Microdistrict "Vostochnoe Butovo": complexes "Morton", "PIK"

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Microdistrict "Vostochnoe Butovo": complexes "Morton", "PIK"
Microdistrict "Vostochnoe Butovo": complexes "Morton", "PIK"

The construction of a new large microdistrict "Vostochnoe Butovo" in the Moscow region is planned to be completed at the end of 2016. The construction project of Morton, PIK and other companies contains plans to create a developed infrastructure. The unique concept of the district was conceived together with the leader of the German architectural market. What are the advantages and disadvantages of md. East Butovo?

Project level

Not far from the village of Bobrovo, Leninsky district, it is planned to build housing in accordance with a unique concept that takes into account advanced construction technologies and modern requirements that imply environmental friendliness and energy saving. The main idea of ​​the project is to create a complex with urban amenities, taking into account all the advantages of living outside the city. Vostochnoye Butovo is a comfortable residential microdistrict being built as part of a joint project of the leader of Russian developers and a German bureau, the winner of the competition for architectural and planning solutions. Developerof the new quarter "Lotan" is part of the Morton Group of Companies, the well-known German architectural bureau Zerna acts as a designer.

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East Butovo: "Morton"

A large-scale project and complex extensive development, like other numerous projects of the Morton Group, was MortonGrad "Bobrovo" - a microdistrict renamed into the more attractive "Eastern Butovo". A photo of the construction site already today can tell about the scale of the project. The residential part of the "comfort" class complex will consist of buildings of different heights. Houses of panel, monolithic-brick types with layouts according to individual projects will coexist with exclusive modular buildings belonging to the Grad-1M series. Each building is planned to be equipped with parking lots, passenger and freight elevators. The center of the district will be decorated with a picturesque park area with facilities for leisure and recreation.

"Vostochnoye Butovo: Morton" is a multi-type project with a very impressive choice of apartment layouts of different shapes: linear, double-sided. There are small and large sizes available. It is possible to purchase a living space with a bay window or half bay window, a kitchen balcony and a wardrobe niche.

Since the construction area of ​​more than 1 million m22 is carried out in an uninhabited area, the first wave of new settlers will feel a lack of social and domestic institutions. The problem will be solved over time, in a few years. 7 km from East Butovo is one of the most comfortable towns near Moscow - Vidnoye, which can be reached by minibus.Future residents of the microdistrict will be able to use the infrastructure facilities of the village of Bobrovo.

Description of LCD

The new quarter, provided with its own engineering systems, will include 800 thousand m22 of residential space. The Vostochnoye Butovo complex will consist of 37 panel houses and cast-in-place brick buildings. Such popular series of houses as KOPE-M-Parus, 111-M, P-44T are already being built here. New buildings will rise at variable levels from 9 to 17 floors. The project includes one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments ranging from 37 to 103 m22. In residential premises, completely ready for sale, an impeccable fine finish was made (in separate buildings). A feature of the houses of the above panel series is the presence of spacious loggias, bay windows and semicircular balconies.

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In the future, it is planned to provide in the microdistrict and parking, designed for the use of 6500 places. Numerous places in multi-storey garages and guest parking will delight car enthusiasts.

Who is the developer?

Many potential customers are rightly interested in the question of which organization is building the Vostochnoye Butovo district. Based on information from an official source, the developer is Morton Group of Companies. This is one of the market leaders in new buildings in the Moscow region. The holding account has more than 16 million m2 of leased residential space within two years. The work of this group includes the construction of East Tushino.

In fact, the construction of houses is not a directfunction of this group of companies. "Morton" acts as a customer, general contractor, organizer, and the construction is carried out by other enterprises. For example, residential buildings of the first wave in the "Vostochno-Butovsky" microdistrict were built by the developer of PIK Group.

Vostochnoye Butovo: "PIK"

"PIK" is a group of companies that offers future residents comfortable turnkey apartments in modern-level frame houses. Combine "PIK" carries out the construction of buildings KOPE-Tower and KOPE-M-Parus. These are high-quality industrial-type houses that are familiar to consumers and have proven themselves from the best side. "Vostochnoe Butovo" ("PIK") is distinguished by the expressive architecture of the buildings, comfortable apartments with an excellent layout, sold with finishing.

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KOPE series have been upgraded to modern standards. Fire safety and energy efficiency of such houses are at the highest level. All conditions have been created for the living of all groups of the population, including those with limited mobility: the disabled, parents with small children, the elderly. A comfortable stair-lift assembly was installed, designed in accordance with special requirements. The elevator and entrance hall are single-level.

