How to get from Fiumicino to Termini: choice of vehicle, timetable, routes, approximate cost and payment rules

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How to get from Fiumicino to Termini: choice of vehicle, timetable, routes, approximate cost and payment rules
How to get from Fiumicino to Termini: choice of vehicle, timetable, routes, approximate cost and payment rules

Introduction to Italy for many begins with the country's largest passenger airport named after the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. The air harbor also has a second name - Fiumicino, after the location of the air hub. Russian flights arrive at terminal number three, the largest of the four operating terminals. For those who have decided to take a Roman holiday for themselves, the next step after collecting the luggage is to choose the route how to get from Fiumicino to Termini. In fact, everything is quite simple. And this article discusses what roads lead to Rome from Fiumicino.

International Airport. Leonardo da Vinci

Fiumicino airport

The most popular air gates of Rome, and at the same time of all of Italy, are located 30 km from the Italian capital, in a southwest direction from it. The airport is the busiest air hub in the country: about 40 million people use its services annually (by 2044this indicator is planned to be increased to 100 million due to infrastructural changes). The spacious territory of the airport is equipped with the necessary signs, which are easy to navigate. It is best to choose in advance a convenient way for yourself, how to get from Fiumicino to Termini, in order to purposefully look for the necessary signs upon arrival. In extreme cases, you can always contact the station staff and they will definitely tell you the way. The figure below shows a general map of the terminals of Fiumicino Airport, indicating the objects.

General map of Fiumicino airport terminals showing objects

Rome Central Station

Sunny Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, so it is not surprising that all the conditions have been created in the Italian capital to ensure comfortable movement of local residents and guests of the city. The transport heart of Rome is the modern and spacious Termini Station, considered one of the best stations in Europe. The infrastructure of the station is well developed: it has everything a traveler needs, and a convenient location allows you to drive (or even walk) from Termini to many city attractions.

But our main question: "How to get to Rome to Termini from Fiumicino airport?" There are several ways. They differ in price and travel time, and each tourist will be able to choose the most suitable option for themselves.

Termini station in Rome

Fiumicino – Termini: how to get there?

The most popular options are:

  • train;
  • bus;
  • taxi.

The most convenient and fastest way is a taxi, it is also the most expensive.

The cheapest option is the bus, but you will spend twice as much time on the trip.

The high-speed train is a cross between a taxi and a bus: it gets to Termini quite quickly, has an average fare, but is not suitable for night trips.

Let's take a closer look at how to get from Fiumicino to Termini.

Option 1 (€14)

Here we answer the question of how to get from Fiumicino to Termini by train.

The comfortable high-speed Leonardo Express train leaves the airport every half an hour to the main station in Rome.

Leonardo Express

To get to the railway platform, you must follow the signs with the word Train on the yellow billboards at the airport. Tickets are sold at special vending machines, at many points with the press or at the ticket office located next to the platforms. The fare is 14 euros. Children under 4 travel free, and children aged 4 to 12 travel free for each paying adult.

There are turnstiles in front of the platforms, passage through which is possible with tickets. Composters are installed near the tracks, and since the composting procedure is mandatory in Italy, do not forget to carry it out after hitting the platforms (there are instructions on the composters, so it will not be difficult to figure it out). A validated ticket is valid for 90 minutes.

Express leaves from the second track and goesto Termini 32 minutes. Please be aware that the Leonardo Express is not suitable for overnight trips: it starts in the early morning (06:23) and ends around midnight (23:23). All conditions for a comfortable trip are created on board the train: comfortable seats, places for luggage, a clean and spacious cabin, special places for people with disabilities.

Salon Leonardo Express

Option 2 (€5-7)

Let's consider how to get from Fiumicino to Termini by bus.

The cheapest means of transportation to Termini is the bus. Travel time is one hour. Services are provided by different carriers, but the ticket price for all is approximately the same (5-6 euros):

  • Cotral;
  • Terravision;
  • SIT Bus Shuttle;
  • Tirreno Azienda Mobilita (T.A.M.);
  • Rome Airport Bus.

The only company around the clock is Cotral.

