Nightclubs in Amsterdam. Description of the best institutions of the Dutch capital

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Nightclubs in Amsterdam. Description of the best institutions of the Dutch capital
Nightclubs in Amsterdam. Description of the best institutions of the Dutch capital

Nightlife in Amsterdam is a never-ending celebration, an extravaganza of fabulous experiences and an abyss of unforgettable memories. Nightclubs in Amsterdam work seven days a week, some establishments even operate around the clock, and therefore residents and guests of the city can go to them whenever they want. There are an incredible number of similar establishments in the capital of Holland. There are places for fans of any musical genres. Let's explore the most popular and best nightclubs in Amsterdam.

The main features of club life in Amsterdam

The best nightclubs in Amsterdam are unlike any other in the world. Most establishments are open until four in the morning. Friday and Saturday are full club days when all dance and concert venues are open. Each club is unique, so among them anyone can find a place to their taste. Amsterdam clubs have a wide variety of audiences, so you are guaranteed unusual meetings.

Paradiso and Escape Clubs

Clubs of AmsterdamParadiso and Escape are the most popular in the city. Club Paradiso is located in a marvelous place: in a building that used to be a church. The musicians who perform here absolutely love the excellent acoustics of the building. So, such famous musicians and bands as Epica, Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse and many other performers played in this club.

There are no days off at Paradiso, and sometimes it works all day long. Every Thursday, theme parties are held here, featuring popular DJs.

If you are a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation, then you have the opportunity to visit a special nightclub. Amsterdam is generally a city where you can do whatever you want, from using light drugs to selling your own body. Therefore, gay clubs here are a normal phenomenon. One of these establishments is the Escape club. This is the biggest disco in the city. It can simultaneously accommodate almost 2.5 thousand people. Every Friday, except for the last Friday of the month, gay parties are held here.

There is a high-tech laser system that allows employees to put on incredible and amazing shows.

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Clubs you must visit

Some clubs in Amsterdam are simply not to be missed. These places include Air and Jimmy Woo. Air is a relatively new establishment that impresses guests with modernaudiovisual technology and sound quality. The club has several dance floors. Music of different mood and style can be played on them during one evening. Maximum Air can accommodate 1300 people. The club's schedule is incredibly busy. A lot of people want to be here. Therefore, if you want to purchase a ticket to the Amsterdam Air club, it is better to do it in advance on the official website of the institution.

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Jimmy Woo Club is a bohemian nightclub owned by a fictitious person. So, the owner of the club is allegedly the leader of a Chinese gang and a supporter of grandiose parties. The interior also corresponds to this concept: extraordinary Asian motifs complement European modern elements. Previously, only we althy people rested in Jimmy Woo Club, but today you can see different companies here. Celebrities often perform here and the strictest dress code applies.

Best concert venues

There are several venues in the capital of Holland where stars of the world scene tend to perform every time. Thus, the most popular clubs and concert venues in Amsterdam are De Badcuyp and Bitterzoet.

De Badcuyp is the premier venue for emerging bands and artists from all over the world. Every evening an audience gathers here, which enjoys dancing to various tunes. Also in the club you can try unique cocktails with such unusual names as Bas-Kiss, Mojito or Green Demon.


Bitterzoet is a two-story nightclub with an incredibly large bar, huge dance floor and performance stage. Every day, styles of music change here: on Sunday, electronic music sounds, on Monday it is replaced by jazz, and on Tuesday hard rock is heard with might and main. Famous Dutch bands and solo vocalists perform here regularly.

Gay Clubs

Gay clubs in Amsterdam play an important role in the life of the city. There are a lot of places like this here. For example, Club Roque is designed for we althy visitors. Here, as a rule, men come, whose age exceeds 30 years. For them, DJs play light dance music and house. The club has a huge wine list. And the institution is famous for the fact that very beautiful bartenders work in it.

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Another club that operates mainly for the male audience is the Wilsons. Karaoke parties are held here, and club residents take part in gay parades.

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