LCD location

Official data contain information that "East Butovo" is a microdistrict located 5 km from Koltsevaya when driving along the Simferopol highway. Such information is not objective enough. Moving today along the federal road M-2 "Crimea",it will be impossible to turn left - to the village of Bobrovo, to the construction site. Also, you will not be able to get on the highway, leaving directly from East Butovo. How, in this case, to get to the microdistrict by private car?

To get to Vostochnoye Butovo by car, you need to move along Varshavskoye Highway, and after 3 km from Koltsevaya turn onto Berezovaya Alley Street, crossing Simferopolskoye Highway under the bridge. Six and a half kilometers will have to be driven from the Moscow Ring Road to the complex.

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Transport issue

The location of the residential microdistrict (5 km from the Moscow Ring Road) will allow you to get to Moscow in any direction: Varshavskoe, Rastorguevskoe or Simferopolskoe highway, using personal or public transport. The complexity of the transport interchange lies in the fact that if you drive along the last highway, you can get to Moscow only after a four-kilometer turn in the opposite direction to the fork.

How to get there by public transport?

Bus, minibus

From the bus stop "Butovsky polygon", located near East Butovo, you can get to "Yuzhnaya" (bus route 426 or 435), "Annino" (249, 819), "Dm. Donskoy” (route 108).


To the residential area "Vostochnoye Butovo" can be reached in 20 minutes by train from the station. Tsaritsyno (metro), from the Kursk railway station to the railway station. "Butovo". Then transfer to bus number 18 and get off at the final "Butovsky polygon" inwalking distance from home.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that the Butovo test site is located on the other side of the Simferopol highway and has nothing to do with the location of the new district.

The pretentious and expensive Strela project is a special initiative of the developer. The surface transport system will be a "suspended metro". The branch of the high-speed "Arrow" should pass next to the residential complex. Crossing the Leninsky district, it will connect East Butovo with the metro and make communication with the capital accessible and convenient.

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Object infrastructure

In a large microdistrict. Vostochnoye Butovo is undergoing complex development and the creation of a highly developed infrastructure on an area of ​​88 hectares in three phases. Numerous commercial facilities - shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, cafes, along with social services, are planned to be located on the first floors of buildings within walking distance. It is planned to open a polyclinic for 500 people, multifunctional complexes and cultural and business centers. Two schools will be able to take on a thousand students, and two kindergartens - on 340 kids. It should be emphasized that according to the project, the first kindergarten is provided for the first construction stage, and not the last stage. This means that the first new settlers will not have problems due to the lack of a kindergarten.

On the territory of the residential area, in addition to landscaping and complex gardening of courtyards, it is planned to allocate recreation areas with walkingpaths. The appearance of modern safe playgrounds for walking with children is planned. The project includes 56 playgrounds and 26 sports grounds. Children's towns for games, a stadium, universal sports grounds will be located between groups of houses.

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It will be obligatory for the district to have its own modern engineering systems. It is planned to build a gas station. The future residents of the microdistrict will have access to the infrastructure of not only the village of Bobrovo, but also the town of Vidnoe.


The environmentally friendly zone of the Butovsky forest park, the neighboring forest area, to which the territory of the district adjoins, is an excellent environment for family recreation, relaxation and outdoor walks. There are no industrial facilities, factories or industries near the microdistrict, shrouded in forest on three sides.

How to get housing in a new area?

The sale of housing in East Butovo is organized within the framework of Federal Law No. 214. The execution of an equity participation agreement in the sale of housing is carried out only by Morton Group of Companies. A number of other enterprises so far offer only participation in housing cooperatives. Atlant-invest, which invested in this project, will organize the sale of apartments along with other participants.

It is possible to purchase housing in the area under various mortgage programs, including the military one. A certificate for receiving maternity capital and subsidized payments can be used. The option of exchanging a "secondary" for a new building is also possible. Lending readysecure several financial institutions, including Sberbank, Svyaz-Bank and others.

Eastern Butovo microdistrict


The majority of consumer comments indicate that Morton and PIK are considered very reliable developers specializing in the construction of large residential blocks of the Economy type. Usually they rent houses on time. Vostochnoye Butovo is also one of such objects. Feedback on the new complex is generally positive. Not everyone liked the publicity stunt with the transformation of Bobrovo into Butovo, many sympathize with the indigenous geographical name.

Unfortunately, potential customers do not take seriously the idea of ​​building a transport system that would link the capital and East Butovo. Reviews reflect the skepticism of most consumers about this.

The opportunity to purchase housing in this microdistrict is provided by several project participants. Consumers are ambivalent about such competition. Morton's prices per square meter are higher than those requested by the Vostochnoye Butovo branch. PEAK". Customer reviews, of course, contain a lot of opinions that Morton's low risks are preferable, and the DDU form is more reliable than participation in a housing cooperative with other organizations.

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