Cotral buses

The bus stop is located next to terminals 1 and 2. The bus stop at Termini Station is Piazza dei Cinquecento. On the official website of the carrier, you can see the flight schedule. It is better to do this shortly before the trip, because the schedule is adjusted from time to time. Ticket price - 5 euros. It can be purchased at newsstands, tobacco shops and other points of sale at the airport. Shops are closed at night, so you can buy a ticket in the driver's cabin at a price of 7 euros (cash only).

Of the minuses, we note a small number of flights both day and night, as well as dependence on weekends andholidays (on such days the number of flights is limited).

Other carriers have a rather tight work schedule and are not tied to holidays and weekends.

Terravision buses leave Terminal 3 every 30 minutes.

Terravision buses

Final stop - Termini station (via Giovanni Giolitti, 38). Ticket price - 6 euros. On the official website, you can buy a ticket for the trip in advance (just don't forget to print it!). The cost of an electronic ticket is 5 euros. When buying, you will need to choose the time of the trip, but if suddenly your flight is delayed, then this is not a problem: the ticket is valid for the whole day. Luggage and children under 12 are free of charge. By the way, all carriers practice the sale of electronic tickets, but you can buy tickets at the box office at the bus station or directly from the driver.

SIT Bus Shuttle departs from the bus station adjacent to Terminal 3.

SIT Bus Shuttle

Flights leave every 20-30 minutes. The ticket price is 6 euros. For children under 4 years old, travel is free. Stop at Termini station - via Marsala, 5. Tirreno Azienda Mobilita (T.A.M.) has similar conditions: flights depart every half an hour, ticket price is 6 euros.

Buses are located at the bus station near terminal 3. The final stop is Termini railway station (via Giovanni Giolitti, 10). Another company that provides transportation from the airport to Termini is called Rome Airport Bus.

Buses Rome Airport Bus

Costtickets are 6, 90 euros. The final stop is near Termini Station (via Giovanni Giolitti).

As you can see, getting to Termini by bus is no problem. A sufficient number of flights allows you to quickly leave the airport, and comfortable conditions (comfortable lounges, air conditioning, Wi-Fi) will make the trip enjoyable. Tickets can be bought on the official websites of carriers or purchased on the spot. Before the trip, check the websites of the companies to know the latest information about the departure time of the first and last bus.

Option 3 (from 50 EUR)

How to get from Fiumicino airport to Termini by taxi?

The most convenient way to travel is by taxi, which can be taken on the spot or booked in advance. Taxi ranks are located at the exits of terminals 1, 2 and 3: licensed cars in white with the inscription TAXI.

licensed cars

If you decide to order a taxi in advance, then you will have the opportunity to choose the class of car and additional functionality (child seat, more spacious trunk, etc.). The transfer company monitors all flights, so if the plane is delayed, you won’t have to worry about being late and you won’t need to pay extra for waiting. The driver will meet you at the exit of baggage claim holding a sign with your name.

More options

Although Termini is the hub of the city with easy access to final destinations, in some cases we advise you to keep in mind other options:

  • From Fiumicino you can get to Rome by metro line Sabina-Fiumicino (FM1). At the stations Ostiense, Tuscolana, Tiburtina, you can transfer to line A or B and get to many significant points of the city. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the metro map before the trip, perhaps this way you will get to the right place faster.
  • For a large company, a minibus (shuttle) is ideal, which can be ordered in advance. Since the cabin accommodates several people, the cost of the trip will not be exorbitant.
  • If Rome isn't the only city you're planning to visit in Italy, then maybe you should consider car rental services, especially since the prices are quite reasonable.

How to get back to Fiumicino from Termini

Back to the airport can be reached in the same ways as to the station. Leonardo Express flights depart from platforms 23 and 24 from 05:35 to 22:35. Buses depart from Termini termini of each of the carriers, and it is best to check the schedule on the official websites before the trip. Taxis can be taken at the station itself or ordered in advance on Russian-language websites, for example, KiwiTaxi.


As you can see, the question of how to get from Fiumicino airport to Termini station should not be of particular concern, because the Italians approached his decision very responsibly, providing various options for every taste and budget. Of course, the most convenient way is a taxi, but a high-speed train or bus for unpretentious travelers is more than a worthy alternative.

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