Sparrow Hills: how to get there by metro? Park on Sparrow Hills

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Sparrow Hills: how to get there by metro? Park on Sparrow Hills
Sparrow Hills: how to get there by metro? Park on Sparrow Hills

Vorobyovy Gory has been a favorite vacation spot for Muscovites from time immemorial - both ordinary citizens of the Soviet era and princes and tsars of pre-revolutionary Moscow. The present times are no exception. A favorite vacation spot for residents of the city and guests of the capital of Russia are Sparrow Hills, the address of which is not necessary to know exactly. The Moskva River and Moscow State University will serve as landmarks.

Vorobyovy Gory how to get by metro

From the village of Vorobyevo

On the banks of the Moskva River back in the 14th century there was the village of Vorobyevo, which was owned by the boyars Vorobyovs. Then Princess Sofya Vitovtovna bought it and gave it to her grandson Yuri Vasilievich, Prince Dmitrovsky, from whom it passed to Prince Ivan III of Moscow.

In 1949, a new building of the Moscow State University began to be built here. It was completed in 1953. The village did not fit into the new environment of the Sparrow Hills, and soon it was demolished. Only the Trinity Church, built in the 14th century, has survived. True, then she waswooden. In 1811, a stone temple was erected in its place, which has survived to this day. By the way, in Soviet times Vorobyovy Gory were called Leninskiye.

On a high steep bank

Sparrow Hills can hardly be called mountains. Their maximum height is 220 meters. Rather, it is a high washed bank of the river. Rather, it would be considered one of the seven hills on which Moscow is located.

From the mouth of the Setun Sparrow Hills stretch to the Andreevsky bridge. They are covered with forest and cut by ravines. The forest zone of the Sparrow Hills remarkably combines natural nature and landscaping for the rest of the townspeople.

When the construction of Moscow State University was being completed, an observation deck was built on the steep bank of the river, from where a wonderful view of the city opens.

Sparrow Hills: how to get there by metro

Vorobyovy Gory address

There is nothing complicated about this, if only because the Sparrow Hills are located in relative proximity to the center of the capital.

The most convenient way is to use the services of the Moscow Metro, or rather its red line. In the center of Moscow, you can take any of the stations: Lenin Library (near the Kremlin) or Okhotny Ryad (near Red Square). From the latter, in 13 minutes, the train will arrive at the Vorobyovy Gory station. How to get on the subway, now the question is clear. It remains to add that the station is located inside the bridge across the Moscow River. You need to go out to Kosygin Street. Already at the exit, a panorama of Sparrow Hills will open in front of you. Walking will take another twenty minutes.

Metro Alternative

Metro is not the only way to visit Sparrow Hills. How to get there in other ways? Of course, the easiest way is to go by car, and even use the navigator. As a destination, you can take the Church of the Holy Trinity, which will lead to Sparrow Hills. Address: st. Kosygina, 30.

You can also go by trolleybus. Route number 7 will take you directly to the observation deck on Sparrow Hills. You can take a trolleybus at the Kievsky railway station, but in general it goes to Sparrow Hills from Victory Park. The final stop is Kaluga Square. However, it will take a long time to drive, given the intensity of traffic in Moscow, and there is no separate lane for public transport on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

So there is no better way to see Vorobyovy Gory than by metro!

Walking route

Vorobyovy Gory address how to get there

You can start walking from the Moscow State University building. Heading along the Alley of Scientists, you can walk straight to the observation deck. From here you can enjoy a picturesque view of the river, the Luzhniki Stadium and the domes and skyscrapers of the Russian capital.

Walking along the river is also a pleasure - a good pedestrian zone is equipped here. However, you can go rollerblading and cycling.

If you go deep into the park area, you can come across ornamental ponds, lawns and even natural swamps. Birch, linden, alder prevail among the trees, there are many different plants and birds sing.

To get back to the observation deck, you can use the cable car. She works all year round. After all,Sparrow Hills are popular in winter. The address, how to get there, fans of winter sports are well aware of this information. After all, there is a ski slope, a springboard, you can go skiing and sledding.

Temple on Sparrow Hills

This is one of the oldest churches in Moscow, which has a rich history. And most importantly, this story has been preserved for posterity.

At first the temple was wooden. It is known that when Sofia Vitovtovna bought the village of Vorobyevo in the 15th century, it already existed.

Vorobyovy Gory how to get there

When the temple was completely dilapidated, it was dismantled. According to the project of the architect Vitberg, a stone temple was built. In place of the old one, a monument crowned with a cross was erected in 1811.

There is evidence that Kutuzov prayed in this church in 1812, before the famous council in Fili.

It is also noteworthy that the Trinity Church during the years of Soviet power not only was not destroyed, but even the service continued and the bells rang.

Now the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity has three chapels, services are constantly held in it.

St. Andrew's Monastery

The buildings of St. Andrew's Monastery are best seen from the observation deck of Sparrow Hills, because it is located at their foot.

There are disagreements about the time of the founding of the monastery, which was then called the Transfiguration Hermitage. However, it's still an old establishment, whether it's from the 13th or 14th century.

In the Soviet years, the monastery buildings were used as a research institute. In 1992, they finallyreturned the church. True, they were never used for their original purpose.

On its territory, three churches are of interest: the Resurrection of Christ, the Apostle John the Theologian and the martyr Andrew Stratilates. Since 1991, they have been the Patriarchal Metochion, since 2013 it has been the St. Andrew's Monastery.

Pier "Sparrow Hills"

Vorobyovy Gory pier how to get there

After walking through the park, you can go down the cable car to the embankment and ride a boat on the Moscow River. On the embankment there is a pier "Vorobyovy Gory". How to get there from the city center? Just like on the Sparrow Hills themselves. The best is the subway. From the station of the same name, the walk to the cable car will take no more than 10 minutes.

In the warm season, river buses run from the Vorobyovy Gory pier, a walk on which is a great pleasure. The route passes through the center of Moscow with a U-turn at Kotelnicheskaya embankment and a return arrival at Vorobyovy Gory.

Routes of boat trips are very diverse. They provide a good opportunity to see Moscow from a different angle and take wonderful photos of the Kremlin, Novodevichy and Novospassky monasteries and other sights of Moscow.

To the Neskuchny Garden

Several years ago, the Vorobyovy Gory nature reserve was attached to the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after. Gorky and Neskuchny Garden. The latter is a landscape park that has been preserved from several noble estates that belonged to the Golitsyns, Orlovs and Trubetskoy. Together all the parksform a single complex.

There are many architectural monuments preserved in the Neskuchny Garden. The house of Count Orlov (1796) is interesting.

moscow sparrow hills how to get there

You can get to the Neskuchny Garden by river bus, first visiting Sparrow Hills. How to get by metro directly? The nearest station is Oktyabrskaya-Koltsevaya. From it you can walk on foot or take a trolleybus.

A walk through the Neskuchny Garden, as well as through Sparrow Hills, will bring real pleasure and indelible impressions.

So, the purpose of the trip is Moscow, Sparrow Hills. How to get there? Landmark - the southwestern part of the center of the Russian capital, the embankment of the Moscow River. Have a nice trip everyone!

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