroad, and "by the big secret" I want to share one little trick. Booked on the site "Trinitalia" ticket from the airport to the city youwill cost at least 10 euros, and for a taxi you will have to pay at least 60 euros. Expensive, isn't it?

To pay a little cheaper for the whole trip, break the route into 2 stages: buy a ticket from Fiumicino (Fiumicino Airport) to the next station - Parco Leonardo, and then to Rome's main station - Tiburtina.

General information and Alitalia flights

Aliatalia is Italy's largest air carrier. If you want to see the beauties of Rome, Milan, Florence, then it is recommended to buy a ticket in Alitalia. According to our fellow citizens, the spirit and atmosphere of Italy will meet you already in the cabin. In Moscow, Alitalia Airlines is based at Sheremetyevo Airport. Headquartered in Fiumicino.

You can get from Russia to Italy by the following routes:

  • Moscow - Pisa (3 times a week);
  • St. Petersburg - Catania, Milan, Venice (once a week);
  • Yekaterinburg - Rome;
  • Rostov - Catania;
  • Moscow - Rome;
  • Samara - Venice.
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As for the return flight, the flights are made from the 6 main airports of the country: Turin, Milan, Rome, Venetian, Naples and Catalan (Fontanarossa).

Alitalia and Emirates are long-term partners, thanks to this, passengers have the opportunity to get to any airport in the world. The airline's route map covers over 100 destinations.

Let's say a few words about the Alitalia fleet. Airplanes are herevarious models: McDonnell, Airbus, Douglas, Boeing, Avro RJ-70 and Bombardier. Their total number is 155 units.

Baggage allowance

Hand luggage must not weigh more than 8 kg and must meet the following dimensions: 55 cm high, 25 cm deep and 35 cm wide. Also, you can carry only one of the following items on board the aircraft: a bag, a laptop, a briefcase or a baby carriage.

Alitalia Airlines has banned the following items: replica firearms, needles, pins, scissors, knives (stationery, penknife, Swiss), agricultural tools, electronic pipes, cigars and cigarettes. The lighter is only allowed in your carry-on bag.

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Checked baggage must not weigh more than 23kg (Economy Class) or 32kg (Business Class). Dimensions (height, width, depth) must be no more than 158 cm.

You can contact a company from Russia by phone: 007 (495) 22 111 30 (daily from 9 am to 7 pm), while in Italy: 89 20 10 (round the clock). Other numbers can be found on the official website.

Rules for transporting pets on board the aircraft

Alitalia Airlines allows its customers to transport pets (cats, birds, dogs) in the aircraft cabin. But the weight of the pet must be no more than 10 kilograms.

The transported animal during the flight must be in a special container, the dimensions of which must not exceed the established: 40X20X24 cm. The bottom of the container mustbe covered with an absorbent material and the material must be waterproof. It must also be well ventilated so that the animal does not have a feeling of discomfort. The pet must fully fit and stand freely in the container. No more than 5 animals are allowed per cage.

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Payment for a pet is made separately and is not included in the total cost and in the baggage allowance. Departing from Italy, you will have to pay 20 euros for an animal, 75 euros in other cities of Europe and North Africa, 200 euros in the Middle East countries, 200 euros in China and Japan since 2011, in North and South America, Canada and the states of Central Africa - $200.

If there are no places for animals in the cabin, then transportation is carried out in the luggage compartment. The maximum weight of a pet can be no more than 75 kg. The payment is the same as in the case of transportation in the cabin.

Italian national airline: recommendations for buying the cheapest flights

To get the lowest possible ticket price, follow these tips:

  • Price largely depends on the date of purchase: the earlier - the cheaper. It is better to purchase a ticket 3 months before the trip.
  • Reviews of experienced tourists suggest that it is almost always more profitable to fly with transfers.
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  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are much cheaper.
  • Participate in bonus programs.
  • Some of the ticketing sites we work withAlitalia airlines offer their passengers up to 10% discount on hotel bookings.
  • Before you buy, always look at the price dynamics, which allows you to easily and conveniently compare.

Current promotions and bonus program

At the moment, Alitalia does not hold any promotions, but sometimes the management pleases with sales of air tickets with a 40% discount. Frequent flyers are eligible to take advantage of the Mille Miglia rewards program. Each time you fly with Skyteam you earn miles that can be redeemed for an award ticket, class change and more.

Tourists' opinions

What do our compatriot tourists think about the Alitalia carrier? The airline receives mostly positive reviews. During the flight, you are offered to watch films about sunny Italy. The colorful appearance of flight attendants (not young, unfortunately for men) was especially highly appreciated.

Flight Moscow - Rome, according to reviews, almost always goes well, which can not be said about the way back. Our tourists were especially not pleased with the offered breakfast: yogurt, cheese slices and coffee. But this minus covers the availability of good wine, offered without restrictions.

alitalia airline reviews

Service at Italian airports is a separate issue. Many complain that the workers are slow, and their smooth movements are sometimes very annoying. But no matter what anyone says, Italy is a paradise where people enjoy life, stretch out momentsfun and not in a hurry. Maybe we should learn from them too?

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