Simferopol Airport: location, distance from the city. How to get to the airport?

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Simferopol Airport: location, distance from the city. How to get to the airport?
Simferopol Airport: location, distance from the city. How to get to the airport?

So, you are going to the Crimea, the gate of which is the civil airport of Simferopol - an air harbor, called the capital of the peninsula. Two million people a year pass through this mouth, let's talk about it in more detail.

How it all began

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In what seemed to be already distant 1936, the government of the USSR decided to build an airport in Simferopol, and work started in May of the same year. Before the start of the war, the rebuilt air harbor served the liners of the Simferopol-Kyiv and Simferopol-Kharkov routes. In 1957, during the mass construction and renewal of our country (post-war period), Simferopol Airport received a new round of development. In particular, a new terminal was built and put into operation. And in 1960, a concrete runway began its work, then after it, in 1977, the construction of a second runway for Il-86 aircraft began (its length was 3,700 meters). Over time, everything changes, and by the beginning of the 2000s, the old strip, the lengthwhich is 2700 m, began to be used as a taxiway. And the new one is still the runway for the start and landing of airliners.

Airport today

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Today, the airport (Simferopol) is the base for such airlines as Crimean Sunrises and Air Onix, there is free Wi-Fi on the territory of the terminal, and an extensive infrastructure allows the Crimean authorities to be proud of their air gates to the city, and in front of foreigners not ashamed. The airport infrastructure includes a business lounge with check-in counters and a customs control area located on the second floor of terminal B. There is a recreation area where you can use the free Internet and watch TV, eat and drink in 24-hour establishments and go shopping, also here There is room for negotiations. Passengers receive information about the flight departure time regularly - voice notification is working.

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Taxi time for aircraft is approximately 10 minutes - the runway is a bit further from the taxiway. It is noteworthy that under the strip there is a tunnel of the road connecting Simferopol with Evpatoria, and this route is parallel to the path along which the planes taxi. The distance from Simferopol to the airport "Simferopol" is approximately 14 kilometers (we take the distance to the city railway station).


Without leaving the air complex, you canget to the hotel, located just a five-minute walk from the nearest terminal. The hotel has about a hundred rooms of various categories, from economy to luxury. In the first case, you will have access to a TV, a bathroom and two beds, while "luxury" rooms are additionally equipped with a refrigerator and mini-bar, as well as a place for cooking. Accommodation at the hotel is accompanied by buffet breakfasts, they are included in the cost of payment for the stay. There is free internet in the lobby, a gym is available for a fee, and if you wish, you can use the left-luggage office located in the reception area.


In connection with the political situation and the development of Crimea by Russian citizens as hosts, not guests, great hopes are placed on Simferopol airport today. In 2014, 11,602 flights were performed in the Crimean air harbor, which, according to statistics, amounted to a 55% increase from last year's data. At the end of 2014, the volume of passenger traffic carried out through the airport of Simferopol amounted to more than 2.8 million passengers, thereby exceeding the figures for 2013 by 2.3 times. 14 times. And if we take all the airports of Moscow together? And not only Moscow, but the cities of all Russia? The airport's plans included serving more than 3.2 million passengers in 2015, let's see if they come true?

distance from simferopol to simferopol airport

Development and Information

In the first months of 2015, compared to March 2014, Simferopol Airport created 1.3 thousand jobs, in addition, staff salaries were more than doubled, and tax deductions to the budget - five times.

If you want to clarify information, you can use the website, which contains not only an online scoreboard, but also a lot of additional information about the rules for the carriage of goods, ticket sales and more, or you can call Simferopol Airport "- the phone works around the clock: +380 652 59 55 45. You can check in online for the flight, you need to check the airline on the website.


The airport is divided into terminals A and B, the last of which consists of three sectors. The air harbor also has Terminal C, which serves domestic passengers. Passengers arriving in Crimea go through one terminal.

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In order to check in for a flight, passengers of Aeroflot, Donavia and Rossiya airlines, as well as Orenburg Airlines and all international destinations, must go to terminal B. Check-in for the rest of the flights is carried out in terminal C airlines.

How to get there

Crimea is a vast peninsula with many settlements. And from the airport to almost all major cities in the area, intercity public transport runs - trolleybuses (go to Y alta and Alushta) and buses. In this case, the maximum range of motiontransport is one hour, so you won’t have to wait especially on weekdays or weekends, and in extreme cases you can always use a taxi. By the way, this is the easiest way to get from Simferopol airport to the city and vice versa.

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Own car

If you have your own car, no problem. There is 24-hour guarded parking near the airport. But how to get to Simferopol airport if your car is not available for you now?

Public routes: trolleybus

Trolleybus number 9 will cover the distance from Simferopol to Simferopol airport in half an hour. It runs every 15 minutes from the city's railway station. Also, a minibus runs along this route every day, which will take you to the airport or to the city in just 15 minutes with a traffic interval of 15-20 minutes.

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So, you are at the Simferopol Airport bus stop (the photo illustrates its location). In general, it is easy to find it - it is located in the parking lot. Route 49 departs from here, following to the city bus station, as well as buses 98 (" Fountains" - Airport), 100 (from the stop "Kamenka") and 115 (airport - "Pnevmatika"). Their final stop is also the railway station, but they reach it in different ways.


Minibus No. 49 will take you to the airport from the bus station, if you use a fixed-route taxi No. 98, then the path to the air harbor will also run fromrailway station. By the way, public transport runs from the railway station to many cities of Crimea - to Y alta, Alupka, Alushta and many others.


This is the easiest way to travel, but also the most expensive. Taxis are stationed near the international terminal. To order, you need to go to the dispatcher's desk in the terminal and make an order with a 100% prepayment. You will be given a receipt for payment with the vehicle number. You look for him yourself in the parking lot, look for the driver, hand him a receipt, and - voila, forward to your goal! A trip to the center of Simferopol will cost about 200 rubles in the low season, and in summer the price can be twice as high.

For VIPs

Simferopol Airport, the photo of which is presented in the article, has a VIP-lounge for VIPs. Those passengers who have the means and wish to receive maximum comfort can use the services of personal escort, order the delivery of luggage to the check-in counter, and also avoid queues and loss of time when going through airport formalities - special services will do everything for them, and they will also treat you to coffee.

Inquiries by phone…

If you are flying through the Simferopol airport, the phone number of a single reference service, by which everyone can find out any information of interest to him regarding both the airport and flights, will come in handy - 0-900-31-657-1. Help can also be obtained from a mobile phone by dialing 657, the cost of a call is approximately 25 rubles.

New name?

In May 2015, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to rename the Simferopol airport, giving it the name of the twice Hero of the USSR, Soviet pilot Amet Khan Sultan, who was a Crimean Tatar. This decision was supported by 240 deputies, but it caused a resonance. The territory of Crimea is now Russia, and why does Ukraine interfere in the affairs of another country and change the name of an airport that no longer belongs to it? This decision was called provocative by many…

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